Jago Oki Tutorial Videos

So when I got into this game one of the first things I did was hunt for videos, writeups, and other such tech to try and get me started. What I found was, not much. So instead, I went looking for stuff myself.

Mostly what you’ll see here are safejumps. If you don’t know what a safejump is, it’s a form of option select in which you time a jump in in such a way that if your opponent does something invincible, (DP etc) you’ll land and have time to block it. Otherwise they either get hit, or they have to block the jump in.

This first video here is actually the most recent one I made, which sort of ended up being everything rolled into one. The fancier thing in this video is the meaty fireball after a level 4 Endokuken ender, allowing you to have a large amount of frame advantage afterward. It’s also standard reversal safe, as you’re too far away anyway. If they try a projectile invincible Shadow, you’ll have the meter to Shadow Counter it. Some character’s shadows have nonstandard interaction, so I’ve made a list of how this interacts with everyone below:

Lvl 4 Endokuken ender - Whiff st.LP, throw Charged Light Endokuken, walk
Any standard reversal (DPs etc) whiff completely even if you just man up and walk forward. If they block the fireball, you have a ton of advantage to pressure/frametrap/confirm if they got hit etc. If they spend meter and try a Shadow, the ender and combo from it will always get you the bar needed to Shadow Counter. Interactions listed below:
Normal Interaction (block 4, SC 5th): JA, FU, SJ, RI, CI
3 Hit Shadow (block 2, SC 3rd): SW (overhead), MA (can SC 2nd or 3rd hit), RA
4 Hit Shadow (block 3, SC 4th): GL, SA, GA

They can’t do ■■■■: TH, OR, KA

Spinal: Teleports can get him out. Shadow Shieldbash hits 5 times if he does that, spending a skull on heavy bash forces you to block and is safe. yuck.

TJ Combo: Roll lets him get out meterlessly. Might be able to react/anticipate and punish.

Omen: Shadow form lets him escape. If he does Shadow slide, its -8. Punish. (5 hits)

Aganos: Armor makes it iffy. If armorless, Shadow Punch is super unsafe, and Shadow roll hits 5 times.

Hisako: you can SC any point of her Shadow Rekka

Aria: Shadow Cresendo has a hit of armor but is -12. Shadow Shotgun Blitz is -9.

Kim Wu: Due to her size, the meaty hits deep behind her. She can use the Shadow overhead to sort of shift and escape, but it’s -7 on block. Also 5 hits.

Tusk: Shadow Shoulder can either hit no times if he presses no button, or 5 times.

Arbiter: If he has Shield he can ignore it, or spend a bar on Shadow burst to get out. If he does Shadow overhead its 5 hits.

Mira: Can Mist form. Shadow Trephine hits 5 times

Gargos: Shadow Reckoning hits 4 times. Be prepared to block heavy reckoning as well.

General Raam: Shadow run can be jumped on reaction. Shadow Emergence ■■■■ kills the projectile, but easy to whiff punish.

Like I said, the above video covered this too and even went indepth to some setup examples, but here it is anyway. Cast interaction listed below:

Sweep - hold upforward, j.MK

Works on: SW, TH, TJ, KA, CI, AB, RM
Can psuedo work if you empty jump: JA, SJ, OR, FU, TU, EY
Opponent has no meter: GL, SA, MA, RI, OM, RA
Special cases: AG (if no chunks), GA (if no Instinct), KW (parry), HI (parry)
Spinal can escape with teleport but you could OS it with windkick or something. Safejumps Shadow version.

Lastly here’s some stuff off of a backthrow. For some reason my notes regarding this disappeared. Still, it’s useful, and can probably put ideas for more stuff to try in peoples’ heads.

I hope people take advantage of these and level up their game, and I hope people get inspired to go hunting for more stuff like this themselves as well.


Thanks for this! Really helps out with Jago Oki. And nice choices of music too for the videos! :thumbsup:

I was labbing out Shago oki off of sweep, and thought I’d check the forums while taking a brain-break… and now I’m wondering if that safejump works off of Shago sweep…

If it does, good lookin’ out! My sweep just got extra dangerous!

If it doesn’t, neat Jago safejump! I’ll keep it in mind for when I’m
playing Jago!

Either way, good work! Thanks for your contribution to leveling up the community!

EDIT: Shago sweep shares the safejump. ILY.


Now, if only I knew how to karacancel his initial startup of his slicing overhead into his fireball dash cancel…

You just input b.HPx[Fireball]x(dash), but REALLY FREAKING FAST. I cannot stress how important it is that you cancel it as fast as humanly possible, but that’s really all there is to a kara-cancel. Insane input speed.

Though, really I wouldn’t get too hung up on it. It’s slick tech to break out and style on a cat with, but it happens so fast that there’s more spectator value than in-match value, and you’ll get just as far with regular ol’ fireball dash cancels once you’ve got them conditioned to sit still so they eat the throw.

Would even see the initial startup frames of the overhead for the kara cancel fireball? I don\t think so.

