Jago and Kim Wu fan art(s) - I LIVE (small update)!

:new: [Sept 16, 2016] :new:

I’m alive!! (well sorta) Sorry I wasn’t able to keep up with the bonus project since I’ve been pretty busy lately… BUT I DIDN’T FORGET :grin: ; Also realized that its been a YEAR since tihs post was made. So, I miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight make 2 bonus drawings for the occassion when im not so busy. THanks for the patience tho!

Also in the news,

JUST 5 LIKES AWAY FROM 40??! You guys are the BEST~!! :smiley:

30+ likes have been reached!

Like the previous update on the 20 likes, I’ll be planning on another BONUS doodle for this occasion~!! Once again big thanks contributing your fanarts and support of this ship~!!

Next hopeful goal is 40, and NO ALT ACCOUNTS! :rage::joy::joy:!!

From the old forum discussion of ‘Jago and Kim Wu’ ,I figured of re uploading the artworks here (NEW FANARTS ARE NOW INCLUDED~!!)

20 likes FANART BONUS!

Here’s a random doodle after being inspired from the arts of KI novella with some Manga style happening after an “accidental contact.” :joy: (sry can’t help but to add the dragon in this too after reading CHapter 3)

Super rushed comic. Might make a good copy of this someday xDD


Other(s) - not done by me

( b-day pic made for the voice behind Kim Wu, Abby Lee Trott :slight_smile: )



Glad you reposted these! I just really like your art style! Wouldn’t mind seeing your take on some of the other KI characters someday. As always, keep up the good work!


I like’em.

As long as Tusk looks to Jago as a brother and that he’s not interested in her beyond the training part… It all works out :wink:

Hmmm. Let me guess, Jago kiss Kim Wu? I’m right?

Best Jago & Kim Wu artwork ever! So glad my two mains are back! I’m glad you still had these Red. Iwas thinking like, “Oh no! We have to start Everything over!” Good art as always!

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Nope~ not quite ; P

Many tanks guys. Might update one of of the # of views pic too : )


awesome… a match made in we hate Gargos heaven!!!

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nice artwork of jago and kim wu

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Ah yeah, very glad to see these Kim Wu and Jago artworks/fanarts back once again on the new KI forums, RedZ :sunglasses:

Now just like to let you know that RedZ already did a fanart interpretation of Hisako back in the old Iron Galaxy/KI forums :wink:

Oh yea, I almost forgot about that! It ended up in one of the combo break episodes too I believe :smile:

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Wow, great job. I especially like the bond with her and Jago, seems like a great match too.


Many thanks guys~


those are really killer dude! nice job


Actually @RTA07 is a DUDETTE. Just wanna to let you know about that :wink:

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These are fantastic! :smiley:


Many thanks guys~ @KIFANATIC8488 no worries XD I don’t mind being called dude either

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Can you do more please I love this

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Guess I’m deciding to re-upload this KI Minecraft comic that I posted on the same thread at the old forums here too! Hope you guys like it! :sunglasses:

Most of you guys already know that it’s “TO BE CONTINUED”. Now, I guess most of you guys have been wondering, “Where’s Part 2? When it’s coming?”. Like I’ve said, the script is already DONE, BUT I have not started much yet… :pensive:

HOWEVER, I’ll show you folks a brief glimpse or a sneak peek of what’s in Part 2…

Hmm, Jago stabbing a zombie with his trusty sword…Let’s see if anyone gets the reference! :wink:

So, will I eventually do the rest? NOT FOR NOW. I’ve been busy lately with life, especially at my studies. Thus, it’s in indefinite hiatus. I may eventually continue it then when the time comes. :relieved:

Until then, FIGHT ON! :smiley: