Is shin Hisako good?

I already knew RAAM was good,aganos has no movement though.
I’m sure F.A.N.G and all these other low tier characters can be played well but in the grand scheme of things they just aren’t good.

Being lower tier does not necessarily equate to not being good. If a man who can deadlift 500 pounds walks into a room with a guy who can deadlift 600, that doesn’t mean Mr 500 isn’t strong.

Besides, Aganos doesn’t need a ton of mobility. He’s got normals that can hit you from across the street, a flexible resource with chunks (that gives him access to armor, projectiles, even more range, or unbreakable damage), and plenty of specials that can service him from multiple ranges.

But let’s get back on topic. Shin Hisako. What do you think of her? Where would you place her? What do you feel her strengths and weaknesses are? Have any interesting tech? Do you have any concrete strategies against her?

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Haven’t bought her,so i’m not sure.

I’ve just ended playing a set vs a Shin Hisako, using my backup character, which is Hisako.

Ok I got raped 2-10 and my opponent was way stronger than me, but she looks very strong.

  • Awesome mobility

  • Good special moves that either cross up or hit overhead (the overhead is unsafe though, thankfully), and also a DP

  • A cheap instinct which deals tons of damage if landed

I think she deals too much damage, you can easily hit 40% with a single lockout. Having such powerful tools, her damage output should be leveled to Shadow Jago standards.

Overall, I don’t like her, seems a bit cheap while I like more elaborate characters (like the original Hisako).

Low damage output and very punishable reminds me of Shadow Jago.

Which is why i kinda said to myself, “This character might become a new Shadow Jago.” She might be able to do a fair bit of things better than he can.

They both are on a lower damage scale, sure, but they trade that for putting the opponent through more mixups and setups to open them up. The differences so far?

Dashing - Shin Hisakos is unorthodox, but no less effective than Wulf’s dash through or Shago’s teleport dash from close up. Difference being that hers can punish crouch blocking very easily, a way most block on wakeup. That added dimension makes waking up against her more tricky than against Shadow Jago.

Shadow Moves - Shin Hisako doesn’t seem to be as reliant for meter as Shago is. Therefore, she can reasonably go for damage ender more often than Shago’s going for battery ender.

Instinct - Both activate it to keep moves safe. Both use it to threaten with unbreakable damage. Difference being that i hardly ever see the Dark Tether part of Shago’s get used, or the refill meter ability.

Course, alot of these thoughts are just from playing against the woman for about a week now. Im about to buy her so i can figure her out and how to break her.


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This, most definitely! Love using her forward dash and then HK, especially when the opponent is charging at me. At worst, I pop up behind them, and at best, I’m smacking the opponent for a combo.

My timing’s not the greatest, but this is one of my go-to moves, for sure. Love that jumping HK.

I dunno, if a good player can win with a “bad” character, beating other good players with supposedly better characters, does that mean the character is still bad? The point is that people can get good with any character in this game and stand a chance. There are no characters that are so lacking in their movelist and balance so as to be completely unviable.

Are there characters that could stand to be buffed? I suppose, but that list changes completely depending on who you ask. I don’t think there’s any general consensus on that stuff, like it’s know that character X is bad. You threw Kim Wu out there and the big board says she’s top ten. Even going off of that board though, it’s tough to say that bottom dwellers are horribly lacking either.

As for whether Shin Hisako is good, I don’t know how good she is, but I know she’s a rather fun character to use. My only issue with her, and maybe it’s just because I primarily play the AI, but her spirit slice seems almost too reactable.

How much do you guys like this move? I’m sure it’s far more useful than me yolo-ing at the opponent from distance, but without opening up the opponent first, I’m finding it difficult to connect on this move. I’m guessing that’s just me though.

Other than that though, and the fact that she doesn’t have a ton in the way of overly safe approaches (unless I’m missing something, which is ENTIRELY possible), I think she’s awesome.

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What results did Kim Wu get just wondering.

The only thing I really don’t like about Shinsako right now is her Instinct. I think it is a great concept, but for me, until I see some really snazzy tech, I’m calling it a dud. I see a lot of videos of people trapping characters too foolish to keep their eyes open, but the truth is, once people know more about this character, they will avoid it like the plague.