Just barely. Thompson pulled it off in tourney or on stream or something, there’s a vid floating around here somewhere. You can see it, but just barely. I actually had to watch the vid a few times to catch it, it’s really fast. It is seeable, though.


Really? It seems more technical than that. I have tried the motion as fast as I could, though maybe I didn’t correctly input the motion. I’ll need to keep trying to see if I can get it down.

I know the actual move isn’t very necessary and if the motion is as you say, it wouldn’t be ideal considering you have to put the thought and dedication on a single flashily input.

Personally, I just want to know I am able to do it as much as I was finally able to do the Grimmmz Special. Nothing practical, just flashy, but cool nonetheless.

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I tested that. It’s the meaty fireball that allows it. It’s as if you need to be in Instinct, need to throw a light fireball after a Shadow fireball juggle, and your opponent needs to quick rise in order for it to work.


…whaaaaaa??? B-b-bu… but why? Why is that so ridiculous? I thought it was just a kara-cancel, but it sounds more like a very nuanced bug… How does one go about discovering such a thing? That is sooo specific.

I am too dumb for fighting games. Much respect, Mr. Scientist.

This can happen in quite a few cases where an attack is coming out on the same frame when projectiles are hitting/being blocked.

Like this: Kan-Ra setups

For Jago, there probably other cases where you can make a fireball meaty, but they probably all involve Instinct.

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OHHHH It’s one of those, ehhh, how do you say… system quirks? XD So it’s not a kara w/ his OH, but the calculated application of a situational kara window applied to pretty much everything? Is it only buttons or can it work w/ specials?

I thought it was just an old sportster. I didn’t realize it was The Delorean.

I’ve seen her0oftim3 do this sort of psuedo-karacancel involving blocked fireballs in some of his videos, whiffing buttons and canceling them into more fireballs while zoning. I wanna say he mentioned it allowing him to throw fireballs faster.

So, if it can be done involving a meaty fireball, then the mixup potential off the lvl 4 meaty can be strengthened, going for an overhead when you confirm the fireball is blocked, and either letting it rock or karaing into fireball dash cancel into further mixup opportunity. I’ll have to look into this more when I get back from being out of town.

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i wish the shagos had tech like this.

good thing im switching to main jago. :smiley:

Shagos do have tech like this, LITERALLY the same thing as jago, same buttons.

@Papstr1 thank you for the vids, it’ll definitely help players and there should be more content like this out there. Now all it takes is people willing to apply these tips/tricks, and knowledge to other situations/characters.


thats good though, learn your fundamentals, if you don’t have them shago will make you worse as a player.

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I look at this thread and I know it’s supposed to be helpful, but most of it is flying over my head as if it were a foreign language with all of the FG terms and short-hand that’s being tossed around. :frowning:

So to try to break it down, here’s how it works, taking the sweep setup as an example. I hit my opponent with sweep as Jago. Let’s say the opponent is Glacius. I know this particular setup works on him, so I ready myself for it. When I hit the sweep, I immediately hold upforward. This will cause Jago to jump as soon as possible (which happens to be the timing for this particular set up) As Jago comes down with a jumping medium kick, I hold downback on the joystick to prepare to block. One of a couple things will happen:

If Glacius decides to just block:
Then he blocks my jumpin as expected, and I get pressure or whatever as normal.

If Glacius does something invincible, so puddle punch:
Then I land in time to block, and get to punish it. This is because Puddle Punch is invincible, but still has startup. Since he’s invincible, I don’t hit him, causing us to pass through each other. However, Jago has enough time to land and just block the move.

If Glacius does something NOT invincible, like just mash a normal:
Then he gets hit, because the jump in is actually meaty.

@ZeroSyndicate Yeah dude, I have other kinda content lined up in the future, might not all be Jago specific, and I might play around with other characters and see what else I can find just because the cast is so fun to explore.

@FGCSlamjam The other stuff isn’t gonna work, but the sweep setup will work with Shago due to Jago and Shago’s sweep and jump arcs being identical framedata wise.


I get the concept already (thanks BTW). I’m just confused with individual examples and setups.

quick question, is the “safejump” whiffpunishable by Shago’s demon? A great setup for Shago’s demon is for an opponent to whiff a move in the air and go into it during their, i guess, land recovery, Im not sure what to call it. If the opponent just jumps in the air and lands, they can just jump over demon again, but if they whiff a move in the air, sort of like what “safejumps” do, they eat the demon because theyre in Land recovery.

Also in terms of his Oki, My personal Oki is just Meaty -> L.special, or Meaty -> Overhead, or Meaty -->Grab, meaty --> Neutral jump ->high/low buttons, or meaty -> Cr.LK . Sajam has an Oki tutorial with Sadira, this is where I learned all this, something that frustrates me to no end because base Oki means nothing to Shago but I digress.

Where do Safejumps fit into this? And what are your wakeup options as a person on the other end of this offense? And maybe Im blind but Safejumps dont actually crossup do they?

edit: Speaking of crossups, what is the “oki” for crossup? At most all I do is crossup and if my mk gets blocked on the other side Im back to footsies.