Is a SaltRant thread okay?

I mean, as a general thread for people to come when they’re salty and just vent their frustrations about the game. And don’t try to lie and say you don’t get salty, everyone does at a game every now and then. I think this would be a very enjoyable thread full of hate and disdain that can maybe stop some threads we’ve seen before over and over from popping up.

Hey, I’ll start us off:

I despise with a passion the fact that Jago seems plus on almost anything, and that he can cancel most of his already pretty safe moves into DP to not only make it safe, but an instant invincible.

Why the hell can Thunder not only move quickly around the stage, do insane damage with grabs, and have an almost instant low special but RAAM has to be restricted to a slow approach game and then when people suggest things to help with it, they’re blown down so hard because “well hes a grappler he’s not supposed to this this”

Glacius needs to not with his combo damage. 50%+ off of 20-25 hits? Come on now.

Riptor’s speed and mixups are garbo, especially Flame Carpet and J. HP not having any kind of vulnerable space to counter; along with an instant mixup-overhead-recapture and a flip-out setup Riptor makes me rage harder than most things in the world

either salt away or reprimand me like you always do my friends


Sabrewulf mix ups are too fast. How are you supposed to block? Glacius does too much damage especially with the shadow shoulder charge. How is that fair? Why does Riptor have cross ip tail flip? Why is that even a thing? Also Rash needs nerfs. That is how I feel when I am salty.


For some reason, I get a little salty with people who complain about Ultra Combos, Ultimates, Guest characters and such. BUT…nothing get’s me more annoyed than when people complain about Shadow Jago.

Like come on…let’s not try that crap again.

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I get salty reading salt fueled misinformation, so this thread should be fun!


Packets of cheese sauce meant for mac & cheese…they’re a little too salty for my taste.


…oh, & players that do a neutral jump the second you wake up and proceed to kick you in the face because you went for a grab.

…sodium chloride also makes me salty…

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Pro-level frame trapping jagos, I spent 3 years learning how to fight him and then come these high level ■■■■■■■■ making me relive the salty pain again.

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Rash, RAAM, and Eyedol keep switching stages. (Found in Definitive Edition’s Character Menu)

Why is Rash in Kan-Ra’s lair in Survival Mode, but his wallpaper is on TJ’s Stage?

Why is RAAM on Sadira’s stage in survival, but his wallpaper shows him on Riptor’s Stage?

And lastly is Eyedol also crashing with the mummy, or is he gonna be on the Atral Plain stage with Gargos, preferably to punch him repeatably in the teeth for making fun of his freakish orcish face?

If they’re sharing a stage with another character, that’s better than nothing if they can’t get their own stages I’d say. But why are these three in particular very indecisive when sticking with one? Mira stayed on Sabrewulf’s stage, and the only time she didn’t was due to an overlooked bug. (Her showing up on Jago’s stage early in S3)

(Plays Weird Al’s “First World Problems”)

< insert generic reprimand >


I’m salty that I can’t DP well on left side.

Probably a reason why I play Kim, lol.

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I’ll be rather surprised if a thread dedicated to ranting does anything to prevent it anywhere else, and I’m not entirely sure it should, but oh well.

I think the only thing that makes me genuinely salty is when people measure the success of this game by the number of a small handful of elites who play or don’t play it, regardless of the fact that many of them poopoo’d the game initially and tend to lean toward Capcom and have done so for over twenty years now.

I hate that people shun this game or any other fighting game for that matter. I hate that the FGC is as insulated and at times unwelcoming to outsiders as it’s been. I hate the snobbery toward less experienced players and the odd, off-putting societal hierarchy or caste system it’s created within the FGC. Though I’ll admit that it’s rather easy to avoid by simply not engaging with it.

I hate that some of these people feel so entitled by their skills that they believe they can nag developers in to adjusting the game to their specifications and that it’s okay to do this because they’re helping to make the game better. I hate that some of these people can’t mentally compute the fact that developers are people too and that treating actual, living, breathing people this way is not okay. The game does not matter more, and your actions are not justifiable.

Anyways, as for the game itself, it’d be cool if they could go back and polish existing parts of the game (a more cohesive UI, character faces, hair, skin and clothing textures, as well as animations). Not so much a rant as more of a statement that while we all love new content, I feel like it’d be great if the old content got some much needed TLCas well. I’m sure the devs are busy, no doubt, but if a full scale project can make the level lighting look so much better in season 3, I think it’d be fantastic and highly beneficial to the quality of the overall product if these other areas could also be addressed for season 4.

Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:

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Why people won’t stop going nuts, mashing like crazy and jumping all around the screen and even being rewarded for doing THAT. WHY!!?? :angry::persevere:



let the hate flow through you all

embrace the salt side

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It’s not an issue anymore but when eyedol dropped before getting nerfed he made me incredibly salty. I play long sets with my brother and we usually go 7-3 / 8-2 in my favor. When eyedol dropped he was beating me 9-1 with him. It made me incredibly salty.

playing on a keyboard is fine except for one thing, doing a qcf off down back is ■■■■■■■ impossible. 9 out of 10 times youll get down forward to down back and result in no special cancel becauss you didnt get a down input. Makes jab punishing such a pain in the ■■■

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Trying to work out which side fulgore is porting to before he hits me/throws me/dps me =/ Are there many other characters that give a 80/20 chance like fulgore’s teleport does or can others tell which side he is appearing on before it’s too late?

You already know I had to post some type of comment here :grimacing:

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You know what really grinds my gears? Zoners. I HATE ZONERS!
It’s bad enough that I can’t play them, but they are hell when fighting against them (especially in the right hands). Fight me like a man/beast/robot or whatever you cowards!

Edit: Same applies to pure rushdown characters too. Get off my a** already! I know I said fight me like a man, but that’s no excuse for savagery.

If you think this is contradictory, bear in mind I’m a Jago player.


I hate that RAAM can LITERALLY can take an entire stock off a wall splat. ( if you didn’t know this, start a combo, wait for a lockout, do a wall splat endder, instinct cancel shadow stab, then one heavy linker into damage ender does 80%-90%.Yet people have the audacity to scream for more buffs for RAAM.

Tusks Cr.HP

Minions being Godlike footsie monsters.

people complaining about missing a counter breaker a few frames after someone locks out. you missed a counter breaker and got punished, too bad. You don’t complain about missing a manual window that can at times be devastating,

missing a manual window and being devastated.

Aganos is still too big for this game.

I hate how people have the audacity to scream that raam is op because they locked out in the corner against a character with 3 auto double animations and 1 linker :^)

Also what youre stating is impossible. Not only would wall splat ender into shadow stab run out the lockout timer way before you got to the heavies, you cant heavy linker after a shadow linker off a wall splat.

And you get 76% damage off a level 3 ender into what you said. I say level 3 because if you got to level 4 you clearly aren’t breaking heavies.

and what kind of raam would do a wall splat instead of just instinct cancelling at the lockout? seems wasteful

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