Injustice 2


Obtained the legs today.

Hate that the legendary multiverse only gives you a gem.

Update it does change color with shaders sweet


Wow, that’s kind of cool. They actually have her clothes.


She had a full spacesuit in Red Hood & outlaws, and I at least kept asking the devs for one- I’d love to see if it changes color with the shaders

I MUST GET Batman’s Bruce Wayne premier skin!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Fighting in his business suit I love it


That skin seems cool at first, until you see the cape come out of his arms. It’s like those Spiderman action figures with the website except it’s suppose to be a normal guy in a suit so it looks kinda odd.


OMGoth! The HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUPERMAN MULTIVERSE thingy almost made me play this game! :stuck_out_tongue:


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Just wanted to say I noticed today you can purchase an infinite transformation download that allows you to never need source crystals for creating your own costumes

It’s 9.99 in Store

I’m looking forward to transforming a lot of costumes even for ones I don’t use like black canary


Oh cool! I havnet played INj i a while but your saying if you pay 10$ you can purchase ANY costume or color for free? regardless of type?


No no lol
You can only freely transform any existing accessory pieces to any look

Say I hate Enchantress hooded heads, she has one that shows her hair, so now instead of using 1200 source crystals I can just change all heads to the hair head and not pay money.

Also for some reason Starfire received a lot of the same epic arms but I saved other common styles including bare arms and minimal gems so I could transform the epics into the simplest forms, Nike I can obtain those and transform my most powerful loadout into even the default costume for kicks

You still have to buy skins and colors (vixen, dark side, the gold/ silver tournament shaders, Bruce Wayne suit skin)

Sorry for any confusion


I’m waiting for them to just release a dlc option called “buy all gear”


OH!!! Ok i get it …I remember wanting to transform a Supergirl piece and it cost crystals and I was like WTF no way! WHY??
Ok./.thats so dumb it cost money


Yes dumb af but-
I have wanted to do this for awhile especially since I like the epic gear abilities advantage but want my own looksfor those load outs- hell I paid $10 for less content in ki


Titans trailer

Raven is meh, Starfire is wrong. Fire powers?


RAven looks ok, but starfire look way too CG and old? lol
Im not eally into Teen titans but even I can tell it looks whack!


I won’t be paying $75 for access to this crap. Starfire is a huge disappointment for me


A bit too try-hard edgy than I would’ve wanted. But hey, DC doesn’t know how to make it any other way, so…


If D/ck Grayson is this edgy just imagine Jason Todd when they get to that point lol… Say what you want about the movies but I rather stick them because this looks fan made. I hope swamp thing has better production quality.

As for the app it self 6-7$ a month isn’t that bad espcially if you can cancel, I probally pop in around from time to time to check out some of the comics and other content it has to offer so my intrest is not completely soured.


Oh that Knightwing movie is still happening, but not for a long time, as the director wants to do a D&D movie first apparently


Sad but true. Even though I always liked the concept of darker stories this is clearly trying too hard to be M-Rated.

(Spoilers just in case)

Robin is basically Reaper, Starfire from what little is shown is just a serious version of Cinder (fire instead of energy bolts?), and Raven is too dramatic compared to the more stoic and cold-hearted version of Raven I’m used to (and even the demon effects feel a bit generic IMO, like so many horror movies over the years). Beast boy we didn’t see much of, and Cyborg was absent entirely, so I can’t say anything on those two.

I want to hope the writing makes up for the tryhard attitude but after their last works I doubt that will be much better. I’m not saying a dark story would be bad for the Teen Titans, but I don’t have faith in this production.


Cyborg is in the Justice League, hence why he isn’t with the Teen Titans in this universe.