Injustice 2


People aren’t critizing the animation just for the sake of it. They want to see it improved and see a better game as a result of it.


Right, I could’ve sworn I saw @TheKeits in a motion capture suit before kan ra was released


I can see the likeness…


So if a food tastes badly and poisoned me I have no right to criticize the chef because I am not the chef myself?


People tend to forget that professional critics, for whatever media it is for, have not necessarily been in the making of said media… whether it is for games, art, movies, music, food… Yet people listen to their reviews. Why? Because even though they haven’t been making these things themselves, they have studied it and knows of the production of the media.

Because no, you DON’T have to have made a game yourself before your critique becomes valid.
People have eyes. They can use them. And if a game isn’t visually pleasing, if people can recognize that something is bad or wrong, then they have the right to express themselves.

As for the video I posted… The man has studied animations. He even shows us what he means by giving us feedback from other games, and then compares it to the animations in Injustice 2. He does a good job of it as well, and he’s not wrong.

So going on the defensive and say “He hasn’t made a game himself, so he doesn’t have the right to critique it” is such a weak arguement…


So I plyaed the turltes last wednesday and had some fun but I got bored fairly quick. Today Im giving it another shot and Im having more fun this time around. I prefer Donatello and Leonardo. Raphael is ok and I havnt tried Michaelangelo yet.

I do not like the “turtleing” parry move that they all share. It doesnt work agaisnt the CPU ever.

On a side note the first box I opened today gave me the Grayson staff! I know thats a hot item so I thought it was worth sharing. Even though I despise Robin and would never use it lol


As always, the whining hordes of the internet respond with “we are perfectly within our rights to complain.” Which is not the argument.

It’s about the tone and scope of the complaint. Nothing is ever “not very good” anymore. It’s ■■■!!! Combing through a game with thousands of individual animations and pulling out a dozen janky ones and then making all kinds of wild statements about how lazy/incompetent/complacent the animators/developers/publishers are. Then pretending you are doing it to make the game better. Welcome to the era where “fans” hate in everything they claim to be fans of.


True, the tone of how people offer their critique could be better and more constructive.
But that doesn’t mean they are wrong when addressing these things.

As a game developer, the trick is to pick up on what the problem is and ignore how it is addressed. Because, as said, even though some people can be incredibly harsh when pointing out a problem, it doesn’t mean that the problem should be ignored.

The critique is legit. How it is addressed might not be, but that doesn’t change what the main point is.


Or maybe, just maybe, it’s legitimately that bad.


Meh, I havent had a problem with the way MK or Injustice looks or is animated since MK9.
Any complaints there are might be valid, and things might be improved, but they arent sh**.

On a side note, Injustice 2 is 50% off of the basic edition and only like 54 euro’s for the ultimate edition on ps4 eshop. So getting it this week myself.


I too think X and In2 look fine…now MK9 and In1 look a little silly at times but …its just a game that isnt based in reality anyways so…eh…not really a big deal to me.


Fighting game logic isn’t reality. But. . . . . . .they need to simulate some form of fight. I think it sells the game when the choreography of the animation looks like it hurts.

I don’t take the animation disparities to heart like most fans since there are many positives to NRS games. However i look at some attacks and i laugh it off and they take me out of the spectacle of the game.

If nrs intends to do these things because they want to. More power to them. They will sell fighting games and there’s nothing i can do. If nrs intends to change that (which they are good at taking fan feedback), then i trust them.


Correct, but its still not that big of a deal. the game is very high quality and if anyone btiches about the NRS moves… KI has moves that are laughable as well. Kanra air cartwheeel anyone???


The cartwheel actually looks cool, though.


Am I the only one who thinks this is sad. If no more content is released for this game, and this thread dies. It stands a good chance of its last post being a complaint. What a bummer.


As long people play and talk about the game, then there’s no reason to just let it die. Just like with Killer Instinct. People here still chat about it, though there’s no future content in sight.


Yes it does…just saying if we are going to argue “reaility” then be ready to inlude all fightng games to the list.


No we don’t. Injustice tries to emulate reality, specifically. Its motion capture, its faces, and its art style. Killer Instinct is super stylized. It’s going for over the top and bombastic. Not the same.


Yeah. With the flying and the laser beams…

Injustice may be in a more realistic style than KI but it’s still a very stylized version of reality. It is not photorealistic, nor is it attempting to be.


Just because it has fictional elements doesn’t mean it negates their style of trying to emulate realism.