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Been quiet here once again. I just finished a new chapter during the four-day, although I’m still cleaning the previous chapters by using the deep POV method. Anyway, enjoy:


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Wow, it’s been real quiet since I’ve been on this thread. Anyway, a new chapter is done (finished the whole thing on X-mas), so here is my belated gift to all:

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Since I’m taking a small break due to life, I thought I should give everyone a sneak peek of the next chapter:

Night fell upon the deserted city as it melted within the darkness. Once, man-made lights filled the city, but now, only the moon and stars provided it, even though dim. Even the near total darkness did not stop the helicopters passing by on patrol. Apart from the helicopters, the empty city was quiet.

Orchid stood by the gap, viewing the darkened city. The monitors provided light within her hideout. Her mind wandered into many thoughts. Some were on Ultratech, but then drifted into something else that had long since died down, but never forgotten.

Orchid shifted her attention towards the newspapers—both worn out and new—latched onto the windows; both on Ultratech and another event. She ambled towards them and took off a newspaper regarding Black Prom. Orchid grew interested of the event when it happened, especially who had caused it.

A picture of a young woman—perhaps no younger than fifteen—showed a sad expression, even in her eyes. Orchid ran her fingers against the picture.

Carrie…if only I had known about you sooner…

On another set of windows, an outline of information about Black Prom spread like roots below a tree. With the help of her agents that she had sent to Chamberlain a few months back, Orchid seemed to get a picture of how it happened. She scowled the pictures of a group of young women whom the locals in that town called the Ultras.

The Ultras were rich, beautiful young women that tormented and bullied misfits for kicks and giggles, and each time trouble approached them, the ringleader’s father would ensure that the punishment was not severe. For Orchid, though, it was not enough. She wanted to teach them a lesson, but since most of the members were already dead, she let her agents set out punishments to the parents instead.

The only person Orchid made an exception was the last surviving member of that group: Sue Snell. Unlike the other girls, Sue had a change of heart and spoke her statement at the hearing to clear Carrie’s name.

However, it wasn’t only the Ultras that Orchid despised. She eyed the picture of an elder woman whose eyes hid a string of madness, and titled at the bottom of the picture, “Margaret White”. From the information she had gathered from her fellow agents, Orchid loathed that woman with a passion. This evil, religious bat was the reason Carrie became the way she was. If Margaret was not dead by then, Orchid would surely put that monster in her place.


So after my small break, my new chapter is up. I know, early, but hey, early bird gets the worm.

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Just finished the latest chapter, but won’t post until March, which should be a week from today. I want to give the other two chapters a chance to breathe


Here the new chapter I had posted a few days ago. Been very busy as of late. It will also be on DeviantArt, Wattpad, and A03

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With all the crazy bugs giving KI the sickness, I have something that would cheer up most: a new chapter. It is now available to read on, WattPad, DeviantArt, and A03.

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Hey there, folks. So I thought I’d come back to this thread to share you a KI fanfic I’ve worked on but never finished for the time being.

The title of this fanfic piece is “A Season To Remember”. This was a Christmas-themed story that would take place three months after the defeat of Gargos in Shadow Lords mode. That being said, you can consider this as an Alternative Universe/Timeline/Continuity, since the comic series starts immediately right after Gargos’ defeat.

I’ve worked on this fanfic sometime on December 2016, and I intended to finish it on said month and release it (on this thread) in Christmas. However, due to several reasons such as school works and focusing on other projects/stuff, I eventually lost interest and discontinued it. So yeah, I apologize if I had to say something like this.

Even though I have no plans to continue, I will say, you may feel free to continue writing this story. Feel free to credit me if you ever finish and post the fanfic on other sites. It’ll be greatly appreciated if you do so.

So yeah, that’s all I can say. Below is what I have managed to complete for this story. Enjoy reading.

The sun had risen, which gleamed a bright shine of light to begin another day…a day so special that snow had also fallen and the sound of joy is heard all around right now. Today was Christmas.

It’s been three months since the Alliance had put a stop to Gargos’ invasion and things have been normal for each since then…

Kim Wu was busy preparing for the Christmas Party she and her family had planned out for almost a month. Ever since the day Gargos was defeated, she was shy to share her story to her family, but the feeling of triumph made her to reveal such experience. At first, they didn’t believe it, so much by the fact her two cousins think that she must have been playing too much video games. But upon showing pictures of her together with the Alliance to prove it, they couldn’t speak a word, most especially her mother, who couldn’t help but to hug her. Much of Kim Wu’s students were amazed when she told the story to them, so much they hailed her as a hero; they were more motivated to become good martial artists like her.

As Kim Wu was gathering things needed for the big party, she got distracted by a noise coming from a room. She slowly walked towards the room and opened it…it was her cousins Michael and Jeremy, playing video games as always, together with a friend named Phil.

Kim Wu: Well, well, well, who would have thought? Shouldn’t you guys help me in preparing all of these stuff for the Christmas Party we are having?

Michael: Oh come on! I’m trying to beat this Turbo Tunnel level!

Jeremy: And I’m having trouble here beating General RAAM!

Phil: And I’m just getting started playing Arbiter’s story in REMASTERED HD!

Kim Wu: (sigh) Look guys, if you’re not going to stand up and help me, then I’ll do it all by myself! Today’s Christmas, don’t you wanna waste a very special day?

Jeremy: Alright fine, we’ll help you then!

Phil: Geez Mike, your cousin is surely something…

Michael: I know, right?

Once they got out of the room, they helped Kim Wu in carrying the stuff needed. Just then, Jeremy remembered something…

Jeremy: Hey Kim, I wanna ask something.

