Its Friday, so where is the purchase page?

UK here, excited to preorder this game :)!

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You’ll have to wait about nine more hours for the rest of the world to catch up.

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Microsoft is based in the US, so you’ve got to wait like the rest of us. lol

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Ye’ve got ta w8 m8.

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Here (In Brazil) is already Friday now :no_mouth:

About 20 minutes before its Friday on the East Coast lol I got my digital XB wallet readddyyyyy!

While we are talking about it, when they say pre-order they just mean pre-buy right? For example with MKX’s KP2, it said pre-order, but it was really just buying the entire thing right there, and it downloaded like a day before and unlocked on the 1st. Does this work in a similar way? For the record I don’t mind, I actually prefer that lol

In my experience, most updates to the Xbox Marketplace and game content are a go at around 5 AM CST. I’d say at the moment, we are a good 6 hours and 15 minutes from the season 3 stuff going live. Of course, there is always the chance they will withhold it till midday or so.

Probably 6 AM PST

Saw on twitter not at midnight. Wait till they get to their job like at 6-9am Pacific Time.

Edit:Sorry dudes, lost the tweet.

Market usually updates for me at about 2-3AM PST.
That’s in six hours.

Ugh, such horse ■■■■, just tell us the price already. How hard is it for them to send out a tweet with pricing?

$20 standard Ed.

$30 Ultra Ed.

RUMORED pricing, I want some official information. Its friday, the preorder should be up, but shocker, it isn’t.

seriously you’ll get it in the morning, but that’s what it is

Should have gotten it a lot sooner then that, there is no good reason we still don’t have pricing.

Combo Breaker Edition: $20
Ultra Combo Edition: $2000

There’s your pricing.


Because it’s not Friday yet for half of the world.

Fine, then hopefully in about 3 hours we have pricing for ultra, even though pricing should have been announced a long time ago.

Guess again, in all likelihood, you’re about another 5 hours and 30 minutes from anything updating.

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