Is There Anything I Can't Do? - Kim Wu Tech Thread

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Her jump HK can cross up. Here’s a crossup after her forward throw

Forward throw>HK>jumpforward hk which hits Back actually lol
If you walk just a tiny bit back and I mean like a frame or too before the HK you’ll hit them in front.

you know what it’s actually a cast by cast basis and it’s uber specific. The one I listed works on Kim Wu but otherwise it’s all up in the air. To make it much more reliable just use Forward throw>HK>jumpforward hk for front and Forward throw>HK>jumpforward hp to hit back


And if you jab quickly after the throw and then jump HK I’m pretty sure it’s a safe jump.


Cancelling medium Dragon Kick with Dragon Cannon allows you to retain some of the momentum and get flung across the stage.


Wait, you can…what?
Did you just safe counter break yourself across the screen?


Haha not really you don’t jump to them specifically, just far. If I didn’t back up so far I would have been too far to connect the manual HP (light dragon kick works but then what’s the point of the tech? [Edit: you could spend another dragon to cancel the light dragon kick before it connects and then get an ambiguous aerial manual]).

It’s just kara cancelling medium Dragon Kick into Dragon Cannon with the right timing, which retains some of the momentum. I knew this was doable with a regular dragon cancel to increase the distance travelled (which isn’t a bad way to cover distance quickly for a surprise attack) but yesterday I thought to try it with Dragon Cannon, and the results were somewhat more unexpected.


I did something like this with her forward momentum normals like st. HK or Dragon Sweep and dragon cancel to move forward a little more than normal dragon cancels. I did not think to ever try THIS.

Awesome find! Ill have to tinker around with this after i get off work.


Thanks dude, until yesterday I had only tried doing similar to you, cancelling medium Dragon Kick into dash (which I recommend by the way, it goes super far and if you delay it slightly so you’re airborne you can advance with a super fast horizontal jump which is hard to react to). Somewhat pales in comparison to this for distance travelled though.




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My reaction sums up my feelings


“My d*ck hurts” -Ztrain 2017 :joy:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: omg this is great.


I don’t think I’ll use that anytime soon, that’s the stuff that gets patched with the hotness lol :joy:


I found a really strong option select with Kim Wu for no one to use. This will OS a 3+ frame DP, backdash, and throw tech off of a command sweep.


It can be a bit tough to get the MP in time so that you can still block a 3 frame DP. Slower wakeups will give you more leniency. The throw tech OS is done during the recovery of the HP target combo, and is pretty easy to do. If you block a DP, you’ll be in block stun, so the M Dragon Dance won’t come out.

The opponent can get out of this by either jumping or wakeup jab (which you’ll block). In that case, all you have to do is cancel the HP target combo into a MP target combo. This will counter hit jab/throw and also catch backdash.

If they’ve been conditioned to block (KI players, so probably not) delay the same setup just a bit (or use a different MP/HP normal to start), and cancel the HP target combo directly into her special throw for a combo.


First off, thank you for that. Secondly, taking that to training mode TODAY.


NOW you can say ‘that no one will use.’ :slight_smile:


I got you fam, I’m about to not use this at all :triumph:

Thanks Leo, appreciate it!


Question i wanted to ask of you guys. Has Firecracker (any strength and only while you have a opponent in a juggle state OR it hits as a manual) always been shadow cancellable off of it’s first hit? I came across this while labbing a day ago and it suprised me because i’ve always taken Firecracker to be ‘locked’ as a non-cancellable 2 hit special.


You can use dragon canon then either jump and dragon dash air normal for a low ai attack or delay the dragon dash just a bit to crossup but that takes 2 dragons.


Her air normals are pretty sweet since their either have amazing hitboxes or active for so long.
imo air-to-air hk is a good tool because it’s active at just the peak and and HKD’s (I think)




But imagine if it did :grin: