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Awesome, so it’s 10 chapters total? Don’t let that be a limitation though. My book started out with just 14 chapter and it was less than 100 pages, but it kept growing to 44 chapters. Now if your happy with the story, and how it all comes together then you just need an editor and a publisher. But things tend to change. I’m just now looking for an editor, my book has been done for 10 years and I still see room to add on to it.


It’s always good to improve when you’re writing. I hope you find a good editor for it. As for me, because my story is a fanfic, I might go further than just plain ten. I have so many ideas for it


Well good, act on it. Just because it’s a fanfiction doesn’t mean it can’t be huge. It could even become more than a fanfiction, it could become a graphic novel, or a comic book. Both of those venues have a huge audience.

While I have more ideas for content in also trying to figure out Photoshop so I can add illustrations. I can’t draw for crap, but if I modify existing photos or combine existing photos or clipart then I no longer have to worry about copyright issues on the pictures as I had made them legally unique and mine.


I know that E3 is still going, but I thought it’s best to bring this chapter out because I have to get some sleep due to staff duty, so enjoy

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Can anyone tell me what was the one Fulgore story mode involving Thunder on Shadow Lords? Trying to find inspiration for my next chapter.


Courtesy of @SonicDolphin117

Edit: This cutscene is also BS due to the fact that Fulgore has 10-0 matchup over Aganos.


I was talking about the name of the Fulgore story when he fought Thunder on SL.


Oh. I wanna say the ties that bind.

I’m not sure.


Did you get a chance to check out my pictures on DeviantArt?


I did.

You did those in photoshop correct?

If so good job.


Well it was an Android app called cut +paste studio or something like that. It’s not anywhere close to what I’d call professional grade, but for someone who has no idea what he’s doing in Photoshop (or anything like it) it’s not bad.


Hey…if anyone has gotten the Fulgore story, “The Ties that Bind” I would appreciate it; need it for story inspiration."


Sorry, I don’t. Have you tried asking in other threads? I’m sure someone on these forums has it, just probably don’t visit this thread.


It’s been very quiet in this thread, so I thought I should give a sneak peek of what’s to come in the latest chapter:

“Forgive me, Thunder, I…” Aganos slowly turned away.

Thunder furrowed his brows. “Aganos, what’s wrong?”

“Those eyes…when I was being mind-controlled, they forced me to subdue those that were an enemy; one of those ‘enemies’ was a monk named Jago.”

Thunder’s eyes widened. As he recalled, Jago was one of the fighters that took part in the Killer Instinct tournament. “You didn’t…”

"I’m sure he is all right, but…the device…it wanted me to kill him until something stopped me. I tried to move, but the strange grip was too strong. I was in the air, along with several objects. I looked down and saw that girl, standing in front of Jago, with her arms stretched towards me. We made eye contact, and when her eyes turn black, that is when I felt…scared. I have come across many mages over the years, and though their powers are a force to be reckoned, I did not fear them."

“But this Carrie when you came across her…”

“It made me wish they didn’t send me to that shrine. I stared at her eyes, and before I knew, I felt this huge push and ended up in Devil’s Landing.”

Thunder fell silent for a moment, putting the pieces together. “Are you sure that girl on the video is the same one you saw at the shrine because before I clicked that video, I checked the status and it mentioned about this Carrie being deceased.”

“It’s her. Even when mind-controlled, I never forget a face, which makes me believe that Jago might be in danger just by keeping her.”

Thunder looked at Aganos with pity. If anyone came across someone with a power like that, they would be scared as well. “I don’t deny that you might have a point, but it would be wise not to jump to conclusions yet. Whether if Jago is aware of the danger or not, I cannot say, but I believe that the only way is to ask him, considering if we cross paths.”

“I suppose, but still, there is something not right about that girl,” said Aganos. “Maybe it’s me, but something about this Carrie makes you…freeze with fear, and what is with this ‘Project Carrie’? Is Ultratech going to do to that girl what they did to me if they catch her?”

“That I am not sure, but if it is, that gives us more reason that I hoped to cross paths with Jago, to warn him of this if he hasn’t already. Come. We should keep moving. Eagle is not in here.”

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Amazing work as always! :smiley:


So, after a month of writer’s block and taking care of life, I finally finished Ch. 11.

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Well, it seems that I got finished with Ch. 12 with a decent pace, but I’ll post in the later weeks to come since my previous one needs time to breathe


Posting in a beta clip in a future chapter. This takes place in the citadel at night.

“Goddammit!” TJ shouted as he plopped his head on the table. He had lost another game of backgammon to Jago, and frankly, it was amusing.

“You shouldn’t use the Lord’s name in vain,” said Carrie.

“Sorry about that, Care. It’s just that I can’t get the hang on this game,” said TJ. “I didn’t even know how he slipped past me.”

“You left yourself open and I took advantage of it,” said Jago. “Just keep trying. You might be able to beat me.”

“Sure, and you’re just going to keep kicking my ■■■,” said TJ.

“What’s going on here?” Orchid said as she returned from checking on Thunder.

“Your brother whooped TJ in a game of backgammon for the fourth time, and now he’s butthurt,” Pemba expressed in sign language.

