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In a universe as wild and chaotic as KI’s, you’d expect to see people creating fan art and fanfiction to show their love towards the game. This thread is for people to post their KI comics and fanfiction for others to see and enjoy. So let’s get this thread rolling!

(And of course, please keep the material clean :slight_smile:)


“Tusk Kills the Killer Instinct Universe”

Someone write it.


Dude, I’m actually going to try and draw this XD

I think I’ll give this fan-fic thing a shot.

Thanks on making this thread. Now I can let loose the first two chapters of my fanfic–"Killer Instinct: Carrie Unleashed.

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I just got done reading this, and I gotta say. I absolutely loved it! Since I’ve seen and enjoyed the Carrie movie, it felt really good to see her get thrown into a universe like KI’s. Carrie was great, the settings were established very well, and the introductions of characters like Jago and ARIA were excellent! Do you plan on makin this fanfic a long story, because I’m hooked!

Have already started Chapter Three, but it’ll take some time. Other than that, I’ll do my best. Told y’all wasn’t ready for those chapters :stuck_out_tongue:


Edit: Chapter Three is now officially finished and has moved to


Enjoying it so far! :grin:

Since TJ Combo never lost his eye from Riptor, I decided to make my own plot for Killer Instinct 2

After the events of KI 1 TJ Combo always had a dream to become…A PIRATE. After a stop by from Spenser’s for a fake eye patch. TJ set on his journey to gather up his crew, and what better way to search for a crew is finding the most obvious choice of them all…Spinal. After going back in time with a time travel machine (yes he has one, shut up this is my own fan fiction, I can do whatever I want) he was sent back 2000 years past in search for Spinal.

TJ questioned where he was as he looked around and he thought to himself…It’a the Jungle Brother. (sorry I had to make that KI reference) However a warrior named Tusk approached to TJ with the thought of intimidation.


TJ Combo: “Uhhhhhhhhhhh”


TJ Combo: “Hey! You leave my mother out of this.”


TJ Combo: “Oh it is on, bring it!”

After that glorious and epic match that I’m not going to described because I’m too lazy to put that much effort into this, TJ Combo was the victor and he set out on his adventure of becoming a pirate. 2 weeks later Combo suddenly got himself into the land of the Babylons, or…Egypt whatever as he approached a mysterious man creating a poisonous soup.

TJ Combo: “Excuse me, where can I find a pirate cre…mmmm that soup smells delicious, what’s it called?”

Kan Ra: “It’s MAH SOUUP”

Kan Ra was suspicious at TJ Combo as he feared TJ could ruin his plans to poison the king with the soup. However he had a plan to use TJ as his ginny pig to test the results.

Kan Ra: “You look as if you haven’t ate for quite some time, would you mind trying MAH SOUUP?”

TJ Combo: “Well I am a little hungry”

Kan Ra throws the bowl of soup into his face like some slap stick comedy show.

TJ Combo: “Mmmmmm this is really tasty”

Kan ra notices that he accidentally switched his poison out with…I don’t know…crackers, yea crackers as TJ viciously ate down the soup…and the bowl.

TJ Combo: “Oh right, can you tell me where I can find a pirate crew?”

Kan Ra: “Sigh north west from here.”

TJ Combo set off on his journey and on that day, Kan Ra’s plans had failed.

Kan Ra disappointed at him self: “I will no longer neeed this”

It’s been months since TJ left Bablyon and at last TJ had finally found Spinal…raving into the Spooky Scary Skeleton, or Darude Sandstorm…actually that would be Kan Ra’s thing…anyways. Because Spinal was distracted for all entirety, TJ decided to take his place as the captain of his crew. Grabbing a pirate hat out of thin air for some reason (shut up I make the rules in this story) entered the ship and sailed off. TJ lived happily ever after, however the sky turned to darkness and the evil Gargos appeared and…hey, who are you? what are you doing to my fanfic? Yes I created this. I don’t care if Microsoft or Iron Galaxy thinks this is dumbest thing ever, IT’S MY FANFIC. HEY DON’T TOUCH THE POWER COR…

The End


11/10 :joy:

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Need a write up of this real quick. It’s Delreitch for those wondering.


