Its Friday, so where is the purchase page?

This thread again. You people sure are ******* :wink: It’s a pricetag…

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It’s more than just a pricetag, though. It’s the first time we will be informed of how much the game is, the full breadth of content available, what will be available on release date and what will be released over the coming months. We might finally get the missing teaser from the Tusk trailer, the one that should have been included when the trailer was posted 13 days ago. We might learn how much the devs have been listening to us, perusing our opinions and taking our feedback, and what changes they might have implemented into what must, by now, be a final build.

But as exciting as this information is, it’s still unfortunate that we have to find out by staying up at ungodly hours of night/morning, refreshing the Xbox Live store page. Would it really have been so hard to release this information earlier?


I’m excited to see the pre-order information for those exact reasons. We should finally get to see what we get with the game, not just it’s price tag. This is a forum after all, a place where people like us can discuss and share our excitement (or dislike) of the game. I get fed up of people who come on the forums acting like there on a high horse saying “why ru guys so bothered about the price?” I say “why do u guys come on forums to complain about those who are excited (and maybe a little impatient) about it?”.

Staying up at ungodly hours for the price of a game? Whatever happened to going to bed and just checking out the price the next morning? You guys need to get either a job, real flesh and bones friends or a girl to get laid. Absolutely ridiculous you guys are complaining because you can’t pre order a game that you can’t play for another 2 weeks.


In less than two weeks, people aren’t even likely to remember the crazy demands they made for news, or how bad the wait felt. I know this because I felt like the time before S2 and between each S2 character felt like forever at the time, but now that I’ve had the game I don’t really think the waiting was as bad as I actually thought it was.

The same can be said for the preorder today. Right now you may be anxious to get the pricing and put in your order (I am too!), and sure, we could have been given pricing earlier if MS chose to do so; but when you have your preorder set and are digesting any new details we might get, the wait will not seem nearly as important.

Just be patient a little while longer, and let’s enjoy the experience together!

I’m assuming we will get a launch trailer soon

You chose to stay up that late and refresh a page.

Speaking the truth right here :+1:

I do not think they will sell out.

Ok. KI season 3 pre is up. Seriously? 40 bucks for ultra just because it has a double XP VIP and 18.000 KI GOLD? … Will at least all this gold be able to purchase everything that YOU have to buy with gold?

XP VIP means… ¿always double XP?

They REALLY tried hard to make it $40 huh.

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Also… If you look at the release date, it says 20/03/16???


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boooo they just confirmed on twitter its a typo

I just ran some calculations and it turns out that I can buy all the retros and premium accessories I don’t have (meaning all season 2 minus Cinder) for 14700 KI Gold. With the permanent XP boost in S3 Ultra, that leaves me with 2300 gold I will never be able to use, but is also cheaper than buying S2 Ultra edition even at its current discount for Gold members. I wonder why that is - do they just want everyone to have the definitive edition on par with the PC release?

I’m gonna guess they planned for that, we might see some only purchasable stuff soon

So the extra $10 was just used for filler by stuffing useless KI gold and boosters I have no interest in using down our throats.


Prettyy much how I feel. I still have the KI gold I brought from Shago Community I haven’t used.

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Same here.

If you don’t want the gold, I suggest you wait for a Combo Breaker/standard edition, as that may not include the Gold. It’s better than spending the extra money now and then having unused gold later.