Is shin Hisako good?

Now I bought her on Tuesday however I never got the chance to use her but friday I might be available to anyways is she good or at least decent?

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Every character in KI is good, and Shinsako has a lot of untapped potential. Check out the Tech Thread, plenty of good stuff there.

Patience will be helpful for her. She may be straight forward at first, but a lot of her dirt is pretty well hidden. Give her some practice so you know what you’re getting into before you romp around online


Thanks and I will check that thread out.

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Kim Wu
prove me wrong

Ask @SonicDolphin117 and @TheNinjaOstrich to play a set.


Shin Hisako is op SS++ god tier. If you pick her, expect to win.

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@GONZFAM Lemme retry this response:

You can literally ask anybody who’s fought me or @TheNinjaOstrich on these forums, or quite a few top players that don’t have a certain acronym name, and they will tell you Kim is a threat.

She’s even Top 10 in our community matchup data. So I ask, what makes a character unviable to you?

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Lol why the Kim discussion? I can’t stand fighting her.


Not to derail but I’d be happy to play a set. I like challenges.

On Topic:
Shin Hisako is very good! She has a lot of cool setups and such to use. Good normals, good space control and a DP!


Baaaaack on topic

Basically this. Having an Invincible Meterless Reversal is a huge addition to anyone’s kit. If you’re patient and keep a good footsy game she’ll serve you very well. Master her orbs, and you’ll have opportunities to catch your opponent by surprise.

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She’s good. Very good. I’m scared of the nerf wave that’ll inevitably happen.


I don’t like fighting kim wu when she’s in the right hands. Other than that, she’s easy to beat when I use glacius.

Not touching the Kim Wu side conversation.

Is Shin Hisako good?

Usually if someone says they have potential, its a sign that you sometimes have to work extra hard to make them viable. Shin Hisako isnt anywhere close to “potential”; right out of the gate she’s dirty.

Her strength might lie in two things, if i keep it simple. One is that she has some excellent individual buttons. Nice keep off me buttons. Two is kind of a meta thing. Her spirit orb isnt a crux to her game, its like a compliment. She can play pretty good even without it.

She’s not without weakness. She’s definitely damage weak if you compare her to the rest of the cast. And she’s very punishable. And you’ll get busted by any decent player for jumping. Reminds me a lot of TJ’s jump, floaty with little forward movement. And if you’re not playing Shin Hisako with mixups in mind, you’ll find her instinct to be terrible.

Good luck!


Should we jump at all when using shin hisako?

she is not good against shago lol

Yes and no.

Its like the perfect cross-up style jump. Her j. HK (i think its a HK, the one where she swings her sword in a arc right under her) is godlike and is ambiguous as all hell if spaced properly. In fact, might be the best place to do it, right on top of the opponents position.

But if jumping around not over the opponent? Someone like Kim Wu or Thunder or Cinder will murder her for that.

She is super easy to hit manuals with. That’s what I like about her. I dont care for the orbs…but I like the way her regular normal’s and specials feel.

Everyone’s a threat in the right hand’s but some characters are just bad.
KI is good about this but there are still some characters that are lower tier,like aganos.

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While there are low-tier characters in KI like any other FG, I don’t think anybody feels like a wet noodle without a fair share of good strengths. I can see pretty much any character in the game potentially making it into Top 16’s or Top 8’s fairly consistently, at least.


uhhh did u you peep the world cup? :slight_smile: Aganos and Raam showed they can be pretty strong.

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