Inputs on arcade fightstick

I started out with Orchid and my stick was collecting dust. But I wasn’t using the dpad but the analog stick on my controller. Very smooth.

Now for the past months I play Aria but it’s so inefficient to play her with a controller. So I strictly use an arcade stick. But as soon as I play Orchid it feels too stiff for me.

Definitely depending on the character I need to use one or the other.

This is exactly why I made the switch. I have yet to experience any soreness or cramping from playing on an arcade stick; I certainly cannot say the same about a pad. And my hands simply never got used to using bumpers/triggers for attacks.

Then there’s the physical feedback you get from a stick! The click of the switches is very reassuring to me, and the bottom corners of my square gate is a great tactile sensation for the stick shaft when performing DPs.

EDIT: Thank god we’re all hip to FG terminology, otherwise “great tactile sensation for the stick shaft when performing DPs” would seem hilariously inappropriate, haha.


Your talking about Dr. Pepper right? I like DP. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hehe, I actually thought nothing about that statement until you brought it up.

LOL Hooray for FG Terminology!


Remember the Atrox from ebay that was posted here and you were considering?

I bought it. Then the dude dropped and broke it while trying to package it for shipping. Not exactly a great start for me with fight sticks…

But I’ll probably still get one, since I’ve recently lost matches because of several input errors.


Holy crap… that’s a coincidence and a half.

Uh-oh. LeoFerreis 2016 EVO champ, calling it now.

Oh snap…Sorry to hear that. I bought mine on Amazon, for $140 including shipping. I don’t know if they have a sale like that though anymore, considering I bought the last one like that.

Definitely get one. I got one, and I’m a pad/controller player.

You get a refund, right?

How high did he drop it? Fight sticks can take some abuse…:confused:

And Leo, if you get a Fightstick, the world may cease to exist, because it will have already gotten Bodied by your Aganos. Lol

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Yeah, I got a refund. Don’t feel bad for me, though. I’d say it sucks more for the seller, because he’s out $130, and I’m getting a stick regardless.

I know I’ll have a long adjustment period for a stick, so don’t start engraving my name in the trophies just yet.

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I thought the very same thing when I made the switch. I’d say it took about 3 - 4 weeks before it felt like an extension of me. I guess this all depends on your definition of “long”, however.

For me, it really depends on the character. With Orchid it took forever and I gave up but with Aria it took just a week or two to get used to the stick. Can you imagine being at a tournament and you need to switch controller based on the character? That’s why I am not a pro.

I applaud your adaptive nature! I tend to just shy away from a character that doesn’t feel right to me, I never thought to swap controllers and try again (though a pad has come to feel so weird to me that I’m not sure it would even work for me). But that’s a neat idea.

It helps if you play just two characters :smile:

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That’s cool then. Man, Imagine his face when he dropped the stick. I would have been devastated.

Like @Marbledecker said, It depends on how well you can adapt to using it, and what your definition of long is. I’m getting it now, so by the time March rolls out with Season 3, I’ll be equal, if not greater than what I am now with a controller. The only thing I would advise you to do, is watch Gooteck’s How to use a fight stick tutorial, so you know the proper placement of hands and such. While that is actually personal preference, like Mr. Seth Killian here:

Yes, he actually plays cross-handed…

it’s the most basic way of handling a Fightstick, the way Gootecks explains it.

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Dude that would be so Boss.

Get my butt kicked by your Orchid with Controller, then I win one.

Bojima: Hold on. I gotta get out my Fightstick. (Picks ARIA)

I get my butt kicked by ARIA.

Bojima wins Evo 2016!

I’d be so devastated that I got whooped with two different pieces of technology, one requiring more practice than the other.

Sorry more like …

Bojima: Hold on. I gotta get out my Fightstick. (Picks ARIA)

Stick malfunction.

Ostrich wins Evo 2016!

I’d be so devastated too.

LOL Not even giving yourself some credit? I’m transitioning to stick, so yeah, Stick Malfunction for me. I got the Atrox. XD

I like Aria but it’s difficult on a xb controller. As for Orchid, I find doing certain rapid circular motions easier with a standard controller analog stick.

I suddenly understand S-Kill’s stance in Divekick.


Lol Yeah. That’s why Divekick IMO is one of the best fighting games EVER, as it literally has every joke about fighting games known to man. IG really cares about the community, and wanted to create a fighting game with all of the memes and joke around the game, as well as make the world’s first fighting game with two buttons.

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Fun off topic fact - I once played in an arcade in Athens,Greece where the SF2 setup for player two was cross handed. It took me a couple minutes to figure out why I couldn’t do anything…