“Oh, my goodness, TJ, you’ve been the former heavyweight champion for twenty years, and you can’t beat a humble monk in a game of backgammon?” said Orchid.

“I like to see you try this, O. This ■■■■ is like poker, chess, and checkers combined.”

“Don’t mind if I do, and not to brag, I happen to be good at two of the three games mentioned.”

“Be, my, guest,” said TJ as he offered Orchid his seat. Once Orchid took her seat, Jago had reset the board and the two siblings played their round.

Maya returned inside the citadel when she noticed the action surrounding the siblings. “Backgammon, I see? Whose winning?”

“The game just started, but these two are going at it,” said TJ.

The game went on for what seemed like hours, with either sibling making a strategic move depending on the roll of the dice. In the end, Jago bested Orchid, though it was a very close match.

“As always, you’re a worthy opponent. You did well on your first try, sister. You even almost had me,” said Jago.

“Well, when you have military history in the family, it pays to have a smart mind,” said Orchid.

“Okay, I’m about to get my sleep,” said TJ. “Would have to go through another morning run. I’ll see you later.”

As TJ left to his quarters, Jago noticed Carrie rubbing her eyes. It was getting late. “Looks like it’s time for bed,” he said. “Get some sleep, Carrie. Tomorrow, we’ll resume the mental portion of your training.”

“Okay. Good night,” said Carrie and headed to her quarters. Pemba followed as she too was tired.

“I’ll go on one more check around the citadel before I turn myself in for the night,” said Maya.

“Are you sure you don’t want to try?” asked Jago, referring to the backgammon game.

Maya smirked. “Maybe some other time.” She left the room, leaving only the half-siblings.

“How about going for one more?” said Orchid.

“Very well,” said Jago while he reset the board and they started another game. “I sensed that you still have questions about Carrie.”

“You know me too well. I’m amazed that you had kept her away from the eyes of Ultratech all this time. How were you able to get Carrie?”

“It’s a long story.”

“We’ll be here for quite some time. Apart from training and planning, it’s not like we have something else better to do.”

Jago thought about where to begin. “It was right after I had freed myself from Omen. I was too weak to go after the demon to destroy him, so I went on a small retreat to recover.

“One night, when I was asleep, I had a dream. I was in a white void and a creature appeared to me. It looked like a skull…a tiger skull with fiery eyes.”

Orchid did not seem to like where this story was going. “Don’t tell me this Gargos is trying to trick you again.” If there was one thing she hated more than Ultratech, it was some evil monster taking advantage of her family.

“I thought of that at first when I saw the creature, but I sensed nothing evil from it,” said Jago. “If anything, it must have noticed how cautious I was. It revealed itself to be a guardian that lived in the Astral Plane and that it has remained in hiding since fleeing from Gargos.

“It told me that a person whose soul is tortured as mine will come to the temple and that I needed to help that person. I did not understand what it meant by that and asked the name of this person.”

“And what did it say?”

“It said that I will know when the time comes, but more importantly, it told me to keep the person away from the clutches of evil, for if they do, it would mean the end of the world. I wake up, letting my mind to wonder what the creature meant.

“As my strength returned, I began to make my trip back to the temple. No sooner had I arrived, Carrie was there with an old man. The old man and I had a chat, and the next thing I know, he entrusted me to look after Carrie. When Carrie and I made eye contact, I sensed a troubled soul from her, much like my own. It was then I began to understand what the creature from my dream meant.”

Orchid finished moving her piece and looked at Jago. “You took her in, just like that?”

“It’s not like I had a choice. The girl needed my help; even the old man agreed. Carrie was cautious around me, but after a while, she warmed up to me and showed some level of trust. I fully earned her trust when I rescued her from Omen. That damn demon wanted to turn her into a warrior of Gargos, and you know me, like hell if I let that happen.”

“So, in the end, you got your revenge and saved an innocent life,” said Orchid. “I bet you didn’t know that Carrie had powers.”

“Not at first until Aganos attacked me; I didn’t know that it was under Ultratech’s control at that time,” said Jago. “Orchid, you had no idea how shocked I was when Carrie sent that golem away.”

“You’re right. I can imagine.”

“After I witnessed what Carrie was capable of, I thought back of the battle I had with Omen, and I realized that I needed to protect her from not only the minions of Gargos, but also from other forms of evil. I knew that if they had done such a thing and harness her powers for evil, the terror would be too great. It would truly mean the end of the world.”

Orchid let it sink in her mind as she made her turn. It reminded her when her father had done so to prevent her from becoming a tool of mass destruction. “Damn, you have your work cut out for. If our father was alive, he’d be proud for what you’ve been doing for Carrie.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised,” said Jago, casting a sadness in his eyes.

■■■■, Orchid thought, as she almost forgot that Jago had never met his father. “Listen, brother, you know I didn’t mean to…”

“I know, and if anything, he’d be proud of us both. Now how about we finish this game so that I can beat you.”

“Ha, you wish! Hey, Jago, if you need help with Carrie’s training, don’t hesitate to get me. I know about telekinesis from the research I did, and apply a bit of the training Father did with me.”

Jago smiled. “Thank you, sister.”


I’m really liking where the story is headed!


Thanks, but you do realize that this is a beta clip, right?