Oh man I had to edit the crap out of my story in terms of spelling errors and replacements. It’s fixed now

Lol, it was hilarious XD

Thank you and for the record, this is my first fanfic…and probably my last :laughing::sweat_smile:

I’m glad someone had the urge to create such topic. Thanks!

Although I have no fanfic yet in the works (as of the moment), I thought I decided to share these short fanfics that were originally posted in the Kim Wu and Jago thread in the Season 2 forums. I don’t know who made each of these, but credits to them! :wink:

#1.) What happened after filming Omen’s trailer…
Jago (maskless) and Omen are at a bar having some kind of argument.

Jago: I can’t believe you had the nerve to call me a “weak vessel”. I made the choice of purging myself of whatever remnants of your master and leaving it at that. I don’t know why you’re making a big deal out of it.

Omen: Because it’s the truth. You’re too strong to be corrupted.

Jago: Which I’m satisfied, but what I’m not satisfied is the fact that you’ve been in my mind and soul for who knows how long. I can’t wait to kick your ■■■ and send you back to the depths of Hell.

Omen: Haven’t you and your sister did that in the exhibition last night?

Jago: That was only a taste of what’s coming to you in Season 2 story mode.

Orchid enters the bar, slowly moving due to the soreness she received from the trailer. Jago and Omen spots her.

Jago: Orchid, are you okay?

Orchid: (sits on a barstool) I’m fine, just very sore, especially from that teaser trailer.

Jago emits a golden energy and places his hand on his sister’s back. He rubs Orchid’s back with circular motions. She becomes at ease and feels the sores going away.

Jago: Do you feel better?

Orchid: Much better. Thanks. I needed this.

Omen: Ugh, these family relations sickens me.

Orchid: You’re lucky Jago’s healing me, otherwise I would’ve kicked your ■■■, even with the injuries I gained.

The remaining fighters (including Aganos) arrive at the bar. Jago spots Aganos and points an accusing finger.

Jago: (to Aganos) You! I don’t know who the hell you are, but you got some nerve. Trying to stomp my sister with your foot, what’s wrong with you?

Kan-Ra: Jago, calm down. It was just a trailer. Besides, it wasn’t like he was going to stomp on her.

Jago: Whatever.

TJ Combo: You know what, man, you need to relax, have some fun in your life. You had too much sake and you’re constipated.

Omen bursts out laughing at TJ’s comment. All the fighters look at the demon while he tries to calm down.

Omen: I’m sorry…I’m really sorry, but…I can’t help but have an image of that thought. This weak vessel…constipating…oh, that’s so hilarious!

Jago: I would like to volunteer to put that demon out of his misery.

Orchid: Brother, calm down. Omen will get his once story mode for season two is finished. Besides, have you forgotten what Kim told you about your anger issues?

Jago: (sighs) You’re right. I have no doubt Omen will get his, and I can say the same to that golem over there as well.

Aganos put his arms up as if to say, “It was just a trailer, for crying out loud!” He gets depressed as Thunders pats him for comfort

Thunder: (in native language) Don’t feel bad. Orchid got mad at me for stomping her brother in my combo trailer, but she got over it. I’m sure Jago will feel the same way.

Aganos feels a little better at Thunder’s words.

Maya: So, Jago, what’s been going on with you now that you’re freed from Omen’s whiny ■■■?

Omen: Hey, I heard that!

Jago: Omen, how about doing us a favor by shutting the f’ up? Anyway, I’ve been paying Kim Wu a visit and she’s looking good in her new design. In fact, the bosses gave me a sneak peek of her concept art.

Omen: Really? Hmmm…

He turns into a shadow and flies off to check it out without the fighters noticing

Orchid: Well, I can’t wait to see how Kim Wu looks, considering if S3 shows up. I bet she’ll look so much better than her KI2 look.

