Injustice 2


I don’t think realism is the right word. Immersion and believablity are better words. We all suspend our real beliefs for the sake of immersion. That’s why we get immersed in video games. However, Injustice 2 animations do not make sense in the context of Injustice 2. If the characters are so powerful, why does it seem like they are reaching over a fence instead of adding force to their attacks? There’s ignoring the laws of physics that exist in real life. However, it still has to make sense in the context of the game world. Just tapping someone doesn’t really make sense in fighting.


So, with this new Legendary edition revealed, and with NetherRealm’s history taken in to account, this game will now receive no additional content, maybe besides Gear to go with some of the upcoming movies. But no one cares about that. Bottom line, no more characters. The game is finished.


How dare they not put Starfire on the cover. Lol

“With the launch of the Legendary Edition there will also be a number of enhancements to Injustice 2, including the introduction of an expanded tutorial called the “Learn Hub,” new gear for all characters, a raised level cap of 30, and a new augment slot that unlocks at level 30. “


And let me just say, I am incredibly dissatisfied with the final project. Everything we have is great, but I feel it lacks in to many areas to get a pass. For one, too many important DC characters were just aced all together. No Shazam, no Lex Luthor, no Martian Manhunter, no Zatanna, I could go on. These characters are essential for a DC comics anything, and I can’t forgive their exclusion here. I don’t get it, why dose NetherRealm hate big rosters? A lot of fighting games sit between 40-50 characters, but not them. It’s like they’re afraid of it or something.

Secondly, am I the only one who thinks the stages all suck in this game compared to the first one. First of all there’s less of them, secondly they’re so boring. They’re just hitting the notes and nothing more. Where are all the camels in the background, where is any sort of variety. And what’s the point with some of these transitions. Who. Seriously wants to fight in the attic of a movie theater? Or on some random extra deck to brainiacs ship. How about instead the transition takes us to one of his trapped cities? That would be cool. But nope. And I can understand one stage for Superman’s red son prison, but why dose that one have a transition? It’s just a boring metal catwalk! And again, where are any stages related to Wonder Woman, or Flash, or Green Lantern? Why couldn’t Themyscira come back, or how about a stage in the Tower of Fate, or STAR labs, or Oa or Apokalips! That would be cool. But nope. No variety and no fanservace in any of the stages.

And finally, the game’s greatest sin. There are no alternate costumes. Just this stupid gear system where everything takes an eternity to unlock and doesn’t yield satisfactory results beyond a couple of characters. It’s just dumb. Why would I want to create my own version of Batman? I wanna play as the actual Batman, not my own knock-off made from limited assets. The alternate costumes from the first game allowed for far superior references to the characters past because they could be self contained and didn’t have to work with all the other gear peices.

And I can’t forgive the gear system because if NetherRealm didn’t have to make it, then they could have dedicated more time and resources to fixing those other problems. They could have made more characters, better stages, and actual costumes. You hear in the developer streams all the time about how much of a workload the gear system was, and how much time and resources it took. And every time I hear that I just think of the dozens of better uses it could have bean put too.

Overall, I like what I got, but I feel that it could have been MUCH better.


All these criticisms sound pretty trivial to me. Some of those characters are excluded because they are dead in the canon. The stages, in my opinion, are much better than those in Injustice 1. Brainiac’s Ship is way more aesthetically pleasing and dynamic than the Fortress of Solitude in Injustice 1. The view of the Earth on the Bridge, and the giant metallic snake that rolls around the lower deck is great. Also, alternate costumes? I would’ve liked to have them for the characters, but premier skins pretty much serve that purpose already. The gear system offers enough variety in my opinion, but not a whole lot.


That didn’t stop them from bringing back Joker and Green Arrow. They can bring back whoever they want for whatever reasons they want. The bottom line is that they thought they didn’t need to. I think that that’s wrong and that they are necessary for anything related to DC comics.

And yes, the stages look nicer, but they are all so generic. And there are fewer iconic locations from DC comics as a whole.

And premier skins are expressly for the purpose of turning one character into another. There isn’t going to be a premier skin for say, flash’s tv show costume. Or flashpoint, new 52, rebirth, red son, blackest night, any other variations of the characters. They don’t fulfill the same purpose, at least not as adequately as the costumes from the first game.

Overall, Injustice 2 feels less like a DC game. It feels like they thought they could move away from all the fanservace in the first game, when that was one of the main reasons the first game was so great.


All i wanted was to be able to select the colour of each gear independently from the shader.


The end of Injustice 2 is great news to me as it means we are that much closer to MK11!! i enjoy Injustice but I like MK much more!


Green Arrow is from an alternate universe. If they did that for everyone that died, then it would come off as kind of forced and it would be less interesting. But, whatever.


I had this idea where the deseased characters would all attack Superman in a Scarecrow induces hallucination. It would make sense considering he’s the one who killed most of the characters I want back, and sense he was supposed to be more of a main character this time, it would work to humanize him.

But, they could also have playable characters that just aren’t in story mode. They did that in Tekken 7, why can’t Injustice do it.


Because none of the characters in Tekken 7 died before that game.


But they still weren’t actually in the story mode. It doesn’t matter if they are dead or not, they weren’t needed for the story. Why can’t Injustice just have characters that are in the game but not in the story mode, that aren’t DLC. Why dose the ■■■■ plot dictate who can be in the game and who can’t. It should be the other way around with who is in the game dictating the plot.


I wish they would create a DLC version of the story mode to incorporate the DLC characters and give us more story mode. That would be super cool! Same with MK… once all DLC characters are out, give us another small continuation of the story mode including these new characters.


I think injustice 2 is a great game. Its nice this edition is coming out because it will be easier for an all inclusive package. I love the game. Not perfect but I’ll definitely be playing this game for awhile unlike MKX.


Oh yeah. I still love it. I don’t think I made that clear enough. I just think it could have been a lot better. That may just be me wanting the game to cater more to my personal tastes. But whatever. I like what I like, cause I like what I like. And I like liking the things that I do. And I don’t mind that i don’t like liking the same exact things as you.


:+1: nice


I’m curious as to how expanded of a tutorial the Learn Hub will be, I honestly found the character-specific tutorials as they are to be especially lacking compared to something like Skullgirls (in that game they cover almost all of a character’s given moveset, not so much in Injustice 2). Still, either way it should be a good deal for people who already didn’t buy the game and it’s DLCs during the sales, or wanted everything on a physical copy instead.


Hey, didn’t Injustice 1 have 2 more characters put in after the Complete Edition was made for that game?


I’m excited about the new augment slot at level 30
And new gear for each character
Hopefully they’ll have a teen titans skirt for Starfire


I’m pretty sure it didn’t.