Is There Anything I Can't Do? - Kim Wu Tech Thread

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I never dragon cancel the medium or hard dragon dance because as you said you are vulnerable. I like to use the medium frame trap to continue pressure or go into throw opener if close enough.

I have also started cancelling the overhead light dragon dance with a dragon into a low or throw opener which tends to work really well (actually tech I picked up off one of LCD’s streams so credit goes to him) it’s tricky to get down but trickier to block.

Also something which I don’t see many people do, is after a wall splat the norm is to reset with the throw opener. When you get your opponent used to this so they try to tech, instead of jumping with the floaty jump I now use light dragon dance as it’s throw invulnerable at frame 5 so if timed correctly works great as a reset instead of the jump.


At the risk of self-promotion, this DOES work, I actually tried it out on my own last night.


Yep, her splat ender is def the go to for me if near a wall, as she has such good reset options.



good counter breaker bait right here.



If Kim has a dragon she can cancel out of linkers or shadow moves and reset the combo ( I like to use her command throw opener).

This has some interesting and very good uses imo. Basically instead of risking a counter breaker in places where people would normally break you can cancel and go for the reset. This is especially useful in the mind games of shadow moves when you here the 1,2 and your not sure if the 3 will come.

Or you can just go for the reset to confuse people or be greedy if you wish :wink:


Is it possible to use dragons to cancel out of Auto Doubles to set up hard to break manual combos?


When you say “dragon” you mean “burn one for the dash” or do you mean “fire one with dragon cannon”?


Burn a dragon for the cancel/dash.

You can use the dragon cannon in combo in instinct to set up manuals but unless you already have 2/3 Im not sure it’s worth it as it’s easily breakable. You can set up easy manuals by doing dragon grasp (command throw) as a linker but you sacrifice damage.


Only on heavy auto doubles.


New tech vid by hughboy zilla.


Wow this is amazing!


DUDE. That is cool. Hitting the lab so hard now.


TY but all credit goes to hughboyzilla. Hey how do you make the dummy wake up with and uppercut attack? Thanks :slight_smile:


Unfortunately you can’t! The best way is to record the dummy doing the set up then trying to wake up attack yourself. You can quickly check all their wake up options that way.


There is a mixup I thought of off a sweep but lol a bar and 1 dragon cancel.
However you can choose to do either an over head, air normal, crouch normal, standing normal or a throw but I repeat myself all that for a bar and a dragon.


meaty setup off sweep or forward throw.
-Sweep>> or counter.
-Sweep>dash>lk dragon dance or if you want to throw or normal cancel the overhead into dash right away
-forward throw>whiffed air normal> or counter
-after dragonkick ender>dash>light dragon kick (optionally dragon cancel the dragon kick immediately into a throw or normal UNSAFE)
-NEWDF+hk Sweep>DF+HK sweep>cr/st mk

low meaty off a sweep/forward throw and a counter option to catch them if they try to reversal and you want to bet on that. if you want to gamble on the over head for the forward through OMIT the whiffed air normal and overhead right away.
The counter works much better of people who only can do their invincible wakeups with shadow meter so employ the counter when you can predict when the opponent is gonna shadow reversal.

Issue is that for doing a counter it just staggers them and leaves them at neutral and gives you a dragon but that’s it and if you miss the counter then your screwed.

ANY setup that you do a counter and it succeed and you have 1 dragon you can dragon dash now as of 3.4! I only really wish her HK normals did more damage.


Another gimmick that ■■■■■ them up if they don;t catch on is to sweep them jump in the air.
Their reversal won’t come out or the wrong move comes out since the moment they come up and can wakeup reversal Kim Wu switches sides so the input gets messed up (they have ot input the reversal in reverse)and if they don’t block the crossup up you get a jump in.

The key point is that you dragon dash to the other side and you body JUST crosses them up when they can put in a reversal so it messes up the input. If you mess up then the their input would function as normal. You can mix it up with just a meaty hp or a doing the same setup so that inputting the reversal normally works, It unsafe if they guess right or instinct on wakeup to see what side you are on.

New set up off a forward throw to abuse this is forward throw>jab>jump forward hk
This hits meaty and if you want to crossup them up with this trick just dragon dash to switch sides to ■■■■ up thier inputs and do


New Bastfree Tech :open_mouth: