Introducing Atlas Plug & Celldweller – Composers for Season 3

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I’m liking these two new composers for Killer Instinct Season 3 already too :relaxed:


So, would you guys like more of a traditional Korean inspired theme for Kim, or a growl rap chopped and screwed modern mix

Fo you think they would research her martial art background and include references and key signature sounds, or just wing it?

I’m worried that they might not compose the idle throwback portions that mick did so well…

I wouldn’t mind say for Joanna dark because I don’t have emotional ties to her like Kim or Tusk


As long as the music put a strong feeling on me during a fight (Like Omen/Orchid theme’s energy, or Maya/Glacius theme’s atmosphere) and it’s great to listen to, I’ll take it. Making music in KI is different than other games because of the dynamic music feature, so it will be an interesting task for them. The Rash trailer music was great, so I can hope for the best.


Hopefully they won’t disappoint. Though I’m going to wait and see them make a theme of one of the offcial KI characters before I judge them for sure.

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I really love Rash`s trailer music, so good !
Looking forward to hear som more tunes from Atlas Plug & Celldweller.

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Can I be honest? I love Mick’s work on KI. But this is a better theme for ARIA for myself:

The mix of synth-sounds, guitar and orchestra convey her mix-up personality by combining the 3 main motifs of synth, metal and orchestra. The drums announce her leadership role amongst the Fulgores…

Closing my eyes, I see a match unfold in ULTRAtech’s head office more so than watching the game.
Between that and hearing how Rash mixed in both 8bit sounds and an ol’ riff that reminded me of both Van FREAKIN’ Halen and Power Rangers (tone of the guitar), I’m super excited to hear what’s to come.

Gonna miss, Mick. Gonna miss him with a big smile :smiley:


While I admit ARIA’s theme isn’t the best of his. I’m at least glad this wasn’t Glacius’ theme.

Regaurdless I think until we see what they do for a character’s theme in KI then we can decide if they’re good on this or not.

The issue I see so far with all this music you guys have shared by them: it’s all techno-stuff. I’d like to see if these guys are able to do something then just that.


I already have a pretty good feeling that BOTH Atlas Plug and Celldweller are overall going to be Mick Gordon’s (spiritual) successors/the (spiritual) successors to Mick Gordon’s now enduring musical legacy for Killer Instinct Season 3 and overall for Killer Instinct :sunglasses:

Plus we just NEED to give them a chance AND time to compose the music/OST on KI Season 3 and overall on KI :wink:


At most that’s the best we can do. I hope their music will carry the kind of weight and power Mick’s did. And also envoke a sense of the character’s back ground to. Mick’s music was amazing in that way.

Best examples: Aganost theme made you feel like you could lift weights, or were the strongest person in that moment. The mystical atmosphere of Hisako’s theme. The high flying firey spirit of Cinder’s theme. Fulgore’s theme effciant, powerful and non-stoping. I could ramble all day on this.

My expectations are pretty high. But what I have herd so far as samples isn’t enough to really see wheter they’re good for KI or not. Rash’s theme is neat. But let’s see how they handle the rest of the cast.


I will also say that Mick’s enduring legacy AND Killer Instinct’s music are definitely in good, worthy musical/composing hands now :smile:


I’ll wait before I can agree to that statement or not :3

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I dunno what makes it stand out like it’s doing right now but I could play Rash’ theme all day long.

Keep it coming Baby whohoo!!

@thyReaperMC this track rocks. Would have been my Aria theme too, and I really love the current one by MICK.

Already love this new team!

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OMG! Who remember this?! I didn’t knew that one of the Road Rash Jailbreak tracks was made by Celldweller!

Road Rash Jailbreak is one of my favorite Playstation games ever. It’s has plenty of awesome soundtracks. I didn’t expected that one these songs was made by the actual KI composer.


How about this, red?

Picking up some very Korn-ish vibes (with maybe a bit of Puddle of Mud/Mudvayne thrown in) from some of these Celldweller tracks


I’m not sure to be honest. at least I know cell-dweller doesn’t just do technoey stuff. But that’s not enough to really convince me. I’m still going to reserve my judgement for sure. I might lower my expectations for now. Till I hear how well they do Kim’s theme I’ll wish em’ luck because if they don’t hit that nail on the head with Kim-Wu, they’re gonna get alot of unnecessary hate.

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Just gonna leave this pretty beast here. Seems more fitting than ever, considering the time of year and all…


that’s nice but It kinda doesn’t make me all that hyped right now for what Celldweller and Atlas-Plug can do for KI. Still it is a nice tune.

EDIT: I checked out some more music of Atlas and Cell-Dweller and a wider amoutn of them sounds pretty much the same referring mostly to the baseline and techno stuff. makes me worry a bit with them working on the remaining cast of KI.


We will know with Kim Wu theme.
If it’s a trancey techno with guitar I’ll just be in mourning


Nah, you won’t mourn. The fact that you will be playing Kim might make up for it.


It would just mean I’d pick her stage less and not listen to the music. I don’t expect these guys to do like Mick but the fact that I don’t hear much variety in their own music concerns me.

Hopefully they can do Kim Justice. The music isn’t just sweet tunes to listen to, it’s like getting to know the character’s background. Kim’s theme should reflect that.