Is There Anything I Can't Do? - Kim Wu Tech Thread

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I thought I would start this thread because I was surprised that it didn’t already exist. This thread is for people to post their Kim Wu tech and for people to learn new things that Kim Wu can do.

I have found a couple of juggles with her, but I know that there is a lot more that she must be able to do with her dragon cancels.


I will start by putting up a couple of the juggles that I have found :


Damn son lol so stolen.

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Nice! I’m practicing with juggles like that too. Good Stuff!

Got some basic Dragon mix ups to share later. Just jotting down some notes while I’m experimenting :slight_smile:

For the life of me I can’t seem to connect that L. Axe kick off the first MK juggle. It always whiffs.

On which vid?

The top one is heavy kick. The 2nd one I have found after the first mk go into heavy firecracker is easiest (the vid shows light because I hadn’t figured that out yet) into D HP into axe kick.

I’m going to look over these videos later when I’m not at work; do you mind if I use some or all of your strategies while training and playing my Ranked Challenge for Kim Wu?

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I’ll just leave this right here

Courtesy of @CrazyLCD

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That’s what they are there for.

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I just figured it couldn’t hurt to ask lol.

I’d rather ask a foolish question than look like a jerk later on.

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It’s even more fun when you get a Counter Breaker lockout in there somewhere. :grin:

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Some Anti air Juggles.


This inspired me to post some of my own Anti-Air combos. They probably aren’t the most practical, or do the most damage, but I think they look pretty fancy.


I did use elements of LCD’s beefy 78% combo to try and get more damage, but it didn’t really result in much.

Yeah these look really nice, I played around with similar variations of these for a couple of days, and as you said I didn’t find them to be practical for the percentage of times I was consistently hitting them and the resources used. Which is why I went back to the ones I posted so I can (try) to hit them in matches more often than not. Would love to see someone get the fancy juggles down enough to be hitting them in tourneys though.

That’s why I Like Kim Wu though, you can be somewhat creative with her. I’m sure there is lots of stuff to be found with her.

Is her overhead really fast for anyone else, or are my reactions just really bad?
I’m having a really tough time defending against her high/low pressure.

It is tricky to block. The best thing to do is to be expecting it after a low. Most Kim players including myself will go into either medium dragon dance for the frame trap or light dragon dance for the overhead after a low, so always block high as it blocks both of these after a low.

Thank you I couldn’t figure out how to link that kick nice tech

I do the same. Occasionally if I have a dragon, I’ll use medium or heavy dragon dance and cancel the first hit, then go for a grab, or high/low mix up. It works well to bait shadow counters or keep pressure. However, you are completely vulnerable during dragon cancel, so it’s best not to constantly use this.