Iron Galaxy don't care about lore WTF

This explains a lot how we have two ghosts from a same person and a possession becoming an individual

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Did you read the article? Iron Galaxy is focused on the character creation, while Adam Isgreen is the keeper of the lore and the MS side works on the narrative aspect. As for Iron Galaxy not caring about the lore, well… Why does that matter? That’s not their job. Their job is designing characters and stages and collaborating with MS, who handles the other creative aspects. They come together on ideas and one would have to assume that those ideas are consistent with the lore.

Yes, the lore might not be perfect to some people, but saying IG doesn’t care about it as some sort of indictment of stuff they don’t even work on is rather disingenuous. I’m not trying to white knight for them or anything like that. I’m just saying that your issues with them are substantially misplaced if we’re going on the very article that you’re citing here.


It’s funny really. Did you read the article or just looked at the title? Iron Galaxy makes the characters and gameplay. Microsoft focuses on making the narrative and lore.


To quote from the article:

“Microsoft and Iron Galaxy compliment each other well,” says Lang. “Frankly, no one at Iron Galaxy cares about the KI lore, we just want to make cool characters that are fun to play. We’re not writing fan fiction on the side. Adam really gets off on that stuff. We focus on mechanics and gameplay and we find a way to make it all work so everyone’s happy at the end of the day.” 

For Microsoft and Iron Galaxy, the primary rule is every character in Killer Instinct needs to be unique and have a reason to exist beyond a narrative thrust. They all need to look different and play different to justify their inclusion into the roster. 
"We don’t want it to be like Street Fighter IV," Lang tells me. “I play the game and I love it, but there’s not a huge differentiation from Ken to Ryu to Akuma. Akuma has less health and deals more damage, but they still have the same basic moveset. You could argue that creatively there’s not a reason that all those characters need to exist. With Killer Instinct, we want every character to all be different in some shape or form. They look totally different, conceptually they’re different, they control different.” 

Personally, I think that this is a very cool way to develop a game. IG has some incredibly unique character designs, and I for one love the fact that the characters play so differently. But if they’re not exactly lore hounds? Fine, have people that care about that do it and do it well and I think that’s what we have with Adam Isgreen and the MS side of the equation. I think Adam cares a lot about doing the lore well and I think it shows in the final product.

Again, I probably sound like I’m cheerleading here and that’s really not my intention. I just think that two groups working hard and focusing on what they’re enthusiastic about is an interesting way to make a game, and I think that the talent shines though on both sides when it comes to this game because I think it’s turned out well through three seasons and I’m really hoping they’ll give us a fourth.


Like yeah, keep damage controlling this garbage. Worst “lore” in a fight game ever.
This right here isn’t accurate, but you can have an idea on how good it is for KI overall.

False. Microsoft are just the publisher. Story was written by maximilian.

The one and only case of supernatural “deus ex machina” ruins the lore as a whole? Actually when have supernatural events ever needed an in-depth explanation?

Shago was a “what if” character that in season was the boss and a Jago skin for people who bought early Xbox live passes. Later people paid into fundraiser for Shago to become an unique character and… now he is.

The only weird thing about the lore is, that I suspect Omens are allegorical sperm impregnating the earth. (🤷🏿)

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False Max only worked on cut scenes

Nope he also has written for the trailers.

At least read the article.

f_ck this s_it worst lore I’ve ever seen.

Lore is actually pretty good. I haven’t seen one in a fighting game like it.

Plus, I don’t think I’ve EVER heard someone complain about the lore in a Fighting game.

I just want to go and push buttons and beat people like everyone else :joy:


Directed trailers using the narrative given to him, he didn’t create the lore of the characters lock stock and barrel.


Do you know what damage control is or are you just ranting like every other bad apple?

well looks like this game will never have a decent lore. KI2 was trash now this! You guys refuse to see the truth or reality of things. Always pretending you don’t understand whats going on. Boy´o boy what KI have done to receive such poor treatment? I loved this game now this? RIP KI

Hello is that you dere?


Too much time travel and dumb endings lol. It was really inconsistent in its delivery with the lore.

Do you? Explain please.



Are these sales figures? What does this have to do with the lore? Do you honestly think there’s even a tiny chance that ANY fighting game fan that might be interested in this game would stop and turn away from buying it because they don’t like the story (or rather, the story they don’t even know yet because they haven’t played the game)?

I’m not damage controlling anything. I was quoting the same article you posted back to you because you don’t seem to realize who actually does what with this game. You yelled at Iron Galaxy for not caring about the lore when they’re not even the ones that create and work on the lore. That’s just a fact. You can’t argue with that.

If you don’t like the lore, that’s fine. I’m not here to change your mind. But when you blame the wrong people for your problems with the game, and then double down on it by posting sales figures that have absolutely nothing to do with your issues with the game, then yeah, I’m going to challenge you on it.

Where do you get your information from? None of this is accurate. The article you just posted DIRECTLY contradicts this, and you’d know that if you’d actually read it. The info that contradicts it came from Dave Lang himself. You’re basically saying that you know more than the developer. Are you serious with this?


Sorry to keep harping on it, but you’re not posting factual information, OP.

What truth are we refusing to see? You have yet to actually talk about WHY you hate the lore so much. What are your actual issues with it? If it’s inconsistent, tell me how. Give me some examples. Otherwise you’re just ranting for the sake of ranting.

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Not just from the article but from my experience with game itself. This “lore” made me cringe so hard. But yeah keep the damage control rolling on cause this ain’t going to help much at this point.

How? Give examples. Otherwise you’re just trolling for reactions. You want to insult the wrong people, at least try and form some sort of an argument as to why you came to this conclusion that the lore is so terrible so people can at least understand your issues.

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shadow lords loop . You kill gargos and become a shadow lord. You fight to protect the earth and become evil after all you did you are the evil boss.