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Update for Chapter 9: Almost finished. Just have to get the ending and checking to make sure it is all good. Will let all know when it goes online

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Edit: Chapter Nine is now available to read. I’m still going to post it on the FFN site, but I can’t think of the title to this chapter, so until then

Edit: Just got the title for this chapter and is already on


I will read it soon.

I just gotta hold off for a bit due to family issues.




Thank you for understanding.


So how is everyone liking Chapter Nine so far? I will understand if anyone is busy.

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I’m read half of it. It sounds really good so far.

I have to go to school soon but when I get back I will read the full thing.


Yea I’m planning on reading it tonight!

EDIT: read it, enjoyed it! Was actually really surprised not only with who the character was but also the backstory you came up with. Glad to see more involvement on UT’s part. Looking forward to seeing it progress, as always!


It’s pretty interesting! Looking to read more soon.


Thanks. Maybe if KI get a sequel someday, they should make this “Heir of Gargos” a new boss


It’s pretty interesting from what I can recall.


All right. Time for a guessing game. What does everyone expect with the next chapter?

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Man, I really need to do some catching up XD



Btw, enjoy reading Chapters 8 and 9


I may have to do a refresher read over lunch. Got another 12hr shift today.


12hr?! Man, that sucks, but good luck


So on FFN, I took part in a game called “Review Exchange.” What happens is that the first person post a topic on how many chapters or words they are willing to review. Then, anyone sees Person A’s post and PMs them if interested. If so, they begin to exchange reviews. I made a topic for my story as to find constructive feedback to flow of the story and any nitpicks that I might have overlooked.

Fortunately, someone saw my post and PM’ed me if we could do a review exchange since he (or she) is also looking for the same thing, even though it means I would have to venture into unfamiliar territory; same for the other person.

Anywho, he (or she) was kind enough to give me a review on the first chapter of my story in exchange of a review from me, and this is the result:

So, what do you all think? Pretty reasonable to me.

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Yea seems reasonable. It’s cool to see someone give such a well thought out and informed constructive review. Would be cool to get some of other chapters!


From the person that I am partaking in the review exchange:

P.S.: This was before I made some changes based on it


I know it’s been a while since I came on this thread, especially with E3 going on, but I thought I come here to let any writers know that I have finished writing the draft for chapter ten. All that is left now is to polish it.
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