Its Friday, so where is the purchase page?

Which is ridiculous. Pricing should have been revealed a long time ago.

Still not up :(!

Still got a few more hours, minimum.

The official twitter said it won’t be up until morning. I imagine that means around 8 or 9 pacific time.

That better not be what it means.

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I wonder if there is any pre-order bonuses? Otherwise what’s the point?

All I am hoping for is some sort of discount for season 1 and 2 owners.

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$20 regular

$210 full version + color 10/11 dlc set 1

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They did say that it would be available today. They have never given a specific time. Why is there so much heat over this?

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Probably because of the lack of information… “pre-order will be available on Friday” no time zone given, price or anything…

System wise pre-order will usually go live in the market place by the time its morning in the UK. That doesn’t seem to be the case here

Holy cow guys. There is no way this will launch before 9:00 AM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) which is West Coast USA, and about 6 hours from the time I am posting this. Remember, the KI team is in no way involved in when or how things get posted to the Xbox marketplace. That’s someone else’s job and those people are probably not quite as anxious and excited about KI as you.

It’s cool that everyone wants to get on and see the price and preorder the game, but it’s insane to be sitting by your xbox in Oceania or Eurasia clicking refresh every two seconds then complaining. Just chill.


But, but…I need this now. Like right now!!

Agreed it’ll up when it’s up

I’ll have to wait until I get home from work then, which won’t be until 3 p.m. Eastern (at 12 p.m. PDT).

dlc handled differently from games then?

as shred it, 101 ways to die and some robot game was added to the marketplace today on the uk xbox one store after midnight some time/before I woke up at 7am :stuck_out_tongue:

also why are people acting insanely entitled? :confused:

Why the hurry? It’s not like the S3 itself is releasing today. You can take your sweet time to do the preorder :stuck_out_tongue:

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i’m excited haha :stuck_out_tongue:

and then I can see how much xbox credit I have left after, I don’t want to purchase something else and then not have enough :wink:

I have a little under £50 and there is a couple xbla arcade titles taking my fancy.


Yeah why get excited about finding out the price via the pre-order just stay neutral and unexcited as u won’t be getting ur hands on the game until the 29th anyway.

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I am nearly into 13 hours of friday 18 and no preorder can be acquired. Why? D:

I’m just curious for knowing the pricing. Is this what is getting my hype.

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