Iron Galaxy don't care about lore WTF

I thought I read Adam Isgreen say that he is the one who directs where the lore and story of Killer Instinct goes?



This thread tho.


What? No.

Start about 4:30 in. Nowhere does it say that you become evil. You defeat the shadow lord and you gain shadow energy. They become more powerful. That’s it.

Regardless of that fact, even if some other ending says that you become a shadow lord, the endings to the mode aren’t canon. They’re all what-if. They even have an ending where Gargos defeats himself. You think that also happens in addition to Jago, Wulf, Glacius, Thunder and so on and so forth defeating him?

At some point, you have to leave the ending open ended, otherwise there’s really no point in putting additional characters in the game since the main villain of the main story-vehicle mode is gone. How do you kill off the bad guy of the mode and somehow keep the story going for everyone else? You can’t. So acting like the endings to this mode are supposed to be canon and dissecting them as such is rather pointless.

But maybe that’s just me using logic and reason aka damage control lol.

He does.

Yeah. Honestly, if OP hates the lore so much, that’s fine. Just say something that’s factually accurate or give an opinion that’s informed by facts. Otherwise you’re just spreading misinformation and that sucks.


well you believe the energy that came from gargos are good? Well fine. Look what he did to Jago. Pretending being the tiger spirit. Summoning a shadow energy being. Possessing and creating shago. Yeah… Shadow energy isnt evil ladies and gentleman.

You said they became evil. Show me where that happened.

Show me where this happened.

Show. Me. Where. This. Happened.

And even if any of this did happen, which it didn’t, and even if this was the canon ending, which it’s not, you have yet to tell me why that’s so cringe-worthy. Mortal Kombat is more or less the gold standard when it comes to storytelling in fighting games and it’s current bad guys? Liu Kang, Kitana and Raiden. So is their lore cringe-worthy? If so, then which game or games do you consider as having good lore in fighting games? Where is KI stumbling? Give me some more examples.


@moderators get this troll out of here.

I swear you lot have a miserable life to just troll here.

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im kinda being ambiguos here. It doesnt show in the game itself but can you imagine the consequences of receiving an energy from a devil like gargos? It’s the natural course of things I guess. Shago is kinda an example of what happens when shadow energy inhabits your body. Even Omen has born from this. He was a shadow and became human like shape after his symbiont with jago.

@moderators im not trolling at all. Im just trying to understand the lore. Excuse me

Yup. He stole good energy from good Shadow Lords to fuel his evil purposes. Bad Shadow Lords too. Once defeated the good Shadow Lords were released and free.

Shadow in KI is like the force in Star Wars. Just because one or 2 guys use it for evil purposes doesn’t make the whole thing corrupt.


Actually Eyedol is a better example of this. But your missing the point of that particular ending not being cannon.

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I agree man. Why would want to play a fighting game without a good story. Ki story is dumb and ki is dead because of it. Competition means nothing to me I just want a great story and consistent lore.

Well, okay. But an ending being ambiguous isn’t the same as an ending showing something, now is it? You said “you kill Gargos and become a shadow lord” and “after all you did, you are the evil boss.” But none of those things ACTUALLY happen.

Again, you have to remember that this isn’t a canon ending and even if it is, we don’t know what these characters gaining his shadow energy means. Maybe it turns some of them evil. Maybe it makes some of them more powerful. Maybe the power even kills a few of the characters. Maybe new heroes have to rise and take on these new super powered good guys who are now bad and maybe none of that happens because maybe they just get his power and it’s not good or bad, it’s just power.

We don’t know. That’s why saying you become the boss or you become evil is not an accurate statement and thus it can’t be bad lore.

If you’re trying to understand the lore, then why not ask people to explain it to you rather than coming in with “Iron Galaxy don’t care about lore” and posting an article that directly contradicts this statement?

How about you gather information and form an opinion based on that instead of forming an opinion and rejecting all facts that go against that opinion? I’m open to talking to you about this stuff, but I’m hoping you can keep an open mind as well.

Hard to infer tone with typed words, but you’re being sarcastic, right?

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I totally want a Gargos piñata now.


well i guess online matches and tournament events are all that matters.

Well, you’ll have to settle for these:


Wow in the span of an hour this thread went straight to chaos lol. If I’m not mistaken shadow energy is just corrupted astral energy that all characters use and Omen is made entirely of. Whether or not it will corrupt anyone or just give them a little boost is unknown however it may be explained in the comics that are coming out in just a few days.


Here we go. KI is dead because of X Y and Z.

No one agrees.


well lets see the comics talk about “the coven”. Let’s see what happen later.

Don’t come here going off on people who have a different opinion then.

Having an opinion is not damage control.


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