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I would guess she will sympathize with him. I’d assume shocked at first since you wouldn’t expect it given his person, but ultimately I think she’d understand? Just a guess.

I’m actually still confused about Sadira’s actually story in season 2. I have no idea what happens to her in season 3. But either way it doesn’t matter, could just think of this as an au. I like Sadira and there aren’t many fics out there, so I say go for it.


So two days ago, I just got a new follower for my story (actually gained 4 from last year), and to my surprise, it was JagoBlake. I think it’s because his main is in it, but I won’t complain about it.

Update: Going through Chapter Six, I realize that I’m going through a Chapter Four scenario where I have to split them into two parts. Almost done with the first part of Chapter Six; just have to get through the fight scene with Jago and Aganos, as well as the Ultratech scene.

Update: Just finished the first part of Chapter Six; just doing some proofing and will post it soon.


Update: Have finished proofing the first part of Chapter Six, but due to the final 8BBD today, I will post it for tomorrow, so keep a look out. :wink:

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Good morning, writers (if any are still around). I hope everyone is enjoying MLK day…a day when one man with one speech marked a turning point to where everyone comes together, no matter where they come from. That said, I present to you all the first portion of Chapter Six. It was hard to think of a title of this page, but I made due of it. If the title of this chapter needs to be changed, let me know. Without further ado, enjoy

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Okay, guys, since I got a bit of writer’s block on the flashback fight scene on Ch. 9, I’m going to post another beta–emphasis on beta–clip on the story just to tide you guys over. Keep in mind: things might change once I cross that bridge.

Minutes later, the Fulgore units returned with John Hargenson as they knocked him to his knees. Bruised, John looked at the Alliance and could tell that they were not happy. Once the Fulgore units pulled him to his feet, Orchid was the first to come forward.
“So, tell us, was it worth it?” she said in a calm yet angry manner.
“After what that monster did to my daughter, of course it was,” said John.
“She was not the only one who died that night.”
“I don’t give a damn about anyone else!”
“Oh, really?” said Orchid. “That’s interesting, seeing that you didn’t give a damn about your daughter when she was alive. From what I understand, you seem to regard more shame for her than anyone else. You knew that she was a menace, and yet, you let her do whatever the hell she wanted, so you’re just as guilty as she is.”
“Be that as it may, but that does not mean that I loved her,” said John.
“To be honest, if you really loved that ■■■■■, then you should have stopped her from messing with Carrie, as well as any other misfit she tortured,” said TJ.
“Don’t you dare defend that freak, not to me!” shouted John. “She always rants how everyone is going to Hell except for her and her mom! She’s just another Margret, always has and always will be!” Orchid backhanded him loud enough for anyone to hear.
“Carrie is not a freak, and she damn sure is not like that crazy bat of a mother! The only thing I see is a lost and hurt girl who has not done anything to deserve this ■■■■ from you or anyone else in that godforsaken town!” said Orchid.
“Johnathan Hargenson, do you realize that by hiring an assassin to kill someone under the protection of the Alliance that you could face 20 years in jail, or even life if seen fit. You’re already under fugitive watch due to the video regarding Hisako killing two boys and scaring a third one when they attempted to destroy Carrie’s grave to which you hired them to do. It amazes me how much humankind would go so far, all for petty vengeance,” said ARIA.
“It’s not revenge; it’s justice, and besides, do you think that keeping me in jail would make a difference? Even when locked up, I’ll do all in my power to ensure that Carrie White will never be safe. After all, money buys into many things, and if need be, another assassin.”
“Well, that will not happen,” said Orchid. “You see, while ARIA sent her Fulgore units to fetch you, I took the liberty of hacking into your bank account and gave away all your money to every single charity worldwide.”
John was shocked at first until he scoffed. “You are lying! You’re just bluffing!”
“Oh no? Well, let me show you,” said Orchid and walked over to one of Ultratech’s computers. “Mind if I use this?”
“Knock yourself out, just don’t plant a bug in it or something,” said Cinder.
Orchid shook her head, though it was not a bad idea, but she put that thought in the back of her mind. She went on a site on the computer that focused on hacking until she went on a page with bank accounts. She scrolled down on the names until she found John’s name and clicked on it. Once Orchid moved away from the screen, John was shocked to see his bank account in the red.
“YOU ■■■■■!” he roared as he tried to lunge at the rebel agent, but the Fulgore units held him back. He pried himself off one of the Fulgore units, and just when he was about to draw his gun to shoot at Orchid for what she did, Maya quickly threw one of her daggers, knocking the gun off his hand. Soon after, Orchid summoned her FireCat as the fiery beast pounced on John. The lawyer felt heat from the FireCat bearing its fangs. Then, Maya approached John with a scowl on her face, and using the magic within her, she let the Vengeance dagger float above John’s head, as if it was ready to stab him.
“Trying to shoot my friend, huh? That just proves that you’re no better than that evil spawn you sired! You’re lucky my friend’s irmáo is not in this room because if he knew what you were going to do to Carrie as well as shooting Orchid, he would have sliced your head off.”
“Easy, Maya,” said Orchid, who also looked at John with a scowl on her face.
“What the hell are you all?” asked John.
“We’re just humans, like you and anyone else,” said Orchid. “Now here’s a warning, from us to you: if we catch you hurt Carrie in any way, we’ll see to it that you’ll never see the light of day, and that goes the same for the rest of those monsters living in that town. Do I make myself clear? The only reason we’re letting you live is that we understand why you did what you did, so consider this your one and only reprieve.”
After Orchid said her peace, and with a quick snap of her fingers, the FireCat scratched John in the face before it vanished. John cried as he grabbed his face, feeling the intense heat and pain, and with it, his bravado went away.
“Take Mr. Hargenson to one of our cells and take anything he has hidden. I think some quiet time is needed for him,” said ARIA. The Fulgore units picked up John by the arms and did as instructed, with the Alliance watching.
“The nerve of that guy…sending someone to do his dirty work,” said Maya.
“That’s nothing. Did you hear how he said Carrie’s last name? It was as if it was a swear word. The people in that town must really hate Carrie and her family. I mean—it’s not her fault that her mother was a crazy religious bat,” said TJ.
“Well, that crazy religious bat—along with that ■■■■■■■’s daughter—played a major role in Carrie’s descent as well as the town’s destruction. If those two were not dead then, I would have put those two on blast and then take Carrie,” said Orchid. “If anyone needs me, I’m going to be checking on my brother and Carrie.” As Orchid left the room and walked down the hall, she reflected on that scene and was happy because she has given Carrie justice against those that had wronged her, but at the same time, she was angry because John had a lot of nerve comparing Carrie to the likes of Margret. When she reached the recovery room, the door opened by itself, where Jago sat on the bed next to Carrie.
“How is she doing?” asked Orchid.
“Carrie is fine. The doctor said that the poison Sadira used on Carrie affected her movement, but did say that it should wear off in a few hours, so she is sleeping it off. Judging on how loud that backslap was, I take it that you were pissed at the one in charge for sending Sadira to kill Carrie,” said Jago.
“Oh, you heard that, huh?” said Orchid. “Well, I wasn’t just pissed, Jago, I was livid, and so were the others. My FireCat and I gave that ■■■■■■■ a present and a warning. After that, ARIA sent him to one of those containment cells, which is good because he need some quiet time so that he can reflect what that evil spawn he sired had done to Carrie.”
Jago nodded at the concept. “I wished I would have met him because I had a few choices of words for him,” he said.
Orchid smiled as she imagined her brother beating John to put the ex-lawyer in his place. “Be glad that you didn’t because if you knew why he did what he did, you probably would have kicked his ■■■.” She then fell silent while rubbing her temples.
“You’re still upset. I can sense it.”
“I know, Jago, it’s just…I can’t stand it when someone gets judged because of the actions from another. It makes no sense. ‘Just another Margret…’ That ■■■■■■■ has no idea what Carrie went through…what she’s still going through. Mind if I ask you something? When you took Carrie under your wing, had she said anything unusual, like…how she wants everyone to go to Hell except for her and her mom?”
Jago did not take long to think. “No, not even once. Why?”
“Oh, just curious,” said Orchid.
Jago sensed that there was more to it. Even though he was not in ARIA’s office when the Fulgore units brought John, he could tell from Orchid’s venting that it was ugly. He held Orchid’s hand in comfort.
“Don’t let the words of that ■■■■■■■ bother you. He made his choice. Now it is up to us to ensure that Carrie gets the life she deserves.”
Orchid smiled. “Thanks, brother.”
Unknown to them, Carrie heard everything and as she resumed her sleep, a tear fell from her eye, happy that the Alliance saw her as a different person and not like her mother. If only the residents in her old hometown knew that.
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Edit: made some changes; this clip is still a beta



