KI Character Frame Data Spreadsheets Inside


Technically the Dragon Kicks done raw are HKDs but at the moment we’re making a sweep of moves and putting Soft/Hard Knockdown qualifiers on them.

And besides jumping normals, just anything that can be manual’d after an opener under regular circumstances. Nothing like special cancels that give you extra frame advantage or anything.


Gotcha, thank you for the clarification.

I can provide some info for Kim later on.



Dragon Grasp - 13f or less
Firecracker - 11f or less
Shadow Firecracker - 11f or less
Light Dragon Dance (overhead) - 11f or less
Medium Dragon Dance - 11f or less
Heavy Dragon Dance - 7f or less
Shadow Dragon Dance - 11f or less

(Dragon Kick and Shadow Dragon Kick are ‘openers’ but they’re launchers, probably not what you want)


Hey guys,

First off, the final sheet is just awesome! Couple things i noticed that you may or may not want to edit with Kim.

Light and Shadow Dragon Dance can cause ground bounce.
Jumping HK can hit as a crossup.