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Perhaps a link where I can find what you have up to now so I can start over.


If you go to the top of this thread, there are links that can take you to my story. It is best to start with Chapter One: A Bloody Night, and the rest will take care of itself.


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Huge update: I am finished with Chapter Eight. However, I’m going to do some checking to make sure it looks good and will post it later on

Edit: So I finished all my checking, and I have to go to a Nail Shop and all, so here it is. Oh, and happy Easter


Sounds good


Woo! Way to go! I eagerly await.


With Chapter Eight finished and allowing my brain to rest, here is a sneak peek of what’s to come for the next chapter

Just before the lead cultist would get up, something had pinned him down, and he finally saw who, or better yet, what attacked them. It looked like a velociraptor, but was bigger with an orange color. Its yellow eyes gleamed as its claws had blue plasma energy. Metal bionics ran down on the raptor’s back to the end of its tail. It had metal plates on its forearms and legs. Its body gleamed a hexagonal pattern, fading from light blue to black, and had bar codes and a UT logo tattooed in some parts of the area. This creature belonged to Ultratech.

“That’s impossible. I thought raptors were extinct,” uttered the lead cult member.

The creature looked insulted as it hissed and it shocked the cult member by screaming, “RIPTOR!” Then, with hunger taking over, Riptor clamped its jaws onto its victim’s throat, shaking it like a ragdoll until it tore a large chunk of flesh, ending its victim’s life. After that, it began to feast.


I haven’t been very active on the forums as I been going through my projects/ a rough patch/ and making music.

But I see it on deviant art so when I get a chance I will read it there.


So I begin to do Chapter Nine, what is everyone expecting in this chapter after reading the previous one? Love to hear what needs to be said

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Action, Suspense, maybe some cheesy shoehorned romance, and plenty of Endokukens lol


Hey I’m glad my flashback suggestion was of some help! And I was right about shapeshifting huh?! Look forward to seeing where you take it from here.

Well I’m of course expecting to see what this mysterious character’s intentions are and how they’ll relate to the conflicts introduced. I’m still pretty curious about how ultratech will end up more closely involved as the plot thickens.

That’s about where my thoughts are right now. Good work so far! It’s turning out great


im surprised nobodys done the Jago x Orchid ship yet.



Update on Chapter Nine: I am blazing in on as I do a flashback scene. Warning: once finished and everyone has seen this flashback, it is a tear-jerker


Bringing forth another update: Looking over the chapter while thinking of a fight scene for the flashback. Seems a bit tricky, but won’t be deterred