Injustice 2


They never confirm that there won’t be more. They just… don’t add more.


I just loaded up the Turd-els lolol
Going to have a few sets against my son after supper. Should be fun!


I spent all day trying to get them up to level 10 so I could freely select between all 4.

Keep in mind, I only have offline play. And only play in easy. Tried medium, lost hard with 4 matches left.


I’m finding the Turtles pretty fun, I mainly used Leonardo for his setups using his turtle assist trait, while Michelangelo became my second favorite of the four, much to my surprise (he kind of reminds of Jill in UMvC3, if only because of the mixup shenanigans). Raphael I found to be average, I was hoping he would have crazier stuff but even with his trait he’s actually really straightforward in terms of playstyle compared to the other 3 turtles. My least favorite ended up being Donatello strangely enough, I thought I would like him based on what I saw on the stream but after playing him for a while I didn’t really care much for his defensive-style moveset.

Ultimately though, I am enjoying playing as the TMNT. They all feel different enough from each other and from the rest of the Injustice 2 cast, and the final product turned out better than I initially expected (though to be fair, outside of potential teamwork mechanics I didn’t think much of them to begin with). Unless NRS has any more surprises for us I can say this was a pretty good send-off to Injustice 2 in terms of post-release content.


Remember the guy who talked about Mortal Kombat’s animations?


It’s about damn time. What a treat that was. I really hope NRS can get it together for the next game. I mean, if they could get the best motion capture for a video game since LA Noire, then I’m sure they have the time and resources to fix their fight animations.


With all due respect to you, and to the random internet expert that @TheIncubusLord posted what if the issue is not that NRS can’t “fix” their animations, but rather they just don’t see a problem at all? For what it’s worth I agree that some of the animations in NRS games are wonky. But that has been true since MK1. I actually think some of the animation in Injustice 2 is quite good and a lot of te comolaints about idle stances and animations is just noise. But sure their low kicks are dumb. Again, that’s not new and I don’t think it’s a failure of quality control. I think Its a choice they’ve made. If we compile a list of things that NRS needs to “fix,” then we end up with a game that’s not an NRS game. The MK games have sucked because of animation, tone, controls, block buttons, run buttons, fatalities that are too gory, fatalities that are too funny. Not being enough like SF (the cardinal sin of fighting games). The list goes forever.

I am not what I would call a huge fan of NRS games. But I have to say I have a lot of admiration for them because they just do their thing.


With such a huge list of issues it doesnt seem to matter much being they sale more games that any other fighter…ever! lol


We’re talking legitimate complaints by NRS fans, not people who just dabble in it.


Oh. “Legitimate” complaints. Well then, carry on.


I just want the animations to look good and make sense. I want the attacks to look like they have impact and are stylish. Just like he says in the video.

And the reason I debate with people about this is because I care. I care about NRS games, they are some of my favourite games of all time. Not even just fighters, but games overall! Mortal Kombat has been part of my life since I played the first one on SNES as a child. I want them to do better, because I love and care for these games!

It’s not whining or bitching for the sake of being some stupid brat.
It’s legit critique, something I would want to see be improved, to make the games be better.


Nitpick me looks at the feet of SC games and few others and see how they don’t flex. They behave like flesh boots lol
Sort of how combos small boot-like feet compare to double helix’s thunder and Glacius feet which were visibly flexible sorry the anatomy classes ruined me:slight_smile:


IMO NRS motion capture team has top tier equipment, they just don’t know a thing about martial arts.


That’s why they should get ACTUAL martial artists/fight choreographers to do the motion capture for moves.

Or they could just animate them by hand like Killer Instinct, Tekken, etc.


Wait, KI aint using mocap?


But the big point that the video was trying to make was that they shouldn’t be getting away with bad animation just because they’re known for that, or it’s because it’s what they do especially after winning awards. And they seem to realize that some of the stuff they pointed out before were issues seeing as though some of them were fixed.


Yeah and this is the kind of self important armchair critic BS that makes me crazy. The only thing they are “getting away with” is making great games that people enjoy and buy 11 million copies of. So some wannabe in Toledo can try to get internet famous by criticizing them. Criticism is incredibly easy. Making stuff is incredibly hard. When this assclown in the video makes his own fighting game then I will want to listen to him agonize over the realism of the pre- fight poses in Injusice and MK.




You can’t criticize something without making one of your own.

You have just made one of the worst arguments I have ever seen. Really? You can’t be critical of something just because you don’t make it? I can’t be critical of animation and TV because I have never worked or produced one? Get out of here with that BS.


When NRS makes the best selling fighting games out there, they are representing the fighting game community pretty hard. When their animations are this jank and bad, it not only gets them more hate (like Injustass), it makes others go, “Really, this is the best they have? This is the pinnacle of the genre?” The animations are embarrassing, especially if you’re at the forefront of the FGC and are even shown off at EVO. I can turn a blind eye to the animations sometimes, but they still irk me. I don’t like the feeling that they don’t havr to try with the animations because of how well things are going for them.