Input Shadow Counters

Now this has been some random idea that I had in my head just now and I would like to hear you guys thoughts on it, but what if you were able to change the shadow move of the shadow counter by putting an different input during the freeze.

Let me use Jago as an example dummy:

So using his shadow counter you simply press MP+MK and he does shadow wind kick which you can convert into a combo right? Simple stuff.

  • However say like you press MP+MK but during the freeze you preform the QCB motion. Instead of shadow wind kick, he now does shadow laser sword. Jago can still convert it into a combo since it’s also an opener and it’s a tad stronger, however it does not have the forward momentum that S. wind kick has and it’s not projectile invulnerable.

  • Press MK+MP and then during the freeze, you do the QCF motion. S. wind kick is now changed to S. endokuken. It’s a bit stronger than the regular S. endokuken, however you can’t convert it into a standard combo and I’m debating whether I should allow juggles after it or just go straight to a knockdown.

  • Same thing with SC+DP for S. tiger fury. Does more damage than standard S. tiger fury but it can not followed up at all. It’s only if you just want raw damage.

Well you guys get the gist of it. Again note this has just been off the top of my head so I don’t know about the other characters. However please feel free to ask any questions or just give some general feedback. What are some of your thoughts/suggestions that you might add to this idea? How would this affect the rest of the cast? Feel free to comment below. Thanks.

I believe similar ideas have been suggested in the past. I think a simpler solution would be to simply use a directional input as you press MP+MK.

So, this means you could potentially have up to 9 shadow-counter variations:
MP+MK (by itself, as it is now)

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Interesting idea. I did thought of something similar as I was writing the OP, but brushed it off thinking that would be better suited for combo assist.

I don’t think your idea is bad, but the impression I get from discussion which happened when Kim Wu launched (as her SC doesn’t move forward and would often miss the opponent even if they were close) is that characters’ movesets are designed so that they have a very specific special as their SC.

I think it would be really cool if you could choose which move to counter with, but I think it’s more likely to happen in a theoretical sequel than in a change to this KI. Then again, who knows; maybe that would be a potential system change if we end up with a fourth Season.

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I thought in the case of Kim Wu, it was (well still is) a bug.

What I meant was that they specifically want her SC to be her nunchuk special; they didn’t intend it to be missing like it was, so they added some “vacuum-like” effect to make it hit more often at the range they intended it to. I couldn’t tell you which patch note it is, though.

My main point was that they could have chosen to allow her SC to be a Dragon Dance (which would move forward) or a Dragon Kick (single, high power hit without combo unless you have dragons, maybe?) but they didn’t choose that, you know?

Oh I see. That’s understandable.

I’m curious to understand the devs thought process when it comes to choosing what shadow moves becomes the counter.

You beat me to it, so I’m gonna steal a little bit of my thunder back and say it was 3.1.

I’ll “Price is Right” you and guess 3.2

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Well. I’ll take those odds, considering I was in the process of quoting that portion before I saw your reply. :joy:

Added some vacuum to Kim’s Shadow Counter so that it is less likely to whiff its first hit, and much less likely to whiff any hits after the 1st if the 1st hit connects. (Her Shadow Counter was whiffing in a lot more situations than expected so hopefully these improvements help.)

But that means you’ll have to change the animations as well. During the screen freeze jago’s already winding up for his windkick.

Something I would like to see is when you ultra combo someone and they fly off screen, I’m trying to get multiple ultras but I have to link them with Riptors shadow tail flip and I have to time it just right. Maybe give an altitude meter to the guy launched off screen.

Not immediately. It takes like half a second after your counter stance catches something for the actual shadow move to wind up. You just have to be pretty quick on the draw. Think of it like Shago’s surge moves in which you had to press a second button (in this case doing the input) immediately after doing the special move (after the counter catches something).

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Yeah that could work. But I’d pass on it.

Why so? Just curious.

I would have no need for it. I’d rather just get a combo.

Fair enough.

I could also see alot of people complaining that certain characters get more benefit out of different shadow counters then others do. Or deem “nah, shadow counter endokuken is the worst one to use, why would I use that over SCDP or SClaser sword?”

Then a whole bunch of other rants and complaints and yada yada yada.

To be fair, complaints can be from anything really. You can’t please everyone. This is also exactly why I asked in the OP what and how characters would affected by this change (for good or bad).

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It could create an interesting choice in terms of how you want to turn the tide on someone, at least in theory. I’d say limit it to up, down, back or forward / MP-MK, but yeah, I think that has potential to add something.