Injustice 2




I don’t understand the combo… nothing in the combo launches the opponent into the air. Unless >RT is supposed to be >Strong attack-RT to cause the enhanced hammer ground bounce.


Do you know what is a bounce cancel? Use bounce cancel that can launches the opponent into the air. Bounce cancel is easier if you understand how to use.

Watch this video, you will understand the combo.


Ahh…ok I remember that…now…you can do Fwd A which is the hammer bounce or you can spend a bar of meter with >>RT to do the bounce cancel. Same move, different properties and commands. Its hard to go back n forth from MKX to INj2 with these little differences.
So I played some MKX on PS4 tonight (Ugh, PS4 version feels slower than Xbox version, maybe its the controller)… I was able to do Subs launch combo and land the Polar puncture. >1,2,2, Polar puncture on the way down.
Now that I know to use it on the way down on an airborne opponent I can get this into my gameplay.