Jago true face!

I’m just going to leave this right here:heart_eyes:

I know it’s a glitch but he’s soooo dreamy please IG let us have a monk style Jago costume before the mask outfit!

Sean Penn realness! (He doesn’t look a bit Tibetan)


Looks like a war vet.


I lost the shadow fight and the system reset but I still got the screenshot lol

LOL The bug is back! XD


Faceless Jago must be a thing!

@TheKeits Please! Hidden accessories.


I really want the last air bender monk style costume. That would be so amazing



But his face is maskless during instinct…


I think Cinder needs to go see a dentist stat

When a character wears a mask permanently (or is supposed to), the character modeller don’t need a reason to make the face look correct other than the parts that’s exposed.

Which means that if Jago’s face was supposed to be shown, he wouldn’t look like that. He only looks like that, because his face is always covered up (again, supposed to be). There’s no reason to model the stuff that isn’t supposed to be shown.

I wouldn’t mind a maskless option for Jago, but then they need to correct his face first.


^^^ This sums it up ^^^

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Lol. We know that. we are just teasing. :slight_smile:

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No no, I know, I just wanted to be informative to those who didn’t know. ^^

Ok. I do have a question for you. If Jago were to get a maskless form, how would he look like? Or like who? :wink:

I dunno. That’s up to the devs to decide. As long it is in the same facial attribute as Orchid. And what I mean by this is that Orchid doesn’t look overly Asian, though she is half-Tibetan, so Jago shouldn’t look overly Asian either. They should still appear to be siblings, after all.

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Similar to how Maya and Mira look? Interesting. I can see that.

Well, it’s a bit different, as Maya and Mira are twins and both female. However, siblings usually have facial traits that are alike, yeah.

I do know that when having interracial parents, sometimes one sibling can have dominant genes from one side while another sibling can have dominant genes from another, so Jago could in theory have strong Tibetan features while Orchid doesn’t. However, I would personally prefer if you could tell that the two of them are siblings by looking at their facial features.

Well they have bald heads in the back so there you go- twins.


That’s funny. XD

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I still haven’t noticed that. I forgot to check. Do you have a screenshot of it?