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Another update on Chapter Eight: was able to write down the ending with ease; now just need to close the gap in the middle. Another hint about my OC: she loves animals–particularly those with Chinese mythology.


Cool deal dude


Um…I don’t think anyone had noticed, but…I’m a lady, js


Oops, my appologies


It’s all good.


I knew! I guess from the bored at work thread? I dunno, just saying lol


I know that you knew. I just meant anyone (apart from a select few) do not know that I’m a woman.



Need some advice: was thinking about incorporating a demon attack in the Thanza village, but was not sure how to do so. If not, then I can focus on the Cult of Gargos


You mean how to incorporate it story wise?


You mean demons like Gargos’ minions kinda thing? If the Cult of Gargos is involved here at all it could be that the demons arrive to feed on whatever corruption they’ve been able to create? Or to look for vessels to use possibly if they are other Omens.


No. Kinda like a rouge demon that attacked the village without warning, kind of like with princess mononoke because there is still that unknown figure from Ch. 5


Ooh ok I see. Hm. Are the characters present for the attack or is it something that happened unbeknownst to them? If it’s the latter you could have someone who was present during the attack recount it to them. Like a flashback scene?


Not bad on the latter part. I might consider it


Update: It has been a while, but I should let you know that I have finished a flashback scene in Chapter Eight. Now I only have one more gap to the ending to finish it

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Awesome, looking forward to seeing what you’ve come up with


I think it’d be better to read previous chapters before seeing what I have in store for Chapter Eight. Don’t want anyone to cheat


Can’t even really remember what’s happened so fast.


Do you remember where you stopped at? I would tell you, but…I don’t want to spoil anything, unless someone does


Can’t really remember. After passing nursing school, the NCLEX, getting a new job, and reading manic mandrills story I can’t remember much of anything.


Oh dear…hmm…is there something I can do to help?