Is Rash going to pave the way for more immature characters?

That was just a texture for this costume, i’m sure his “modern” look will include model changes like Many of the other characters do.

I think you’re geitng a bit too worried OP. Yeah Rash acts like an immature whack-job but that’s just his personality.Cinder seems immature because well, let’s face it: personality wise he always did seem like an arrogant cocky jack-■■■

I think it’s going to be fine. We’ll be seeing more “mature” characters at some point or another. The character’s personalities are as diverse as their apperances. KI’s gonna be fine in this department.

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Maybe, I’ll be fine just as long as we have more mature than immature characters in season 3 as for how immature characters can get I think Rash should be as far as it goes we don’t need a Dan type character in KI.

I doubt that’s going to even happen. As far as guests are concerned will either we’ll probably get Joanna Dark or a character from one of MS’s other IPs.

Rash acts immature because it’s his personality in the original games. Depending on who they bring will determine how they act in the game.But I still think Ki’s gonna be fine.

I don’t really like guest characters but since we’re getting them anyway I think either
Joanna Dark, Marcus Fenix, The Arbiter, Marius Titus could fit in NOT Conker or Banjo Kazooie though.


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It’s his California duh schoolboy voice overs that make it weird.

What KI character would have said ‘Wheeeeeeeeee!’ While making a king combo???

Well Cinder, says OH YEEAAAA, and SICK BURN, and TOASTY. lol

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I knew I wasn’t seeing things! I knew I saw his default, Non-Retro costume!

There’s a story about it on EventHubs!

That’s not his modern costume its just his retro in a different color. Idk why everyone keeps saying that’s his modern costume it was literally exactly the same with a color swap. It even says retro when you select it. -_-

Keep it dark dude that’s how the series started out don’t need unicorns and ponies everywhere

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I’ll reserve judgment until I see his modern costume. My guess is that it’s something a little darker and grittier looking. Yeah, his moves are more humorous, but that’s who HE is specifically.

If I were IG, and Rash was a popular character, I’d interpret that more as “people want Battltoads back” and “we did a good job of realizing this character.” I wouldn’t take that to mean “huh, people love this goofy stuff. Let’s make more goofy characters.”

I’m guessing that’s more your worry and I really don’t see that happening. They know KI’s aesthetic. Rash might not fit in perfectly, but I’d imagine he’ll fit in better than he does now when all is said and done, at least in terms of his modern appearance.

If I had to guess, there’s a far greater chance that we’ll see Joanna Dark, Master Chief or Marcus Phoenix in KI than there is of us seeing Conker, Banjo or Blinx the Time Sweeper.

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Isn’t this it allot of people have seen Rash’s Default when the game was still updating then it vanished once it was fully installed.

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As others have said, that’s clearly not a different costume/outfit. It’s just a different color.

Im calling it first, Kazooie is next followed by an Ewok and Strawberry Shortcake


I don’t know if “immature” is the right word to use. I’d lean more towards “lighthearted” and maybe a bit overconfident. It’s perfectly possible to have characters that enjoy themselves and don’t take things seriously. Spinal, Kan-Ra, and Cinder all fight with the biggest smiles on their face and are practically filled to the brim with laughter and humorous mannerisms, even with their darker back stories. Rash just takes this spirit and takes it to another level. Even if the source material was somewhat gritty and serious (evil corporations working to enslave the world, repeated meaningless deaths at the hands of unforgiving opponents/AI, and solving problems by punching them and KI pretty similar), the modern interpretation is that he’s a silly character in the game for silly reasons.
It’s just the nature of guest characters. Look at Freddy Kruger or Jason in Mortal Kombat; they may come from VERY dark origins. Freddy is a a skinless, reincarnated child killer who was burned alive and now hunts people in their dreams. Jason is a hellish revenant born from a the neglect and drowning of a mentally handicapped child, as well as the murderous rampage and subsequent death of the only person who ever loved him. And yet, NO ONE takes them seriously anymore. Anyone who still takes any new incarnation of these two horror icons seriously obviously hasn’t seen anything past their original films (prime examples being Dream Warriors and Jason X respectively). Putting them in MK has much the same effect, as at one point the series was considered edgy and dark, but most people have grown past the gore factor and view it as being pretty humorous.

The characters may have been inherently edgy or silly by themselves, but their status is relevant to the world around them. Killer Instinct itself is no exception. Outwardly, the story has a very grim, foreboding quality with themes of corruption and demonic monsters bringing apocalyptic death on a galactic scale. Yet, no matter how serious and edgy the back stories may be, KI is campy and goofy as balls.
Let’s look at the current roster;
-A ninja monk who’s sister is a secret agent and possibly a witch that kills people by flashing her chest at them and who gets into fights with his own shadow
-A native American chief that who’s brother is an atomic cyborg terminator with a ponytail
-A pirate skeleton trying to steal a mask a werewolf with magic trinkets and a morphine addiction that at one point had robot arms
-Ray Harryhausen’s Clash of the Titans? Never heard of it, and also our cyclops has two heads and regenerates health by stomping and is therefore different from the thing we’ve never heard of
-An alien with ice powers fighting against a dude on fire
-A sexy ghost girl who’s getting revenge against a computer that wants to make a master race and the love child of spiderwoman and Ezio Auditore
-Discount Conan the Barbarian and Zena Warriror Princess getting married and fighting a gargoyle
-Cyborg Armed Mike Tyson and gender-bent redhead Bruce Lee
-A fire breathing robot dinosaur
-A giggling mummy who’s arch nemesis is a rock

When you put it like that, even the deep lore and intense, gritty world of KI looks downright comedic. It’s all about perspective, man.

I wouldn’t worry about KI losing its edge any time soon. There’s still a serious story to be told, even amidst all the campiness. Like others have said, one or two lighthearted characters aren’t a detriment to the power of a serious story. In fact, I’d say they actually help a great deal. A simple minded every-man or a young, bombastic caricature of “kids these days” can help add perspective. After all, if EVERYONE is dark and brooding and angsty, they don’t seem very unique by comparison. Same goes with MK or Doom; if there’s non-stop brutal violence, then the violence kinda becomes white noise, while intermittent moments of pain and loss will be far more jarring if the events involved have otherwise been generally safe for work.
That’s why it feels like Rash is such a strange edition, because he’s goofy and charismatic while everyone else is busy with their batman impressions. If Iron Galaxy were to try and make more Rash style characters, he wouldn’t be as unique.

TL;DR- Edgy things can be goofy, and vice versa. Everything is going to work out just fine.


Exactly where do you see a smile on cinders masks

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Character select/loading screen

Plus I think it’s inferred he’d be having a pretty good time since he refers to each fight as being “too much fun” and has a tendency to spout quips and laugh at folks as we blows them sky high.

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Ya’ll need to grow up. Rash is fine. They are paying homage to their origins and there is nothing wrong with that.

The next character could be a god damned care bear and as long as it plays fine I wouldn’t care.

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I honestly can’t tell if people are just trolling or blind or what. This is the exact same costume that is in the game right now. How can people not see that? It even says retro costume in the picture lmao.