Introducing Atlas Plug & Celldweller – Composers for Season 3

Allow us to introduce you to Celldweller and Atlas Plug

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While I’m sad that Mick won’t be able to join us on the journey that is Season 3 due to his hectic schedule, I’m super stoked for him and excited to hear what he’s got cooking up. He’s my bud and I’ll always be listening to whatever kickass jams he busts out.

I am SUPER excited to welcome Atlas Plug & Celldweller to the KI family. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a long time and couldn’t be happier that they are part of the team. If you haven’t yet, check out the Rash Trailer Music Track:

We’re excited to share what we have brewing with you all. Stay tuned! :smile:


I love the Rash trailer track. Looking forward to more goodness! :meat_on_bone:


After hearing the Rash trailer music, which I love, I listened to some of Celldweller’s albums.

I suggest people listen to his album Wish Upon A Black Star. I have faith in them now!

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Same belief here. Sad to see Mick go, but I absolutely LOVE Celldweller’s work from Dead Rising, and the Atlus Plug songs I have heard I really liked!

The Rash trailer just proved that, even without Mick, the musical spirit of KI will be carried on.

Very sad to see Mick go. He has done a phenomenal job with KI music. I would rank it up there with some of the best gaming music ive ever heard in all honesty. However the Rash music is good, so i stay optimistic about the future.

Celldweller is the freaking BEST.

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The beat in So Sorry to Say sounds awesome!

This is sadly ironic because I just bought the new Wolfenstein game which Mick worked on. I did want him to stick around for Tusk & Kim Wu’s theme, but him providing new tunes for 90% of the original cast is more than enough.

As for Atlas & Celldweller, I like how they did Rash’s theme. Hopefully they keep the formula Mick created (slipping snippets of the old school theme in the new creation) but I think they’ll do good work.

These guys has worked on the most badass NFS series just like Mick Gordon did with some NFS spin-off’s and some other games. Off-course Mick was and always will be the superb composer.

Let’s see what Tom and Klayton can do for KI season 3. A big challenge for both of them i guess.

I have faith on them. I love NFS Most Wanted and Carbon. Im still playing them sometimes. Badass racing games ever! Badass nostalgia.


I didn’t realize Celldweller was on that soundtrack. Nice! One of my all time favorites right there (Most Wanted, I mean).

Side note: Switchback is an awesome song by Celldweller. Had that one on my workout playlist for some time.

Loved Mick’s work, but these are some great choices to replace him!

As long as the tracks are true to the character. I don’t think I’d like to hear an urban rap and techno for Kim Wu theme or Tusk, not sure what Joanna Dark would evoke but at least leave the original characters with subtle hint from their origins.

Any new characters, fair game, music-wise.

I’d love to hear another female vocal for Joanna Dark

While I’m going to miss the hell out of Mick, I’m really excited to see what these guys can do. The Rash trailer gives me hope :3

I think i know what Joanna Dark theme would sound like.

Mick will always be a part of KI whether he’s working on it or not. He’s laid the groundwork and i’m more than grateful. Can’t wait to see what the new guys bring to the table though. That Rash track was great. Not many of us would have realised it wasn’t Mick working on it.

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Yeah that sounds amazing as a base to build upon

Give me classic V ixen mixed with Melissa etheridge lol!

I wasn’t really optimistic at first since Mick left such an amazing mark on KI, but after listening to Rash’s theme from the trailer it gives me hope. Sounds awesome!

I’m really interested in hearing what they can do with the KI Theme itself… maybe a remix? Just to keep us entertained until the release of season 3 (GOD THE WAIT D: )

I personally am not sure about these guys. Only thing I find might bum me out is now the style of the music will feel inconsistent. It’s just a WIP but one thing I did love about Mick’s music was i felt heavy, you felt power in the music.

These guys show some promise so I’ll give em a chance, but I have high expectations from them.

Good luck guys, you will need it.

Good bye Mick, I’ll miss you on KI. Thanks for the awesome music.


Sad to see Mick leave and I hope it was on good terms! It is a shame though, I would of loved to hear him do Gargos Theme and another version of Trailblazer for Eyedol. Hopefully he comes back as a special guest or something along those lines.

That being said Atlas Plug and Celldweller did a great job on Rash’s small theme. Can’t wait to hear more of them in the coming months. Feel like this is a positive move and can’t wait to play Season 3!