KI Character Frame Data Spreadsheets Inside


@Ziarist with target combos, how are you calculating stuff like active frames? Are you only counting the first active box as active frames or are you doing stuff like 5 [X] 5 like how you listed with Laser Sword for Jago? I was trying to see if you had the info listed for Sabrewulf target combos to get a framework for this but I noticed you didn’t have it listed.

Right now I’m working on TJ Combo and just trying to get a solid idea on how you want it listed.


I saw you got this answer in the discord, but I’ll lay out my thinking here.

Originally, I didn’t have the breaks in active frames like we’ve begun implementing. So I used the first set of active frames as the ones listed.

However, I did plan on getting back to those and changing them to our current listing, as per Infil’s request.


Finished TJ Combo’s frame data! There’s some really cool stuff in there!


Hi! is this updated?


On and off. Summer, for me, is extremely difficult. I’m just tired all the time because of how hot it is during work. There will be a harder push, from me, once things cool off a bit in October. Until then, @RFGCAtsumachi is still working on it as much as they can.


Sorry for getting back so late, but I just now finally finished ARIA’s frame data and with that, all of S2 has been completed!


Kim Wu’s frame data has been completed!


Tusk’s frame data has been completed!


Arbiter’s frame data has been completed!

One thing to note about his Energy Shield move:

Although the move is -11 on block, that is only to throws. During the last two recovery frames of the move he gains strike invulnerability. This means that it is -9 to strikes and -11 to throws.


Rash’s frame data has been completed!


Mira’s frame data has been completed!


Gargos frame data has been completed!


Eyedol’s frame data has been finished!



General Raam’s frame data has been double checked and completed!


Thanks for this guys :+1: :blush:


Kilgore’s frame data has been completed!



Kan-Ra shadow clutch move properties: hard knockdown and projectile invincibility are missing

Also all ender infos are missing.

You guys are awesome.

EDIT: cr. HK causes hard knockdown vs airborne opponents. That’s a hidden property but it’s important to know for some setups

St. HK, cr. HK and j. HK are all breakable none-tradeable projectiles.
Spike, shadow spike, stinger and antlion are projectiles
Swarm is a breakable projectile until the actual swarm appears which is not breakable.
Back + HP has a ridiculous amount of push back on block

Kan-Ra is weird lol. He doesn’t care about rules


That’s on the docket. Atsu’s making his way through the cast double checking Shadow data, and adding Ender data, while I’m finishing up Shin Hisako and Eagle. Then, I’ll be joining him double checking things, and adding Invincibility frames to the special properties.

Thanks! We really appreciate it!


After some radio silence, the frame data for all moves has been added and the sheet is (pretty much) complete!

The only things missing are:

  1. Invincibilities
  2. What can be manual’d off of openers

(that last one would be pretty nice if character specialists for each character could list what the longest startup move could be manual’d after each characters opener, wink wink)!


Not counting jump normals right?

Also, isn’t normal dragon kick a hard knockdown for Kim Wu?