Joanna Dark guessing game

So, based on survey results Joanna Dark are potentially the next character to be revealed soon.

Kilgore was totally unexpected. He turns out into the official gunlinger of KI. And so we have Arbiter. Does it mean Joanna Dark ain’t gonna make it? I guess it has nothing to do with her cameo in this game.

Here’s what I think her gameplay is going to be. A mix from the best of 2 MKX girls.



It’s like nostradamus lite?

If she does appear, I bet she will look like this:

And do a lot of this:


if she does appear she better have her n64 base as her retro… cause imho the punk rock look didn’t fit well for the spy theme that pd always had.


If she is gonna be anything like Casy Cage and Jaqqi Briggs I have absolutley nothing to look forward to in bith playing AND fighting her.

I do hope she’ll have more than pistols cause perfect dark looks like you get some uniqe weapons be a real shame to see that potential going to waist. : U

If she does shoot though I hope the bullets are easier to see than the Arbies.

Yep, her N64 look was great. lol


Joanna Dark


I didn’t get how we were meant to know who half the characters were in the survey . Apart from the really obvious ones…

If she makes it, she is going to be a zoner, without any doubt

Combo Grappler would be cool for CQC. Like her specials being untechable command grabs during linkers.

Have no idea what her Instinct would be like. Maybe access to guns like the Super Dragon?

I’m surprised no one brings up the laptop gun when talking about her potential gameplay. It’d be wacky if she could set it up in turret mode and have it cover her.
Also, if they do her theme, the one thing I want is I hope they base it off if the slower, institute version rather than the rockin credits version. Obviously it’d need to be beefed up to give it that KI feeling, but something smooth with a nice baseline would be a killer change of pace!

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Then Dr. Caroll will be a guardian.


Is he trying to say that if we want to know what the future holds for characters, that the survey is our answer ? That was already implied I thought.

I think it would be cool if one of her enders let her switch between different weapons from PD. Another could, like Emmet Graves in PlayStation All-Stars, summon other weapons into the arena.

I never played her, but loved how she and kameo had that basic 'orchid ’ Rare girl look

I did own the goldeneye game and Turow, so if the weaponry is somewhat multiple choice and all like that, I’d be most pleased.

Do you guys really think she will be introduced as one of the last 2 characters? Or maybe a character coming later in 2017

I’m not “no one”

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I don’t think JD is gonna be in the game. At least not as second char. Revealing her as a guest char would mean building her from the ground up and this is season 3.5 meaning there budget is limited. I think the next two characters are going to be remix characters like Kilgore. Characters like Shadow Orchid and Shark TJ meaning they have a base character and they remix a few of their moves until they play unique.

If there is a JD appearance in KI I’d expect her to be the last character and announced at E3 along with a stand alone Perfect Dark game.

Keits told us at the last stream the next two characters are completely new styles for KI.
I just dont remember what part of the stream he have said this…

Here he hints about the characters being hinted at SL archives. Doesn’t mention how many tho.

So at least 1 of them is NOT a guest.

Also, Kilgore style is very different from other characters, including Fulgore, so other remix characters could be totally new styles… and still be remixes

The only character I see being talked about in the dossiers is Ealge. To be honest, I have 190 dossiers unlocked am I am to lazy to reread all of them to look for a clue. The only reason Eagle stands out is because he was part of the old KI story.

I just hope IG doesn’t waste one of the last 2 spots on a guest.