Then again, as a Sadira main, I’m seldom on the ground long enough to be grabbed, but I would like to see some changes to Shinsako’s instinct in the future.

Her is why I don’t like it…

Damage is incredibly low… 20% AND you only get to use it once if it connects.

For me, if I have the life lead and I see them pop Instinct, I will gladly sacrifice a small 20% to get the thing off the screen. I’m only concerned about it IF, I’m in a close match.

If I was to change anything about it, I’d either boost the damage it deals or allow it to keep grabbing players until her Instinct runs out.

Has anybody found hidden tech with this Instinct that I don’t know about?

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Not much. She’s made Top 8’s in a few online events and won one or two small offline tournaments early in S3’s life.

Results don’t mean anything besides the higher level players not playing them much. Just look at Aria and Mira. They weren’t creating ripples in the community until recently.

Kim’s just had a lot of popularity problems and requires more precision and knowledge of frame data than, IMO, almost any other character in the game. So I’m not surprised she isn’t seen in tournaments much.

I like her. She is fun to play. I do think her instinct is really weak. We you have players that will just take the hit to get it off the screen, shows it is to weak. No it doesn’t need to be 50% or above. It does need to be higher than 20%. 2 throws will do that damage. If they don’t want to move the damage, they should consider keeping it out until instinct is done. This will stop people just taking the quick 20 to get it off screen if another shows up under Shin and starts all over.

As far as the cast. Not every character can be great. The fact is for one character to be great, another has to be not so good. If all the characters in the game we’re S teir, then there would not be a S teir. Just a C teir that the whole cast was part of.

The thing is Shisako can prevent you from being able to eat that 20% damage and instead loop you to death with mix ups that are kept safe by the hands. She knocks you down, activates instinct, goes for a mix up, if you get hit she knocks you down again and repeats. You can’t reversal out, she has mix ups that’ll dodge shadows, and even if you guess right on where to block you can’t punish and she can catch your escape attempts afterward. Heres an example where I took about 60%+ of the guys health bar thanks to the instinct helping me open him up:


She seems to struggle a lot against rushdown characters.

Why the hell would she struggle against rushdown with a fully inv shadow DP, a meterless DP with decent invulnerability (even if for just a few frames) and such an amazing backdash? I really don’t see it =O (not to mention a really good set of normals, good AA’s and a projectile which is a wall her size).

Also, @sosragnarok, just as @sithlordedp said, her instinct is faaaar more deadly when it’s just hovering around you, then when it actually hits you. It forces you to take her mixups and suck it up. A good shinsako will activate on a hard KD and then proceed to do meaty setup into one chance to break into hard KD ender, rinse and repeat. If you do guess right and block her meaty setup, she’ll still be safe Unless you punish with a buffered shadow move, otherwise you have to dash/jump out and she gets back the momentum and the hands are still there.

So, at best what happens is she activates instinct on your KD, you manage to block right and then either proceed to run away and manage to avoid her untill instinct runs out, or you block the setup and purposefuly get grabbed by the hands to make them go away, and you still take the guaranteed 20%.

If it did any more than that, it’d be utterly broken, and even as it stands, I’m not sure it’ll remain untouched for long by the nerf bat =S it’s like the dream tool for a vortex character.


Shin hisako needs something in her appearanse to make her look different tha hisako. There is an accessorie set that makes them look the same. I thought i was fighting shin hisako until she teleported.

Gameplay wise, i think she is fun. I find her much more intresting than what i thought of kilgore at first. Now kilgore move much better. Her instinct motion could be a little faster .

I’ll show you the videos and maybe you can help.

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Shin Hisako suffers against zoners more than rushdown. No way does a character with meterless dps and an amazing backdash suffer against rushdown. Seems more like you suffer against rushdown. @vladkravich


I worded it wrong, no big deal. I got the videos soon.

I already know that.

hey, can u help me out? shin-sako keeps doing the instinct shadow hand pull down thing out of nowhere. I’ll enter a DP and still get pulled down. multiple players have done it. is it a bug?

If you do a meterless dp while Shin Hisako has the hands underneath you, you lose and the hands win. You need to jump or do a shadow dp.