KI Costumes/Skins Thread

This makes a lot more sense to me than what you posted before, thanks for the clarification.

I agree that KI wouldn’t necessarily benefit from large groups of characters having similar costumes or accessories, with the exception that cyber/robotic stuff is fairly ingrained to KI’s lore and visual design. Some characters already have cyber stuff already, and I could see each character ending up with a singled costume or accessory set which is cybernetic or futuristic in nature.

See retro Aganos, TJ, retro Sabrewulf, Maya’s premium accessory, Orchid’s premium accessory etc.

Yeah this is probably the best distribution method I’ve read on here.

I like Sadira’s genie accessories…

Depending on the character and how they looked, I’d buy additional KI skins. They’ve already confirmed they’ll be doing the standard 2 sets+accessories, so I feel like they’ve done their due diligence to make sure the base game has good aesthetic variations. If it costs a little extra, I’d be willing to shell out for certain characters if the new costumes were good enough.

I would really like to see some new costumes. I don’t mean new accessories, I mean like retro costume, default costume and another kinda costume. I’d rather them be sold in bundles by season or something though rather than only by character. This isn’t any sort of priority for me of course, but something I’d definitely get behind if it was proposed.

I wish there would be one common theme for all characters for future costumes.

If they’re anything on par to TJ Combo’s alt then am in. There are a few alt accessories am not a fan of but most of TJ’s accessories are pretty cool.

Just hope dedicated skins are higher quality more visual impressive than accessories.

I’d buy any of them, especially Shadow Jago stuff.

I think the game needs it desperately. I like Glacius but refuse to play him much past my lvl 22 cuz the unlockables i get in accessories for my progression are awful. The horns and stuff just make no sense. I like his retro, but the accessories for that one are maybe even worse imo. I think this game needs better cosmetics and accessories in the worst. KI struggles in teh art style/cosmetic department. Its not a style that is easy to like.

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I like Chrome Glacius but I agree he is pretty top heavy with a lot of his accessories.

Well, Keits did a mock poll on the chat while the interview was going on. He got really positive responses to his inquiry as to whether or not the community would want to pay for DLC costumes. With that in mind, maybe one day we’ll see this come to life in the KI store.

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In my opinion, any additional costumes per character could be sold separately with a color set. Alternatively you could get the “Season 3 DLC Pass” and have everything for another total sum. I would be disappointed if the new skins did not have some alternate colors as well.

I hope that when they do the community fund that a custom color editor will be one of the stretch goals. Adam mentioned that it would take some tech work but it’s possible. It’s just not a priority for them at this point.

Back in the day I used to mess around with the color editor in SNK v Capcom Chaos. I was terrible at it and always ended up with some radioactive color. At least in a modern setting people could share their color pallets.

I’d totally buy costume packs, like by season. Nine costumes in a “season 1” or “season 2” costume bundle.

I think additional DLC outside of the Season 3 Ultra Edition is needed. They should go totally ala-carte with some really cool additions to Season 1 and Season 2 characters. Just look at how many costumes are in Street Fighter, Tekken, and Dead or Alive.

Maybe they could give Spinal some decent accessories, like some pirate related stuff? Maybe a Pirate Captain’s hat, an Eye patch, or a Blackbeard (Get it?) lol

Yeah, I’d buy any cosmetic addition, love costumes and would pay even for big accesory packs.

Human skin Spinal. Accessories are not the same as skins.

What would be cool is if they change the look of spinals instinct in that he looks like a ghostly see through version of his human form.

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Oh I know, I just kind of typed it out while it was on my mind lol

Id like to see him get a costume where he has pirate captain’s coat like this…

Something like that, but black instead of red. Maybe a Pirate captain hat on with it too. I kind of like his headband better than the hats though lol