Is season 3 dying before it even hits?

So I want your guys opinions on what is going on with this season. Season 1-2 was fun all the way through the waiting and the teasers were awesome! Now we get delayed stories every week, very little info, no teasers after trailers, news about changing the entire concept of what a ki season is all about in terms of characters with stages and music. It just seems like something went seriously wrong with this season. You have a format that has made a profit two seasons in a row then decide not to go the same route again? What’s going on at IG and MS, because clearly something is wrong… Maybe they are tired of making KI?

Also we got one month. Till the game is out and we have no release date, no price, no full package details. And the fact that only 3 stages is upsetting, it’s like they didn’t even try to be like guys “we’ll try to give everyone stages over time” it was basically 3 stages deal with it.

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I’m getting the same vibe. But I take it a lot will be shown off on Friday so I will wait til then to make any more assumptions

Season 3 isn’t “dying before it hits.” There is plenty of hype among KI players, new hype from Halo players, and we’re going to get big news sometime soon, which was also implied to include stuff that will really make us happy. SFV also just launched, so why try to compete when you can wait a week or two and have all the hype to yourself?

Patience will win out, because reveals inject an incredible amount of adrenaline into a launch.


Like I’ve said elsewhere, it better be a really big compensator for the loss of 5 (in theory) stages.

My big worry came from the influx of theories for more Halo specific guest characters, given that 1/3 of the season’s stages belongs to the Arbiter.

I guess we’ll see eventually…

this thread is ridiculous… KI is dying becasue its only going to have 3 new stages…come on now… give em some credit. Im sure whatever they did that took precedence over stages is going to be epic.


You are kind of looking at S1 and S2 through rose tinted glasses if you ask me.

S1 we didn’t get regular updates and all that. Even after release, we got 2 DLC characters in 4 months, with no clear dates just time frames. Hell, wasn’t Fulgore delayed?

S2 was just different than S1 as they were doing monthly updates after the game launched, not to mention they only launched with 2 characters (something that many people complained about). Even still, the first 2 or 3 post release characters were rough roll outs since info wasn’t being doled out in a consistent way, and it was only after constant community complaints that they figured out a format that worked, and they stuck to it for the remained of that season. But still people weren’t happy, so they went back to the drawing board with S3.

In S3 they have essentially gone back to the S1 way of doing things, but with a S2 twist. The game hasn’t released yet, so they are waiting to get closer to that launch date and not just give us an info dump. Honestly though, it was the same before S1 dropped, and the same before S2 dropped. The S2 twist is that we probably will get monthly characters drops after launch…be we don’t know that for sure yet.

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We dont know what are we going to have.

What about Eyedol? I’m sure that moonlight prefers having Eyedol than all the stages of the world. Its a matter of preferences.

I want Gargos, Eyedol, a good story mode, more colors, more accesories, a new costume for Omen, and at least 8 total characters. If I get all of that, I dont need more stages. If I dont get some of the list… well, the game its not made only for me. I could be more happy with all, but I LOVE KI, and I will love it no matter what it includes.

They already made me very happy in the past seasons, and this will make it again for sure

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We are starting with the nerfs first, then heading into Buff City later.


If anything, the Halo / Arbiter hype and the PC port coming have more people hyped for this season than ever before. We just need to sit tight and see what they’re actually offering before we come to any hasty conclusions.

I get that the three stages is disappointing. I also think that people will be disappointed if they’re expecting some huge trade off beyond the relighting of the levels. That was part of why that article came out to begin with. It was a big undertaking, and the game will look a lot better for it.

I know some people are also a bit salty over one of the three stages going to a guest. I’m not thrilled with it, but it looks awesome, and I tend to think that we might get some altered versions of current stages, either day/night, Tigers Lair/Shadow Tigers Lair or something along those lines. Maybe not. We just don’t know yet. So let’s dial back the rhetoric of Season 3 “dying” for now.

I’m still a bit apprehensive, I’ll admit, given that we’ve gone from assuming a certain amount of content to not knowing what to assume anymore, but the unknown isn’t necessarily something to be feared.

They’ve said that the rest of the news is good news. Let’s come back to this once we actually know for sure.

I’m calling No Mercies right here. No one has denied them (yet). Maybe that’s the big thing.

They pretty definitively said that Shago was the only one with an Ultimate.

I know. And that’s the trick. No Mercies are not like Ultimates. Ultimates are executed in the middle of a combo (in the ending of a match) but No Mercies happen when the enemy has no life left.

(I know it’s almost impossible due to resources that they have given everyone a No Mercy, but you can’t deny it’s technically a “big thing” and no one denied it yet. And I just wanted to be remembered in the case I called this right lol).

We’ll see come Thursday and Friday. I’m hoping they reveal the whole plan.

Do you actually think that they will add (essentially) after fight fatalities? No.

Ultimates are a “big thing,” not No Mercies.

I don’t know man, all I can say is “stay tuned!” (I completed my KI staff course yesterday lol jk).

What is happening on Thursday/Friday? Is there a stream or something?

This is not the only place you’ve said this, which makes it not the only place that you don’t know what you are talking about. Unless you have some numbers that the rest of us aren’t privy to, you shouldn’t be talking about the profit of S1 and S2. You have no idea if the game made any profit at all, or if they are operating at a loss.

[quote=“DIAMONDVISI0N, post:1, topic:5123”]
Maybe they are tired of making KI?
[/quote] Yeah, that’s not a thing. MS could simply cancel the season if they felt like it.

Look, it’s really not a mature position to freak out and imagine that the whole enterprise is falling apart just because you see one decision you don’t agree with.

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