Is Rash going to pave the way for more immature characters?

As you know Rash is in beta form at the moment and will be apart of season 3 which some people love and some people loathe but I have a concern not so much about Rash or his design but what Rash could influence.

Killer Instinct has always been a mature feeling game despite the classics having their cheesy moments from time to time and KI3 being rated Teen or 16+ in the UK but still nonetheless it’s retained it’s dark and mature feel, this is clear especially when compared to other rival fighting games such as Street Fighter and Dark Stalkers ect.

So getting to the point even though I don’t mind a little bit of comic relief in Killer Instinct such as Cinder’s personality my opinion is Rash could take it a bit too far and if he becomes popular enough IG might add more immature and childish characters in season 3, whether being new characters or guest characters which could in total effect the tone of the game.

So what’s your opinion on this would you mind Killer Instinct being more light-hearted and upbeat or would you prefer Killer Instinct to keep it’s dark and edgy tone?


I dont really care for the direction IG is going. I think artistically the graphic team is amazing, but the team looking after mechanics is a little green.

Im also sad to see Mich leave the project and wonder if things like “rash” may have had something to do with it… guess we will never know.

As for rash, it’s just one character, the roster isn’t going to be dominated by cartoon characters.

i think it’s a play to grow the playerbase, tbh, and start appealing to a wider range of gamers. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the ‘new’ characters are made to stick out in some crazy way. The gritty ones are probably gonna be the old ones- Kim, Tusk, Gargos and Eyedol (IF they bring him back). that leaves idk 2 or 3 more slots for some atypical characters like kpop medusa or something


Rash isn’t going to break the game’s already serious tone. He’s only one character, and personally, I think they did a great job with him. I really wish we could have gotten a version of him that had at least one more opener and linker, but for what he does, he plays well.

Still, to play it safe I hope there aren’t TOO many characters like him coming soon. I don’t see how Conker would really work to support this roster, or a number of other Rare characters that could work their way in.

If anything though, I’d say this is IG and MS chance to work Rash into a bigger role in a much larger universe, and instead of making him a simple cameo, give him an actual role in the KI Universe. Similar to something Marvel or DC would do to tie a single character into their Universe’s mythos, try to do something in a similar manner to make Rash a part of a bigger world, and maybe rewrite some of the silliness that is his backstory. I remember reading something somewhere about he was a human sucked into a video game and turned into a battletoad, and that’s just nonsense they could rewrite with the current KI iteration.

nope. Each character in KI is unique. Cheese/goofy guest ends with Rash.

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This thread reminds me of something.

Mick left due to having a ton of other projects. The New Doom for example.


I prefer Dark and edgy. Sinister and mature. Not a fan of Rash or anything in that direction. I like end of the world, Aria and the mind games setting up the heroes and the public for the return of an ancient god of pure evil. yep…that’s my KI


▲ This pretty much sums it up for me

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Maybe the story for S3 is Aria fails to be the hero after the public rallies to her aid. Kim Wu and Tusk step in to help the hero’s as they are protectors of ancient dragon/tiger dynasty’s or whatever they are. Aria Summons Eydol as her last ditch effort at destroying Gargos.

I got a feeling there is no good way to end S3…its gonna be very bleak, sad, doom filled. Many favorites die in the story. I just dont see a happy ending or story arch for some.

Gargos is that serious… His back story in the KI Ultra fan book is pretty cool. also how everything got to the final battle between EYEDOL and GARGOS… the battle for the world.

Where can I find this KI Ultra book?

Yeah I have to agree with you

Anywhere online! just google it! i got mine on Amazon for 24$? i had amazon prime and had it sent OVERNIGHT for $4 and i swear it arrived the next day…i was blown away! it is the best book you can get! its big, hard back…full of Season 1 tell all and interviews… artwork…also comes with a Jago Prima strategy guide and a code for the entire S1 Prima online strategy guide.

its a must have for any KI fan! Here is the link!

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Thanks, I will check this out

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I do agree, Rash should be the only exception for this game

Hmmmm… As opposed to Cinder? I’m sure Cinder’s response to anyone is to “Lighten up!”

I’m always a little puzzled by how people can be concerned by this kind of stuff… KI has an established tone. If you look at the returning versus the old characters, if anything the new characters are darker and more sinister than the returning ones. Omen, Sadira, Aganos and Kan-Ra. I suspect Rash’s new outfit will be “darker.” Although, personally if they were going to introduce only clown characters from now on that wouldn’t bother me, I think it’s silly to think they are going to suddenly switch gears and start making the game more “zany” from now on.

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The Rash in-game now is his RETRO costume, take a look at every other retro in the game. Cheerleader Riptor, “Tibetatron” Jago, “Jazzersize” Orchid. I’d say Rash’s Retro fits in just fine, we don’t know what his main costume will look like so I think it’s to early to freak out about how ruining the game or opening a gateway to more guests that will.

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Personally I don’t think so. The game itself when you think about it is a monster bash. Reminds me of Darkstalkers, Rash is only a guess I doubt he will effect the story.

Actually, I think I do. When I first started playing the game with Rash after the update, I began playing without the update being fully installed. It said 33%, Ready to Play! So I began playing, picked Rash and went straight to training. However, the skin textures and colors were different from what they are now. I think that Rash’s primary was installed, but not his retro colors, so it defaulted me to his non-Retro color. It’s basically two shades of green, one dark and one light, and the skin texture wasn’t the same, but he still had the Sunglasses and the Cheshire Grin he has now. The yellow color to his chest was instead a lighter green.

Cinder was also unplayable for a short while, but I kinda think I know why now. But after the update hit 100% complete, it resorted to Retro Rash every time. Haven’t been able to select the other hidden color since.