Is it possible to bring K.I. 2013 to the Nintendo Switch?

What do you killers & the Dev’s think?
I think it’s probably possible… these Microsoft guys are smart when it comes to mathematics & stuff :smirk:

That’s probably not going to happen. Killer Instinct is the flagship fighting game of the Xbox One console. Microsoft probably isn’t going to release it on a different platform.


only when mario oddesy comes to xbox…


Sure, and put Mario as guest

Are you serious?

No, seriously people. Are you trolling when asking for this?

It’s IMPOSSIBLE. Neither for playstation or switch.

Nobody with a brain would ask Naughty Dog to develop Uncharted for Xbox. It’s ridiculous. Same as this suggestion


As neat as it would be to see Fulgore standing next to Mario and a Stormtrooper like they did on a N64 box again, and as much as Nintendo fans would go absolutely apesh*t over big brother KI coming home to visit momma N after spending the last decade or 2 with papa Bill after the divorce, I don’t think KI on the switch would be a good idea.
One main reason…the switch is not set up for traditional fighting games’ controls.
I have SF2U and the joycons, the take-anywhere choice for mobile play, is awful for playing it. I don’t know about a pro controller as I don’t have one, but if you ask me using a pro controller and the switch docked kinda defeats the purpose of porting it over to a mobile platform.

So yeah, no.

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You are a great human being.

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Also, would the Switch even have the hardware to handle KI? It’s no secret that many developers don’t want to work with Nintendo on the Switch either because of the goofy controls or because the hardware is anemic.


KI is not a technical marvel, so the Switch should not have problems running it. The colors might get a bit muted, but that would be it.

The greater question is what benefit would MS get for allowing a port to Nintendo. There isn’t any benefit.

Most people who purchase Nintendo machines, purchase them for Nintendo made games.

I might also add, that MS has several portable devices in the form of its Surface tablets that can run KI, of which are still considerably more powerful than the Switch… so there you go.


Good Morning K.I. fam!
Yea, Abou & SoS that’s the question I was asking. Could K.I. run on the switch? I didn’t ask the question to troll anybody. I just wondered if the game would run @ 60fps on the switch.

I understand how CRAZY :innocent: it would be to see K.I. on the switch, but maybe Microsoft would be willing to fund a port seeing that Nintendo fans have a history with K.I. too.

Thanks guys for all the replies! I don’t post here much, but I’m always reading from the shadows taking notes on all the things you guys discover. K.I. is pretty much the only fighting game I enjoy playing this Gen.

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Does KI even run 60fps on the Xbox One? :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, the reason MS won’t is that KI isn’t a “killer” game that would benefit them in allowing a port. MS DID and does allow ports of games like Minecraft (they own the IP) to go to other systems, such as the Switch, but that is because it was designed to be on every platform, and it has a massive user base.

KI does not. Would it be cool? Sure… but as MS doesn’t benefit anything from the transaction, it won’t happen.

Now, we COULD see a port of KI Gold to the Switch as part of the legacy N64 collection, but that is as far as it would go.

Anything’s possible, but right now I’d say it’s hard to tell if it would be a viable option. There are a lot of 3rd party devs right now that are abandoning ship when it comes to the Switch…it’s not quite as bad as the Wii U yet, but unless it starts printing so much money it’d be crazy for 3rd parties to NOT support it, I feel it’s going to be a risk for anyone that tries to port over any XB!/PS4/PC game.

Glad you posted, bud. Yeah, KI has kind of ruined other fighting games for me now, especially watching them. It’s just neutral win/execution heavy combo/reset for other games.

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If it allows crossplay like Minecraft does, I don’t see how they won’t benefit from it. They’re already porting it to Steam and I never thought that would happen.


Would it be theoretically possible to port the game over? I’m sure it would. A first generation XB1 game would likely run just fine on the Switch (perhaps), but obviously, there would have to be some sort of reason why this would make economic sense for MS, and I don’t know what that would be.

I’m not really sure there’s a huge demand for KI on Switch, is there? Plus, the Switch doesn’t have a huge user base yet, its standard controllers aren’t particularly built for six button fighting games and I’m not overly sold on the idea that Nintendo fans would fall all over themselves to buy it just because the old games came out on Nintendo systems 20+ years ago.

Your target audience would be Switch owners (already a smallish group) who like fighting games (makes that group smaller), who are old enough to remember KI (smaller still) and are nostalgic for it… Stranger things have happened, but if MS is putting more money toward KI, I’d rather it be used for giving us more content for the game rather than porting the game to another system, but that’s just me. :slight_smile:

That’s assuming that anyone that owns a Switch owns solely Nintendo systems and have been completely in the dark about what’s going on outside of the big N’s branding. I’ll give you there’s people that fit into that category, but for the most part Nintendo consoles have been known to gamers in the past few years as “my second console”…so it’s likely a lot more people than you give credit to here are aware of KI 3’s existence.

I mean in all honesty you could say all the same stuff about a target audience for Skyrim to an extent, but most people I’ve heard from are more multi-platform owners interested with playing the game on the go as opposed to those Nintendo dedicated fans that have never heard about the game and are wanting to play it for the first time.


These are all well thought out replies & fall inline with what my gut told me. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t being too pessimistic about the possibility of it actually being possible.

If we don’t get a reply from the devs about their feelings on a switch port, I feel like we just had our own board meeting on if it should happen. :sunglasses: (in my mind I imagine all the guys on the K.I. team wear sunglasses during xbox board meetings)

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We’ve discussed KI going to a whole bunch of different platforms. Will any of them happen? No idea.

And unfortunately, we aren’t invited to the board meetings (that’s way above our pay grades). :wink:


Well if you do end up porting it over to Switch, you might want to talk to Nintendo (or a 3rd party) about making some custom Joycons specifically for 6-button fighting games. Even less likely, I know, but still…

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The whole point of a port is to expand the user base. It makes since to expand KI and other titles to Steam because it has a HUGE user base. Steam isn’t a new platform, but just a new sales outlet. As KI already has Win 10 support, there is no need to reprogram the game. As long as the PC meets the specs its fine.

MS would have to spend a lot of money to port KI to the Switch, and at the end of the day, what would it gain them?

What is MORE likely is MS and Nintendo create a partnership with certain perks that would allow MS characters or Nintendo characters to be present in new IPs. But that would be the extent of it, unless MS buys Nintendo.

That would be very interesting.