KI Character Frame Data Spreadsheets Inside


I haven’t really been motivated to do much in KI lately. Mostly been playing KOF14.


Ooh nice nice no worries everything at its time i bet it must take a long time to be that detailed but we data fighters appreciate it​:blush::blush:thanks for making it easy for us


Yeah, I think the project is a bit on hold right now, unfortunately.

One option we have is to simply fill the spreadsheet up with the in-game frame data values (which should be much more accurate than in the past), and then go back and ensure the accuracy + fill in things like invincibility frames etc as we feel the need to. This is less than ideal but probably better than nothing?


That’s simple enough. The problem I have with that is someone will say that something is wrong and blame me for not double checking it. Not saying that filling it with in-game data, for now, is a bad idea.


Yeah I understand. We could put something on each page to say “verified by us” and on other pages just to say “taken from in-game, not verified”.

I know it’s less than ideal because we want it all verified and fully complete ourselves, but yeah, besides putting in another 100 hours of free work for the community, maybe having a stopgap is nice.


Btw… S1 characters + Shago are like 99% accurate, right? So we just need data for S2 and beyond.


Updated the remaining characters with in-game data, except for Cinder, Kilgore, and Shin Hisako. Be aware every Season 2 and Season 3 (except RAAM) character currently uses in-game data to “fill out” their sheet. This will be the case until you see the “Currently using in-game data. This character is inaccurate.” disappear from that character’s sheet.

As I said in the previous post, Season 1 characters, and Shago, are 99% accurate, with Jago being the only 100% complete character.

Sorry for taking so long. We’re all worn physically and/or mentally, and we’re taking a break, for now. I may do some small updates by myself here and there, but don’t expect anything regular. My current job is wearing me out real hard every day, and until it cools down, I’m pretty much tired all the time.


You guys have any influence in this and would it be more accurate than the spreed sheet coz i use that every danm day


The app


I have been talking with this guy. It will be using my data sheet as reference once the next patch comes out for it.


Aight cool cool then ill wait till 3.8…
Till then imma use the spreed sheet



I cannot express the amount of appreciation i have for you, Infil and others that have taken up this project. Thank you, truly.


I’ve been working on this for the past few months and have almost everything completed here. I got all of Aganos’ frame data here including the chunked up variations. There’s a few things about my data though:

  • I use the KI method of calculating startup because that was quicker for me to list on the sheet at the time
  • [Redacted] I just updated the shadow moves listings. I still have it listed like how KI records it. For example, Shadow Ruin says 1,6 when it should be 1,7 and so on. Sorry for the confusion people, it’s just how I recorded everything.
  • I added a column for how many total frames a move has for frame kill setups
  • I add notes to some specific moves to explain how I got to those numbers

Hope this helps!

Note: I’ll update it to be SF notation sometime or other.


Holy hell! Thank you!

Unfortunately, I’m at work right now, but I’ll definitely get to adding this asap.

Don’t worry about converting to SF notation. I’ll do that as I’m adding it.


No worries man. Hopefully Brandon Chun gets this info into the app soon!

Also, do you need help recording frame data for anyone?


If you look at the sheet, you should see the characters that have something to the effect of “this sheet uses in game data”. So any of those would be helpful.

Again, thank you.


After looking through your Aganos data, I just wanted to touch on a couple things.

  1. For multi-hitting moves (like Jago’s Heavy Laser Sword) I list all points of active frames. In Heavy Laser Sword’s case there are 3 active frames, followed by 13 non-active, followed by 3 active. I list this as: 3 [13] 3. So, in case you feel like adding that, go ahead. If not, I’ll get to it later when I start revisiting characters to double check things.

  2. In your command attacks section, it’s vague as to when the move has “completed” its action. To alleviate that, I suggest having the start-up frames end when the wanted action (gaining a chunk, etc.) happens, then using the recovery frames to show how long it takes to be able to push buttons again. Again, if you don’t want to do that, I’ll do it later.

  3. Projectiles that travel indefinitely (Jago’s Endokuken) are listed as having “–” active frames, because they will travel the length of the stage if you and the opponent dash to the other end. Just like you, I also start counting recovery frames just after the first active frame, but I count that first active frame in the start-up of every attack (this is SF notation in a nut shell). Just something to keep in mind for the future.

Again, thanks a lot for providing this data.

  1. The reason why I list multi-hitting moves the way I did is because I wanted to know when exactly each hit would startup so that way coming up with frame kill setups become easier to look through all in the same box. It’s more for convenience on my end. Like if I wanted to hit with the 3rd hit of Pulverizer in a meaty situation to bait a SC, for example.

  2. In regards to gaining a chunk that makes sense, but in the case of placing walls and grabbing a Peacemaker, I believe Aganos recovers the frame the wanted action applies. I’d have to look again as I recorded these a long while back.

  3. Makes sense, I just put 1 in active for no real raisin. I’m just too lazy to list some of the moves in SF notation, sorry about that man.

You’re more than welcome! I’ll try to see if I can get to work on some other characters. Luckily no one else should have a list as long as Aganos’, haha.


Yeah. You pretty much got rid of the hardest (read as; most time consuming) one right off the bat.


Alrighty. I’ve added your Aganos Data. I’ll have to do Invincible frames and stuff like that, but otherwise it’s complete. Even converted to SF notation.

Fun Fact: Aganos’ page is the biggest at 278 rows.