Inputs on arcade fightstick

Brooks are hard to get nothing wrong with cronus just annoyijg haveing to keep your controller plugged in but thats what i do when im on stick with friends keep the co triller on and talk but start ki with stick

Dps are on pad are easy hit forward then do fireball

I should try this too. I am used to the normal default layout but still feel like it’s not my optimal layout.

Input lag? How much input lag is there?

On either not much but for like 90 bucks u could get xbox one modded think u could even grt a ps360+ n have all consoles modded duno if they ever fixed thr 8 min timeout on ps4 tho.

I just watched a video about it. about 5 frames from button press, so not even noticible. I don’t think it will damage your game bad. Just remember, these need to be updated when there is a new firmware update, but if you have headphones, this is nothing new. :smile:

I would sell my 360 stick and nust buy a new stick lol

So you use your pinky to actually push attack buttons? Damn, I couldn’t imagine getting used to that.

5 frames? I can be dodging Shadow Jago’s ultimate in five frames. Some manuals will be much harder I am assuming. I guess I will stick with my elite controller to the Pc version comes out.

I use Cronus to play with a 360 stick on Xbox One. Apart from the hassle of constantly setting it up every time I want to play (which really wears on you over time), it works fine in game with no lag.

If the Brook converters perform as well as the Cronuses as far as lag goes, and doesn’t need to be paired with an Xbox controller first, it’s by far the better option.

If KI wasn’t coming to PC, I would invest in some Brook converters myself.

Yeah. I think this is why I might not get one, but I might get one for Xbox One to PS4. In case I go to tourneys or something, like for SF5, which i don’t think they will have PC setups (That Would be GDLK). Some friend’s house that he only has a PS4, or X360…something like that. I really haven’t heard anything bad about the Brooks. And what type of Cronus do you have? X360 to XB1?

What I keep reading, is that it’s very solid. Some people played KI and said such minuscule lag, it’s not noticeable, and played USF4 on PS4, and found one frame of lag, but remember, that frame of lag is from the PS4 itself.

It’s up to you, but if anything, I might get one and tell you if it works.

Is it five frames plus the frames in normally takes to reach the one. Lets say by default there is 3 frames of delay from the stick to the 360. When you add the converter,is it 5 additional frames plus the 3 normal or is it just 5 frames in total.

Just five in total. If I was 5 plus the normal 3, no one would want to buy converters at all. 8 Frames is a lot!

So i think if you wanted to get deeper in it, I’m no expert, but if it’s 3 frames for a punch, that means 2 frame lag, which is not noticeable. Watch some tests on youtube and see what you can find out. Be sure to watch that one I linked up earlier in the forums. That is a good test of how much lag! I might get one, so i’ll have first hand experience. But I’d only get one probably for One to 360. Maybe One to PS4 as well, in case I go to tourneys.

Oh. Then I would be fine with getting one. Thanks for clearing it up. Now to unrust my stick skills. I still need to use my headset somehow.

If anything, you can also get the new cronusmax one, apparently they have fixed everything that was plaguing the old ones. And it’s multi console. So Idk. Your preference. Lol

I’m pretty sure people tested and they found that Cronus added no more than 1 frame (and often 0 frames) to the native lag for that console’s input. Adding 5 extra frames of lag would be unbearable for sure, but when you see numbers like “5 frames of lag”, that’s just the natural input lag that you’re already used to.

You can see that KI has just around 5 frames of native lag and it’s actually the best game in the database:

So yeah, if the Brook performs as well as the Cronus that I have (and it seems to) then I’d say they’re 100% lagless. The only downside to the Brook is that it’s not all-in-one… you have to pick your source and destination device when you buy the adapter. But if you know exactly what those are already, then the joy of not having to always hook up a controller would be super worth it.

Id love a xbox one to 360 brooks convertor but eh i already dual modded my atrox think ill cop a 360 controller and have dude mod for me for 30 bucks. Then I’ll be 360 xb1 ps3 ps4 modded

Just for the record, I have one of these and it works great. I actually bought it so I could use my xbox one stick on xbox one, but to play the (many) games that just don’t work with a fightstick. Didn’t seem like there was any reason not to be able to play Ragnar the Viking with my fightstick. Unbelievable that I have to do this, but hey, whatever.

It works great for using other consoles sticks as well. I have used 360 and PS3 sticks on my one. I don’t go to tournaments, but I also have an Xone stick. But this keeps me from having to get a second one for when a friend comes over. Frankly, the $$ is one thing, but I also have 3 madcatz sticks and two Hori sticks lying around and I just don’t have room for more.

EDIT: I lied. I actually have the Titan One. Same idea. Works great.

Forward > fireball motion = dp on dpad. I hardly ever had a chance to play at an arcade when I was younger. I had to learn how to do everything on a dpad since KI1 on snes. MK4 threw me for a loop with the damn analog only on N64.

On pad I used to mash hard. Now that I’ve been able to go to arcades and use them semi-decently, I’ve noticed my pad play improve since I have to pay attention to my inputs on stick.

Lol. That is quite how I feel about arcade sticks actually. I personally think that all directional inputs are slower on stick than pad - the area you have to travel to do anything is far larger, and tension in the spring determines how quickly the stick can even return to neutral. D-pad motions are quick - just a wiggle of the thumb and you’re done. Dashing and general movement is far superior on a d-pad than a stick IMO. I agree with you on the analog stick though - that thing is just a slower, less good version of a fight stick.

I did make the switch though, largely just because it is MUCH harder to get an accidental button input on an arcade stick. I finally had one too many accidental widow’s drops from Sadira (this was before you could de-toggle the right analog stick), and just said eff it. I do think that it’s much easier to play for long periods on an arcade stick, and overall button setup is just much cleaner for a 6-button fighter like KI.

It’s kind of funny though. I had to play the SFV beta (on pad, since MS’s $200 Xbox One TE2 doesn’t work with Windows 10 yet :unamused:) to remind me just how much I missed using the d-pad. I was cranking out reaction DP’s to every single jump in, and was dashing back and forth all over the place. It was kind of glorious :laughing: