KI Costumes/Skins Thread

If you guys haven’t kept up with Adam in his latest interview he revealed that the team has wanted to add new costumes but that there has been issues in how they would release new costumes. First off is how would they monetize it.

Now obviously I think everyone would love to just receive new costumes but real talk they need to make money back so adding it to the already released ultra editions would probably never happen.

So the question is would you buy new costumes/accessories as stand alone DLC. If you’ve seen SF it seems they are also releasing costumes throughout the life of SFV as a source of revenue. Another company that makes money from costumes is League of Legends so below I will post images of how fun some of the DLC costumes are and the possibilities of how they can effect KI.

One benefit from alt costumes is making existing characters look like completely new characters

In League of Legends some skins are just fun to look at and pretty creative. The whole skin even comes with new taunts and 8bit animations. In KI maybe a fireball color could change and or taunt.

League is a master of skins. Here we see Skin themes where several characters are given skins to have a cyborg ninja theme.

So with this I think it would be cool if MS/IG would just start selling DLC costumes. I don’t think people would mind if they sold them stand alone as we have seen plenty of companies sell them stand alone and it makes a lot of sense for fighting games.

This shouldn’t be something you have to do a community fund for, this should just be something developers do on a regular basis even when in between seasons.

Edit: I thought I’d share how League of Legends promotes new skins. In the main menu they usually change the screen for new characters or skins. Here are a few.

The Arcade Themed Skins

Zombie Hunter Skins

Star Wa… Err Omega Squad Skin

MS/IG should really consider changing the start screen like League does to promote new characters.

League of Legends even got into some MK characters and made Sub Zero and Scorpion inspired skins for their Ninja character Shen

I think that if they do add extra costumes they should wait until season 3 is done and then release an ultra pack of costumes for all the characters which could include extra accessories and maybe colors.

I think they should release them as soon as they are done and maybe later on sale bundles. That way there is constantly new content maybe with their own trailers and even holiday costumes. Then maybe they should add bundle sales later on or to promote tournaments like some mobas do. They sell a specific skin or something.

I know the league of legends skins are pretty big in terms of cosmetic changes. Ill try adding a few of the main menu videos they add to promote their characters and skins.

Not the kind of thing i would buy personally but i think more is better, the demand is there after all. Id rather more accessories to be honest but im sure im in the minority on that front lol.

Personally, if they do accessories I’d prefer them to raise the level cap and get them for free, unless they are holiday accessories. I’ll pay for those.

if they were for my main and looked good

I am in the minority, but I refuse to pay for cosmetic DLC of any kind. I just don’t care to throw my money away for things that have no impact on the game. I’m all over new characters, I contributed to the Shago community fund and would gladly do it again, but I would like to get something out of it that is of consequence to me.

Also, as far as SFV goes, remember that a lot of the costumes (not all) will be unlockable via in-game currency that you can rack up while playing. I think the KI devs could consider this as well; even something as miniscule as 1 piece of KI gold per win.

Personally, yes. I would absolutely buy skins and accessories for KI. However I would love if they go the full community route and release base models for characters so we can submit accessories of our own kind of like how TF2 does it.

Monetizing-wise, they could do something like “C-c-costume Breaker pack” after revealing all S3 characters.
Or do themed costumes that one could buy and keep like Thanksgiving or Halloween themed.
While I’d much rather spend money on something affecting gameplay or another game, I’d want to contribute to this franchise and keep it going for as long as possible.


I’d feel like adding new costumes could add new life to the game by making characters look completely new and fresh. The examples I provided are way different than their base model character. Imagine a Cyber Jago skin with an actual Laser Sword. That would be sweet.

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Well personally I don’t care too much about new outfits/costumes being added to the KI characters’ current existing outfit/costume sets but it does sound like an overall neat idea/suggestion for the ENTIRE KI cast/roster

Yes, agreed. It’s for the entire cast. Am pretty sure everyone would love to see a skin for their favorite character. Like an Extinct version of Riptor that is just her bones, that would be dope. Or maybe a superhero outfit theme for certain characters. Sadira could def use some Spiderman/woman inspiration.

Through skins League of Legends even took inspiration from Mortal Kombat and made Scorpion and Sub Zero knock offs for their Ninja character Shen.


OK, i have 2 problems with what everyone on this thread is saying.

  1. the game doesn’t NEED more costumes. And i’m not talking about the fact that it doesn’t effect gameplay, what i mean is: Customization in video games is spinning OUT OF CONTROL! There are a lot of games out there that have WAY too much senseless customization. When you make a game where anything is possible, EVERYTHING looses value.

In Minecraft, everyone has a custom skin, so you cant possibly make anything that hasn’t been done before. No one pays attention to skins of others. In Halo, they now have more armor than ever before. So now, almost all of it looks the same. You cant tell just from looking at it how rare it even is (unlike in previous halo games). In Pokemon, ANYTHING can be a Pokemon now, so none of them are memorable. In almost every PC game, the addition of mods removes the value of all of the in-game unlockables.

Just because it CAN be done, doesn’t mean it should. KI costumes have always been VERY well thought out and created, and they have stayed true to the character. Iron Galaxy do an AMAZING job of adding crazy customization while always making sure that it’s believable, inspired, true to the character, and doesn’t take away value from ANY of the other colors or costumes. Have faith in IG; that they will make a few options that are great, instead of a LOT that are all bad.

  1. Comparing KI to other games and saying “they did it, we should too” is not good. League of Legends, Smite, and Street Fighter (and sometimes MK) often do it to trick you in to giving them more money. And yes it is a TRICK, because they all use sex to get you to buy them. Just look at the first and second picture in the OP. They all do that.

And of course, right next to “sex” is “money”. With other games, its ONLY about the money. Most of these games release INSANE amounts of costumes with different themes, because they want to make sure EVERYONE has at least 1 pack of skins that they can relate to, and end up buying. Or they will make them all unlockable, but RIDICULOUSLY un-achievable, then sell you “cases” or “packs” that give you a CHANCE at getting them.

Iron Galaxy only proposed the “buy skins” idea because it’s the ONLY logical way they can release them. They don’t want to suck our you-know-whats so we will give them more money. They want to keep making QUALITY costumes for us to enjoy, but need conformation that we would accept their work, even if it meant paying a little more. i GUARANTEE they would make every skin individual purchases, because they don’t care about trapping us into buying a “pack” to get more money. They want to please each of us in a specific way that we will enjoy. They understand that if you love a part of their game, you should be able to have more of that “part”, without any strings attached.

(I guess this somehow turned into a love-letter to IG, but whatever, i meant every part of it.)

I really don’t… understand… know where you stand. At first it sounds like you are againt them and near the end it sounds like your for them. Also the part about any pokemon being able to be anything was true since day one. I mean Rattata is literally just a rat. Also the part of not being able to do anything that hasn’t been done when everyone has the option to make a custom skin in Minecraft is a weird argument because you just said anyone can make a costume skin. Meaning you can literally make a skin yourself that no one has ever made. Like a skin with a unicorn and pink mountains.

KI costumes have been pretty good, sometimes. Sometimes they have been terrible. I for one am a Sadira main and all the accessories for her suck. I don’t even want revealing skins for her. Just look at the skins I asked for Sadira above.

Overall skins aren’t a mandatory game changing part of the game. If you don’t like the skins you don’t have to buy them. Skins are more for character favorites and wanting to stunt with a fresh new skin.

I agree with you about the sadira thing. Her acessories just dont have enough impact. But that is a Season 1 character. IG did Season 2. I support the idea of more costumes for this reason also. To improve on the old characters.

Just to be clear. I support more costumes. BUT NOT IN THE WAY THAT ANY OTHER GAME DEVELOPER HAS DONE THEM. I dont want anything new and crazy and limitless, i just want more of what we already have.

I think this would be a good idea to add like a zombie horror pack or cyborg skins for all the characters. They did it for christmas for a few characters.

Yeah, I know for a fact that league has this battlecast theme were certain characters are put in armor. Would be cool to see some sort of Ultra tech theme were a “what if” scenerio would play in which certain characters are captured and turned to cybernetically enhanced personas. Ultra Tech Jago and Orchid.

I’m going to try not to be a jerk here, but your posts are going all over the place and I don’t understand the logic.

You want “more of what we have” but you want costumes not to end up “looking the same…” I don’t get it. At the same time you are against the idea of adding crazy new costumes to the game because putting in a lot of different things means that “everything will look the same.”

Think about this logically; adding even a single costume (with accessories) for each character in KI would add a lot of variety and customization choices, along with additional colors, I assume. Sounds a lot like the extras in the S1 and S2 Ultra editions to me. I think what you actually dislike are the blind-purchase kinds of DLC (such as many mobile games offer), and adding another costume pack would not need to replicate those marketing techniques, and SHOULDN’T. KI has already chosen not to go down that kind of path.

They can simply make new costumes available for individual purchase or through a bundle, just like KI already has the option to buy single characters or costumes separately, or buy the Ultra pack for that Season to get everything.

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Yeah I would buy them if I liked them. I like the way NRS did costumes for MKX, buy releasing new costumes in packs of 3. Maybe they could release a Season 1 costume pack and a Season 2 costume pack, and also the ability to just by them individually for those who only want to buy stuff for characters they use.

Let me give an example:

Riptors costumes. She has A cyber costume and an ancient gladiator costume. And both of them look great.

Should everyone else get those costumes in a “cyber pack” or “gladiator pack”? No.

Cyber dinosaurs and warrior dinosaurs are part of a specific sub-genre of cliche` that fit great with riptor. But it would be clearly uninspired if that theme were just re-made for every other character. IG know this. thats why when these themed costumes ARE re-imagined for other characters, they make sure it fits, like Spinals gladiator costume, or Sabrewulfs Cyber costume. Both of those costumes are the same theme as their riptor versions, but they have been thoughtfully tweaked to better fit the other two characters. If IG were to make new costumes, i would want them to continue to put this same amount of thoughtfulness in every characters costume. NOT just release “themed packs” that will be less fitting on certain characters, and almost definitely be lower quality.

No one needs a cyber Kan-Ra or Jago. No one needs a gladiator Orchid or Sadira. Whats needed is just a single “3rd costume” and accessory set that expands on the theme of the characters just as well as the current ones do.