It's a great moment to achieve Killer Rank if you aren't one yet

But if you reached the point where you were able to get into killers once then it should be a breeze the second time around. Resetting ranks wouldn’t mean that you lose all the skill and experience you’ve gained playing the first time around.

yes but… it would be like losing your academic degrees and having to start again. Many people would not feel like doing it again. People like me, who got lucky and is now in Killer. If I had to do it a second time, I’d avoid ranked and do just exhibition.

Yeah I know and that is true but based on my time here it has taken some people a really long time, I don’t think that would be fair to those people who grinded forever to get there.

It’s like grinding and grinding to get all your characters to level 50, sure if they were all reset back to 0 everybody could do it again if they wanted to…but nobody wants to do that lol

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@Filemoncio Something similar happened to me a few weeks back. I had a bunch of days off and decided to try online, I lucked out and went to Gold out of qualifiers, and then I started kind of doing meh so I took a break…came back a day or two later and somehow managed to go from 490/500 to Killer in a night lol luck was on my side that day :laughing:

Yeah, it’s like nowadays the only people playing ranked are those who got season 2 with the discount last week or Jago for 1$.

I fought this guy who always got the upper hand against me on neutral, but he never cashed out his combos, always blew them out (I PM’ed him and he told me he didn’t knew enders cashed out damage lol)

That other guy with combo assist enabled, all his combos were medium kick, medium kick, medium kick… That’s a button masher… specifically a “one” button masher :joy:

(Much better for us casuals heheh)

I don’t see them resetting the whole Ranking system. The reason everyone was sent to qualifiers last year was do to the changes in the Ranking system. To my knowledge they aren’t changing anything else.

Granted I would like more Ranks within Killer. :slight_smile:

I totally agree. I guess the problem is that since there’s maybe 500-1000 persons in a level way higher than the rest, they would get bored of fighting each other every day. Eventually everybody would have fought everybody, and you really don’t want to meet the same person 4 times in a row in ranked.

I regularly play some people 3 to 4 times in a row in Ranked. At one very frustrating occasion, I played Cstyles’ Kan Ra 4 times in a row. While I won a few rounds, I always lost the match. 200 points down the drain. Nothing like playing a Top 32 several times in a row to set you on edge. Granted after playing such difficult people, when I eventually play a normal Killer, I butcher them.

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Took me A F***ing year to get to killer…I hope it doesn’t reset … but it fit does…

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I had a similar discussion about this topic. See if it’ll interest you.

I’m not a good competitive player. I can’t do manuals for the life of me. My reaction time is so terrible, that even if I recognized the strength of a normal/auto-double, I wouldn’t be fast enough to actually break it. And I jump alot.

I enjoy playing with other people, and I don’t mind losing at all. Heck, if someone kicks my butt online, I never get salty. I just don’t have that competitive spirit in me. However, all this means I’ll never reach Killer rank. So it doesn’t hold any value or meaning to me.

It’s just a digital title that shows you’re good at a videogame. You don’t gain anything by it, other than bragging rights… and bragging about being good at a videogame doesn’t strike me as a positive thing either. It’s an achievement without value.

At least those who win at tournaments win prizes and such.
Sorry for being a downer.

Pretty much me in a nutshell. I signed up for Xbox live (90 day version) twice since KI has been out. I prefer playing offline. Though I do like watching others play.

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I usually follow Max and the official streams, and I love watching what people can do. I try to imitate it, because, well, I do like to try and get a bit better, but I usually fail. XD

It’s fun though. The game is fun! That’s what’s important to me. So what if I lose alot, as long I have fun, and I do! Well… unless people use the whole lag-hack to try and get an easy win over me. Have had that tried against me some times now, and I just leave the match then. If they want that win so badly that they have to cheat, then let them have it. I just think it’s kinda pathetic that an online score means so much to someone that they feel the need to do that. XD

Yeah same I like watching Max and a few others play including some members here. Eventually I would like I would like to get better myself but I’m lazy and lack motivation lol. Plus I have real world business to take care of. KI is my getaway.

I like to have fun too. When I play online and I lose I’m just “eh better luck next time” and move on. Even fighting the AI.


See the thing is. I’m 50/50 on your stance of competitive play. I actually find pride in my rank in this game. Incidentally because I VALUE the time and work I put into it. On a base level, video games are used for leisure and entertainment. Then, there’s a step further, where games are used to stimulate and challenge. Killer Instinct stimulates and challenges me to do better because I enjoy the feeling of winning. Having a good time and trying to compete can work in parallel. While you don’t have that connection with the game, pro players do. They express their passion by taking pride in the amount of work they put into it, but you know the best part about it? They’re having fun. The way I see it, as long as you are not using the title you have to demean of demoralize anyone from playing a game, you have all right to feel content about the work you put in to it.


When you look at the list of top players, most of them are forum members. I felt since I am one of the most active members here, I had to step up and become a killer like my fellow forumites. I felt somebody could think “lol this guy all day bragging on the forums and he’s not even a killer lol”

Now I can complain about retro costumes with a KILLER badge on me lmao


Just hit Killer rank!
It was quite easy to be honest, i’ve been playing this game for less than a month.
Still a great satisfaction

LOL James Goddard confirmed it on stream


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I’m a lapsed player who only dipped my toes into ranked leagues this week. Qualifiers had me pegged for silver then HEY NOBHEAD HERE’S SOME KILLERS TO RUIN YOUR DAY and into bronze I went.

Hearing about the reset, plus promo matches and best of three for gold, has inspired me to get back on the horse and at least try to rank up if only to try to knock the achievements out if nothing else, since it’s about to get that much harder.

So, all aboard for From Scrub to Killer™, the thrilling journey of one manchild’s quest to the top despite the fact he still can’t tell the difference between light, medium and heavy.

[I]“But they all look the same!”[/I]

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Try again after S3 and get back to me I am friends with most a lot of killers and almost no one including myself is playing KI much because we trying to get off the habits of S2 in preparation of the S3 character move changes and stuff.