Is this it?

Well KI season 3 characters have all been revealed, the story is going to be made sooner or later, and the game is now finished… or is it? What I’m hoping to see in the future of KI is new “toys” (moves) for the current KI characters, brand new characters, and new battle mechanics. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

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You must have missed the survey regarding the “future of KI” asking us all sorts of questions about characters and who we’d like to see in the game. There will be more, if not a season 4 there will be updates and content of some kind.

Is this all you can conjure saurman?

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Can you post the link to the survey please?

Sorry, I can’t. Its already closed. >.<

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Ya missed it. Survey was about a month ago shortly after RAAM. The results (well, some of them anyway) will be shown this Friday during the Text Stream.

Its not necessarily “it”. We just came to a close on character reveals (unless there’s a bonus) and the Shadow Lords mode doesn’t come until September 20th. If there’s any announcement about the future of KI, it’ll probably be after that. I hope there’s a season 4.

They did say that they wanna keep this going for as long as the Xbox One’s lifespan.


Yeah Adam said right before the Eyeold reveal that they want to keep making KI as long as we want to keep playing it. Sounds like they plan to keep developing the game.

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Yup, exactly. They’ve been saying it since season 1’s development.


I’m also wondering if there could be some stages for Rash, Mira, General Raam, and Eyedol because, though the Astral planes is nice and all it ultimately belongs to Gargos and that’s kind of ashame that we didn’t get a stage for those characters other than Kim Wu, Tusk, and Arbriter (I hope I’m spelling this right). Overall it’s been a great season!

Ok. Thanks though!

Let’s see what Max has to say:

I don’t want to see this iteration of KI conclude until we have Max as an announcer, complete with a “LET’S GO” every time an ultra is initiated.


I agree and I don’t wanna see this game stop updating until we get ULTIMATES I’ve waited three years, I wanna see them finally realized


Not yet. We still need things like ultimates.

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If the choice is between a full-fledged, retail sequel that has all content ready to go at launch and season 4, then I’d tentatively choose the former for the following reasons:

-Character continuity: I’d love it if all of the designs had a similar amount of moves and options.

-Story continuity: Having one story where all of the characters were involved as opposed to the different approaches we’ve seen with each season’s characters would be great.

-Content continuity: Some characters getting More or less skins, more story focus, better or worse retros, stages etc.

-Graphical continuity and upgrading: Characters, menus, fonts etc.

However, I (respectfully) disagree completely with Max over season 4 versus a new seasonal game. If MS wants to reboot KI again and start over with 8 character seasons and it takes another three years just to get back to where we are now? No thank you.

While I’d love to have those things above, I see no guarantee of them from a continuity standpoint if they take the seasonal approach again. So if the only thing guaranteed is better graphics, I don’t see that being enough of a trade off to go back to having only eight characters and sparse modes in the game. That doesn’t sound appealing to me at all.

I also think that history might not be as big of a factor here as Max seems to think, as all of those third iterations he was talking about were full games that didn’t have KI’s method of content delivery. So who’s to say that one more season couldn’t work well?

Now, I know he said a 4th season would also be great, but it doesn’t seem to be high on his list. Personally, I’d much rather see a 4th season than a new seasonal revamp or no KI at all. I don’t think we have any real inkling as to what our choices really are, so I don’t just want to say “this KI should end” because I don’t want it coming across like I’m sick of KI. I’m not in the least.


Normally I would agree, but you nor I know what they are working on right now. For all we know they have been working on a sequel/reboot for a many months. Double Helix made Season1 in a year which was crazy for how good it was at launch. Imagine what IG could do with a full budget and just as much or more time.

I’ve said n the past I’m for a sequel over a new season. I love the seasonal approach, I just feel it has run its course for this version of the game. People are just not caring as much anymore and want something fresh, I don’t think a new season with ultimates is fresh; not to mention all the limitations the are constricted with I’ve explained in the past.

Nothing against Max here because I love him to death but given his history, hes made discussion/prediction videos like this in the past and whatever was talked about in said video came true soon after. Probably important to mention he worked with MS and IG for over 2 years now so I’m sure he has some back-end knowledge about whats gonna happen.

Another mind buster I’ll leave you with is the fact that they hired him to work on story and cinematic/trailers. If they were doing a Season4 why would he make this video in the first place not to mention he specifically said he finished his work 6+ months ago.

Obviously I’m doing wild theory crafting here but it’s back up by facts at least.

Maybe after seeing the awful cut scenes in s3 they went elsewhere.

I love max but really using assets and calling them cutscenes is a laugh. His trailers are so epic for the game I was so let down by them

I’d prefer they work on a full AAA budget game while updating the current one now and again. The odd character, new quest lines in SL and finally some more stage ultras and finishers.

I just, I just love this friggin game so much. Please give us another season.


@franciscapra aka SE1Z3

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