Injustice 2


SDCC official aquaman trailer!!!

Black manta! The Sea Creatures!!! This looks amazing


Oh, in the wake of Flashpoint Paradox’s depiction of Cyborg I feel that’s a missed opportunity. Maybe he’ll make a cameo at some point, if only for inclusion’s sake.


Yeah, because, those of us who haven’t followed the comics (which is most likely the majority of us) all that much most likely know the Teen Titans from the cartoon which Cyborg was a part of. So to have him be part of the Justice League and not the Teen Titans just seems like an odd choice.


And those of us who are Martian Manhunter fans are crying in the corner because our hero has been replaced by a robot.


He’s a cyborg. Hence the name… Cyborg.
DC was never that clever when it came to hero names.


I think you missed my point.


I am just pointing out that he isn’t a robot.


I know that. I think almost everyone knows that. I don’t think it’s very fair for me to bring up my dissatisfaction with the fact that he’s replacing one of DC’s mainstay heroes in most media, and all you can harp on is the fact that I called him a robot.


I didn’t harp on it. I made one response explaining it to you.


Aquaman film’s Black Manta


Awww. I miss the antena.

Seriously though, great costume.


Lol this review


Nightwing in Injustice2 mobile


Nightwing, Starfire & Teen Titans in DC mobile app DC Legends


ANyone notice our GUild is no longer accessible? I read where it has to do with XBox privacy settings…I changed those to everyone, but it still wont let me into my own guild! I read there was a bug out there at one time too but hat was a year ago!

ANyone having issues?