Maya: That I can agree with, and what is even better is that the bosses are letting Kim keep her status as keeper of the Dragon Spirit.

TJ Combo: Are you serious? Oh boy, that’s not good.

Jago: What’s not good about it?

TJ Combo: Well, I’m not much onto Eastern cultures, Jago, but dragons and tigers…last I checked, they’re supposed to be like, eternal rivals or something? I mean, doesn’t that bother you, especially when you’re hanging out with her and all?

Most of the fighters agree with TJ.

Jago: TJ, just because Kim is the Dragon Spirit’s keeper, and I’m the Tiger Spirit’s keeper doesn’t mean it’s like that. Granted, we could be rivals if S3 comes, but if you think about it, it’s more of a balance thing.

Kan-Ra: It does make sense. After all, the bosses could make you two rivals rather than lovers. I hate all those corny things. Speaking of lovers, what’s going on with you and Sadira?

Sadira: (in native language) What are you talking about, Kan-Ra?

Kan-Ra: Don’t con us, Sadira. We all know that Jago is your rival in your story mode, and since then, we’ve been wondering what was going on with you two, and Jago, you better hope your Kimmy doesn’t find out about this.

Jago: Look, Kan, if it makes you or any of the fighters feel better, then Kim already knows because I told her, and she’s been wondering about that as well, but that doesn’t mean Sadira and I are an item. I don’t even like spiders. No offense, Sadira.

Sadira shakes her head as if to say, “None taken.”

Maya: So what’s the deal?

Jago: I guess when S2 story mode’s completed, we’ll find out.

Omen comes back from his trip

Omen: Jago, I have some bad news. Your girl, Kim Wu, she just cheated on you.

Jago: WHAT?

Maya: Omen, how could you?

Omen: (puts hands up in defense) Why are you mortals looking at me like that? I never said I did it.

Jago: (pissed) Now I know your deception might fools my friends and my sister, and probably make them feel stupid, but what the hell I look like?

Omen : (nervous) Hold up, Jago….I only touched one of her [REDACTED]!

Jago knocks Omen out with a powerful dragon punch. All the fighters and spectators watch in awe as Jago lands gracefully on the ground. Omen falls to the ground, arms and legs sprawled out.

Jago: Don’t you ever come near Kim Wu again!

TJ Combo breaks from the crowd and approaches a knocked out Omen

TJ Combo: You just got knocked the ■■■■ out!!!

#2.) The Perfect Clothes…?
Kim Wu: Jago, put these clothes on. They look so cool on you!

Jago: No.

Kim Wu: Just do it! I’m not taking ‘No’ for an answer.

So Jago tries on the clothes Kim Wu gave him. Jago comes out wearing them.

Kim Wu: Woah! They really do look cool on you!

Jago thinking otherwise, is not really satisfied with the Korean/Chinese style dress, which he believes is suitable on women.

Jago: Perhaps it was wrong to meet you.

Jago walks away to put his normal clothes back on.

#3.) Meditation gone wrong…
Jago and Kim Wu are meditating at nighttime, with Orchid playing games on her computer in her rebel outpost. Kim Wu gets really sleepy, and unknowingly leans her head on Jago’s shoulder, which makes him open one eye, staring at her.

Kim Wu: ZZZZZ… Ultra Combo… ZZZZZ… Big ■■■ Orchid…

This gets Orchid’s attention, who’s pissed off at Kim Wu for leaning herself towards Jago

Kim Wu: ZZZZZ… No Jago, don’t touch me there…

Jago slowly shakes his head in disappointment. Orchid is even more angrier

Orchid: Kim Wu, I swear I’m going to break your face when you wake up!!!


I loved these stories. Except the ending of that first one xD

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I laughed way more then I should have at this. XD


The one with filming after Omen’s trailer, that was my doing, but it would’ve better if the ending was like this:

Anyway, thanks on crediting me

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