Is being KILLER RANK worth anything?

I just want everyone’s opinion on what it means to be a Killer in this game. Does it mean that you have a fundamental understanding ofkiller Instinct? I ask because I’ve been a killer for 2 months now and I can beat a considerable amount of killers. HOWEVER, when I play gold and silver players they sometime get the best of me (or I flat out get bodied). To be honest, being a Killer in my opinion just amounts to accumulating a lot of points. Also, before you state it, I know rank has nothing to do with your opponents skill level, but shouldn’t bring a killer mean you gain insight into how to win in a confident basis?

I don’t feel since becoming a Killer I’ve crossed a great divide and am now playing against top level players. I feel like I’m right where I was when I got there. This could be due to losses or lack in skill, but I just want to know if others feel that their killer rank doesn’t mean anything aswell? Cause right now, unless I’m in top 32, I don’t feel it’s anything important.

Killer used to mean you were in the top 10% of active players (roughly).
Now it means you are in the top 60% of all players. (after considering “bonus points”)

So yeah, in KILLER rank you will find people of ALL different skill. Form Untouchable Jagos, to Lucky combo-assist rushdown players who just happen to make correct guesses.

I REALLY think they will make a new ranked system soon. I know i would be happy, even if it means being stuck at “button masher” again.

I admit I was curious about the significance of killer rank. Thanks for sharing your views from the inside of killers.

I still get bodied by the occasional Jago Gold players. Not any silver players because they usually use the same strength combos.

It probably has something to do with taking it easy on gold players. I usually relax a bit when fighting a gold player then bam they hit you with two combos because you aren’t giving it you’re all and are down a life bar. It’s more a nature of the game that the lead can change extremely fast in KI. The around the world combos are not exactly the easiest to spot in strength so getting locked out usually means 50% or more damage, same with TJ.

As for being a Killer. There are a lot of Killer Ranked players who just do cheap things to get to the top. Lots of Kan Ra, Shadow Jago’s, or people who don’t even block on wake up. They got to the top because the game gives wins to people who can get to the two combos that cause 50% not the ones who know the ins and outs of every KI system. Am a Killer Ranked and don’t ever break Shadow moves and don’t know how to manual. The best I can do is Shadow Counter and Counter Break.

If they do reset the rank during the launch of Season 3 it will be because they add more tiers or rebalance how the ranking system works. Their are some people like Gutter Magic who deserve to be on a whole different tier on their own.


I think’s it’s a decent proxy for skill up to a certain point, but can vary wildly once you’re actually in the tier. Got reset a few weeks ago, and in the roughly 40 games it took to get back into Killer, I got a chance to see how the lower levels work again.

Bronze players are extremely basic - don’t finish combos, and basically never block on wakeup
Silver players are generically basic - finish combos, but still don’t block on wakeup. Some can break
Gold players range from decent to pretty good - manuals begin to appear, know that blocking is not the devil, and generally play the combo game more or less the way it should be played (understand the risk/reward in the system)
Killer players range from decent to amazing - in this tier you get everything from guess breaking to true set-play and resets. There are a few players who probably shouldn’t be here, but in general you can expect a pretty solid fight. At the very least, your opponent probably isn’t a complete punching bag.

I like the current Ranked system. It probably should be revamped with S3 to allow players to fall out of it if need be, but on the whole I don’t mind there being a wide variation within the Killer tier. More people should get to experience the fun of 2/3 sets :slightly_smiling:


no it just means you know the basics of combo breaking and counter breaking and ho to use your character it absolutly means nothing like ur actually good like it did in s1 killer was very hard to obtain back then now u can just jump in lose and still get killer

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I would like to point out there are often siblings that share accounts, I’ve run into “killers” that barely ever played the game before and were just playing on their older brothers xbox

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It’s only worth what you make it. I know being Killer doesn’t mean I am a good player, but when I came here I saw people posting videos of them achieving the rank, people congratulating them etc. and I decided I wanted to make it to that rank too. It was just a little personal goal for me since other people seem/ed to be proud of attaining it.

I will say though, even if it doesn’t necessarily mean you are a good player, it must mean you can at least play at an average/basic level, because when you lose you lose points, so to win enough to get to 1,000 points while having points deducted for every loss means you are at least winning a decent amount of your matches.

Wait, what?! Have a source for this one?


I hate being a killer I really wish I never played ranked. I’m a killer but I know I’m not all that, feel like a fraud :weary: :tired_face:

I really hope the make some changes to the rank system like maybe even add more tiers or even ranked based on the way you play not just how many wins you have

As long as there is no way to rank down from losing, the ranks won’t ever mean anything. That’s what made S1 Killer actually mean something, you had to be able to actually win consistently, otherwise you’d just rank down until you leveled out at the rank that actually represented your skill level.


No “source”, just math estimates.
For every Win EVER online, there is someone who has a loss. The average Win-Loss Ratio world wide is always “1”…

For Bronze and Silver tier, you can get through with a “negative” win-loss ratio, meaning you can get through them by loosing over 50% of your matches.

For Gold tier, you must win over 50% of your matches. (You can also re-phrase it as: “You must be better than 50% of the people you face”). So to get passed Gold tier, you must be in the top 50% in the world (assuming you got fair matches in your past 20 games). The extra 10% is just a “grey area” where i have considered the “bonus points” that you get for beating a Killer, The 2-win-streak you must get to qualify for Killer, and the points you may have gotten from accounts that are no longer “active” in the ranked leagues.

Based on this information, I would think my estimate isn’t that far off.

The math i did about the old ranking system may be farther off because of my inexperience with it, but based on MY LITTLE EXPERIENCE, i think it is a fair estimate.

Then it’s just a theory ( A GAME THEORY!), not a fact.


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Well, rudeness…

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Discretion please.

Just step away for a bit. You don’t have to justify yourself to anyone.

Killer rank is just the beggining of the game imo.

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That’s how I feel. I think Killer is a decision for new players (like me) to either compete for sport, tournament or the top 32.

Rukari are you a Killer in KI? (Please entertain this question lol). If so, do you think you are just as good as any other Killer?