Is season 3 dying before it even hits?

For the moment, bad s3ason, thank m$€£soft

At the moment it looks bad. But you have to keep in mind that we don’t know anything about what’s coming in the game. Last time around IG added a bunch of different colors, new menus, lobbies, a ranking system, a bigger yet still similar story, and shadows mode. Who knows what they will come up with this time.

For one what made y’all think that Gargos would get his own stage when he comes out of a portal that Kan Ra opened on his stage We know the 3 stages has to be kim tusk and arbiter rash was sucked through a portal just to fight because he was bored. We don’t know who the other fighters are at this time so they could fit right in with someone else stage so the stages don’t really matter to me. I say hold your horses until we find out when everyone is revealed

I don’t even know how you guys can possibly think this marketing campaign isn’t going well. Either you guys have somehow not been impressed with the reveals/changes they have been making (I’ll take this new lighting over 5 stages any day, we already have enough stages), or you all are just impatient.

I just find it odd that you guys think the game is “dying” when everyone else I look at is getting more and more excited with each reveal.


Jeez this community has always been way too doom and gloom.
Double helix bought by Amazon: the game is dead!
Tj reveal: His face looks weird, the game is ruined!!
Season 2 balance changes: They’ve killed the game!
No stage ultras for all stages: They phucked it up!!
Ranked league; Online is officially dead!!
Cinder reveal: That mask sucks, Ki is over!!
No S3 at E3 or Evo: Rip Ki!
Guest characters announced: This isn’t Ki anymore!!
3 stages: Season 3 is dying!!


:joy: I agree. How can it be dying when we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure impatience is the root of this concern, and when IG/MS really roll out the red carpet most of these frowns will turn upside down.


It might just be the lack of information over a long period of time, that have started to seep out at a consistent pace. So people might be quick to criticise asking IG “Where did all this time go?”

Everyone is on edge. Lol


True, but S3 is likely less than a month away. Info, I imagine, is a lot closer than people think. It always “what else ya got” Side not, everytime I get a lik it’s from you thx :blush:

Yeah, even though it’s weeks away, I’m still Dying from Lack of Kim Wu. XD

No problem! I like your comments because you have good points, and explain why in a sofisticated manner. :grin:

Is season 3 dead on arrival? No.

Is my hype? Well it has a cough that it might want to get checked out. :\

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Oh yeah, Kim lab time is a must. I might take that day off from work :smiling_imp: muahahaha!

LOL I know I am! :laughing:

The community makes or breaks a game. If the general community feels that the game is not worth playing over some stages and developmental hiccups then thats on them. Realistically, I doubt the majority of the community would feel this way, so in short, I don’t see KI dying anytime soon.

It’s never over until the fat lady sings, so hold your horses people, you never know what can happen during this season down the line. Cautiously optimistic people, not pessimistic. Half full glass, ya know?

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Come EVO all this S3 and SFV sky is falling talk will all go away and the hype will be back for both games in full force I guarantee it


Lucky b-stards…I don’t get to cut school :cry:

Call me crazy but I believe this season is going to sell more than the previous 2. The halo character guest (forgot his name) is going to bring a lot of new fans and cash. On the youtube trailer comments section theres lots of halo fans desperate to play as the guest when s3 comes out. Now add to that the single player content this game boasts and you can see the casual appeal. Also, the pc port will also bring in a ton of new players. More players, more competition, more revenue, everyone wins.


Actually, in terms of downloads it’s almost certain to exceed the first two at launch. Arbiter, PC release and the fact that more people own X1 every day mean the market for KI is a LOT larger than Nov.22, 2013.


I’ve gone back to school but It’s only in the morning so it won’t take long. School in the morning work in the afternoon.

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I have college courses during the day, but after that, I’m free… :slight_smile:

That means Kim lab tech! Woo!