Yes. That would be good.

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Yeah, but like I said, this is just a beta clip. Kind of got writer’s block for a while. Also joined DeviantArt. Username is AquariusDragon2006


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Yea I’ve got a couple friends who read fanfic pretty often and they mentioned lots of writers moving over to ao3, and they started reading there more often too. Of course this is a pretty limited sample size so I can’t say that this is generally the case, but nonetheless seemed worthy of mention.


Update: I’m making some tweeks around the chapters and I’m going to make the second portion of Chapter Four as a new one; still haven’t given up on it. Just got writer’s block at the moment


Just finished tweaking all seven chapters and working on Chapter Eight. However, could use some advice. So far, in the story, Jago is now fully aware of Carrie’s powers and makes an offer that Carrie is taking time to consider. Here are the notes I put out so far:

  • Alms-Round to nearby village

  • Intro to Kisara (my OC btw)

  • Intro to Cult of Gargos

  • Demon Attack on the village

  • Cult Attack

  • Kisara’s Escape w/ Carrie and Jago

  • Carrie’s Answer
    Oh, btw, I also posted the story on the following websites:, and in case anyone cannot get into

Any help would be appreciated


What exactly is it you would like advice/help on?


Based on the notes I put in some far…and I don’t much about the Cult of Gargos. :sweat::sweat::sweat:


Hmm yea unfortunately I don’t know much about the cult either. I don’t think they’re mentioned in the dossiers of shadow lords much? But I’ve still got alot to unlock there so maybe so. You can probably have a good amount of artistic freedom there. Just a group of humans who were tricked by omens and gargos to worship him as a god seems to be the general idea. Maybe for the purpose of them to be used as vessels for the omens? That and/or to do generally evil things to raise the darkness/corruption in the world to ensure gargos’ revival? That seems to be their purpose in game. Not completely sure but it seems like a good idea to me, maybe that’s something you can explore?