Kim Wu: Hm?

Jeremy: About a week ago, I overheard a conversation with your parents regarding some “guests” you were going to invite for the party. Who are these “guests” anyway?

Kim Wu: Oh! (giggle) Well, about that…

Somewhere, at a snowy mountain, there stood a temple. Within in it is a cloaked man meditating. Yes, my friends, that is no other than the Tiger Warrior himself, Jago. Ever since Gargos had been banished from existence, he found himself in inner peace. Maybe it’s because the nightmare had been truly over; there was nothing else to do but to live in peace…that is until something came into his mind: the Christmas Party.

As he was meditating, Jago remembered that exact moment a week ago…

He was at the City of Dawn along with Orchid, TJ Combo, Maya, Tusk, and Kim Wu. They were gathered because Kim Wu had something to plan…

Kim Wu: …so maybe, as part of our big victory, I thought you guys are invited to come to my Christmas Party in the day of the celebration itself together with my family! Are you guys okay with it?

TJ Combo: A Christmas party? Oh yes, I’m definitely in for that.

Tusk: Party? Is this party quite similar to what I usually experience in the past?

Kim Wu: Well, based from what I’ve learned from ancient history, no. It’s completely different from what you may usually experience…

Tusk: Ok then, I guess I’m in.

Maya: Well, I think that’s a very nice way to celebrate on what we have accomplished. Besides, it’s been three months already, so why not?

Orchid: I’m free from duty by this time, so it’s a yes for me. What about you Jago?


TJ Combo: Uh, hello? You were listening, didn’t you? Ain’t gonna talk or what?

Jago: The crisis may be over for now, but there are still questions left unanswered within me…

Kim Wu: Huh? What do you mean? We just saved the world from the clutches of Gargos, remember?

Jago: I need to have some inner peace first and ponder to myself on what I can do and bring for the future. So, I can’t unfortunately.

Kim Wu: Jago…ok, I understand on how you feel, but the thing is, this joyous celebration happens once a year. It’s been three months already, why would you suddenly isolate yourself from us? Maybe if you come to the party, I’m sure you’ll be able to change who you are by spending time with others and create fond memories within for the better. Don’t you wanna waste a very special day, Jago? (makes a cute face)

Jago was surprised by the expression she made. For all the times he spent with her during the invasion of Gargos, he’d never see her acting like that. Then again, it’s been three months already, things do change. He actually wanted to laugh, but he couldn’t, it would be too awkward. After a few minutes…

Jago: Ok. I’ll go think about it.

Kim Wu: Yay! Alright then, it’s settled!

And that was where the meeting ended. As Jago remembered that moment, he couldn’t help but to smile a bit, still remembering that expression that Kim Wu had made.

Soon, Jago went outside the temple and walked along the snowy road to find Kim Wu’s home. As he walked, he felt a strange blast of wind. He looked around where it came from and lo and behold, there was a spaceship with a sleek, yet unusual design about to land. When it opened, Jago immediately recognized on who it was…Glacius, the cold shoulder. The alien had returned to his homeland sometime after Gargos’ invasion, so why he came back to Earth anyway?

Jago went into a fighting position, but Glacius was showing signs of mercy. Jago was slightly confused, leading Glacius to bring out a device he made which would decipher the alien language he is speaking of.

Glacius (via device): Jago, I am not here to fight. I came here to give you something…

The alien gave him an armor and a sword made from a combination of ice and alien technology.

Glacius (via device): This is a reward for the honor and cooperation you had during the invasion of Gargos. It is also my gift to you for the holidays. Use it wisely.

Once Jago received Glacius’s gift to him, he bowed in respect. After that, Glacius departed. Jago seemed surprised at the alien’s behavior. Not wanting to waste any time, he continued to journey to Kim Wu’s home.

At the City of Dawn, Orchid, along with TJ Combo and Tusk, was waiting for Maya. Each of them were wearing snow coats, yes, even Tusk himself, he became accustomed to modern lifestyle thanks to many friends he had made following Gargos’ defeat. They had to gather here first so that they can be sure everybody was prepared for the party.

TJ Combo: Geez, what’s taking her so long?

Orchid: Relax, TJ. I guess she’s having a hard time looking for the perfect clothes to wear…

Tusk: Huh? What do you mean?

In a room, Maya couldn’t decide on what to wear. For the past three months, after the defeat of Gargos, Orchid helped her living in style. It was a whole new experience for Maya, considering on everything that has happened in her past. It was definitely a way in moving on. Eventually, she found the perfect clothes. She then wore a snow coat and went out.

As Maya was walking to meet up with others, unbeknownst to her, someone was watching her from behind, hiding in the shadows…

Without any hesitation, the mysterious person jumped out and landed in front of Maya.

And that’s it. That’s all what I’ve wrote for this fanfic. Again, feel free to continue writing this story if you want and feel free also to credit me should you finish it and post it on other sites. It’ll be greatly appreciated if you do as such! Thanks for reading.


  • If my memory serves right, the mysterious person that jumped and landed in front of Maya would be Mira, who had redeemed herself. She would have given Maya a gift which was a relic they obtained during their childhood. Said relic served as a reminder that Mira still cared for her sister and at the same time, an apology.

  • Phil, the guy who played video games with Michael & Jeremy, is more or less a nod to Phil Spencer name-wise; the head of Xbox. As you may have noticed in the story, he played Halo 2: Anniversary. Halo is one of Xbox’s flagship titles.


I still want Jago to give birth to Gargos’ child.


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