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Makes sense…I’ll probably make them as a group of humans that were under a false impression that Gargos is their savior that would “cleanse” the world and would do anything to raise the corruption


TJ Combo sat in a table with a bunch of corporate suits at a long table in a room lit only by a single large window in front of the table. At the window the robotic Aria stood with her hands behind her back and her back to the table.

We are looking at our merchandising options Mr. Combo, may I call you Mr. Garrett. I wish to be as formal as possible said Aria. I don’t care mumbled TJ. Well in that case Mr Garrett I was looking to get you to star in a movie. Not doing it Combo barked. Aria held up a contract and calmly stated yes you are.

Great what kind of movie am I going to be in, Combo sadly asked. It will be directed and produced by Mr. Ferris said Aria. OH NO!

Mr Fist. Based on a true story.


Still trying to get my brain going on Chapter Eight, so here is another beta clip I made for a future chapter

“Well, it’s quite simple. My niece has become a vessel for the Devil, and if she is not cleansed, she would be corrupted even further, and you lot are making it worse. We’ve been keeping tabs on this ‘Cult of Gargos’ to see if rumors about her surviving the incident were true,” said Jane. “At the time, my church has been gathering what we need for the cleansing ritual, and recently learned that some of her evil has spilled onto Ms. Snell and her baby, hence why we asked them to capture her. When we learned that Carrie was alive, we had hoped that she would be captured, but we never expected that she and Ms. Snell would be under your…protection.”

“Wait, evil…? You’re talking about her powers, are you?” said Thunder. “Just because Carrie has those powers does not make her evil. In fact, my friends will tell you that they did not sense anything evil from Carrie.”

“The residents from that monster’s hometown would disagree with you,” said Jane as she reached into her purse and grabbed a folder. “Besides, does the pictures do not remind you all of what she had done?” Once she threw the folder to them, the pictures splayed out, showing the destruction of Chamberlain as well as Margret’s dead body. “I told my sister to kill that little ■■■■…I told her the day that monster was born to kill her…but she would not have it. My poor sister took pity and this is the thanks she gets. She may have gotten you all fooled, but she cannot fool me.

“When Margret introduced us to Carrie, I was the one that considered her future. I saw what she would become. Now the task of doing God’s work falls on us to banish the evil from Carrie, Sue, and that baby. Only death will be their salvation and will cleansed their souls.”

“What do you know about salvation?” said Jago. “Trying to kill not just your niece, but also a pregnant woman…thinking you’re doing a service for the greater good, you don’t know a damn thing about salvation. The girls are staying with us, so why don’t you and your evil cult go back to the hellhole you crawled from, you Èmó de jìnǚ.”

“What did you just say?” asked Jane.

ARIA had a bad suspicion that if this keeps up, a fight was going to start, so she had to diffuse this quick. “I think we all know the fate of Carrie, Sue, and the unborn child,” she said. “Besides, I’m sure Jane did not come here to make threats, especially when there’s a worldwide crisis going on. That said, the Alliance do not consult with terrorists, let alone cults.” Once again, both sides were at a standoff, silent as they can be.

“Oh, I’m deeply aware of what is happening in this world. My sister had told me that the world would go to Hell for its sinful ways and she was right, so here is my promise: nothing lasts forever. Even when this Gargos is gone, the world will sink further into its sin unless humanity prays to God and begs for forgiveness. You want to protect them, fine—I won’t stop you, but ask yourselves: how many lives are the daughters of Satan worth?” said Jane, and with that, she and her men went through the portal to return to their church. After that, the portal vanished.

“Well, that went smoothly,” said Cinder.

“That woman was such a ■■■■■. Just who does she think she is, calling Carrie those terrible names, and she’s supposed to be her aunt,” said Kim. “One of these days, karma is going to bite her in the ■■■.”

Jago, however, stared at the spot where the portal used to be and had already put Jane on his dislike list. He was also starting to think that the White family did not want Carrie in their lives, all because they view her as a monster due to her powers, and he would be damned if he let them kill her as well as Sue and her unborn child to “save their souls”. He looked at the pictures and did not want to believe that Carrie can do something like this. He was about to pick them up until Orchid stopped him.

“What’s the meaning of this?” he said.

“I will pick them up,” said Orchid. “Why don’t you go check on Carrie and Sue, make sure they’re doing okay.” Jago gave his sister a look and left. At the same time, Orchid picked up the pictures and placed them neatly on the folder.

“You know you cannot keep this as a secret forever,” said ARIA. Orchid fell silent and left as well, somewhere to destroy the pictures.
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Sounds great so far.


This makes me curious how all these people even end up in a room together! Lol


Like I said, it’s only a beta clip


It’s been a while since I’ve been on this thread; been taking a break due to priorities in life. Anywho, I think I might be breaking down the wall of writer’s block, slowly, but surely. Should I post to clip to know what the next chapter have in store, or just keep it secret and wait?

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I think keep it secret for now until your writer’s block gradually breaks away as well as fresh, new ideas spring into your mind/head at the same time


Well what I like to say is:

You can’t rush greatness.

I guess that means wait…But you can do whatever you want.


It seems consensus is to keep the suspense up for now. Good luck! We’ll help how we can should you desire it as per usual of course!


A riptor or Gargos or orchid fanfiction it will make me happy.


Very well. Btw, since the latest patch dropped, has Shadow Lords been working for anyone, or if anyone found out anything about the Cult of Gargos? If not, I’ll understand.


Haven’t really played since the last patch, sorry!


Will it be all right if I made some updates about Chapter Eight? I’ll still keep the whole story secret.


Sounds good.


Yea totally


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Bringing forth an update: Slowly breaking down the wall of writer’s block and have reached a scene where Jago and Carrie meet my OC’s mother, who is riddled with bone cancer. I won’t give out the name of my OC until it is finished, however, I can give a hint about my OC: she has a special gift…one that may have been in the old KI games, but never seen in the reboot.

P.S.: @MandrillManiac Don’t spoil it because you saw it on my DeviantArt journal. Let everyone guess


Don’t worry. I won’t.


The first thing to come to mind was Spinal’s shapeshift bit?


Not spilling any secrets. Just make any good guesses until it is completed. Another update: reached a scene where Jago and Carrie reach the Thanza village