Injustice 2


Kano has that ball roll. Jade, Nightwing and Red Robin all have staves. Mileena has sais. Some young Teen Titan / Young Justice character could easily have used a skateboard. Cyborg could have those tech-traps.

They aren’t unique.


To those who didn’t watch the stream:


As someone who watched all of young justice, no one ever rode a skateboard. Not sure about Titans, but considering who the members are, I don’t think that would work. I hate that you brought up Mileena, Kano and Jade, I don’t think anyone wants MORE MK characters.

i’ll Give you the staff and Cyborg though.

I’m a Turtle fan. And am super hyped for their inclusion. And nothing kills hype more than a downer. I get that many people are upset, but the general reaction i’ve Seen was excitement. Maybe that’s why we’re clashing so hard here. Especially considering generally positive interactions between us on forums.


My point was, as I said… they aren’t unique. Other characters could have those moves, I just gave some examples, and I’m sure some DC character has a skateboard.


Well unique or not I still enjoyed how the TMNT turned out, I am kind of bummed they went for the Triborg/Alien route instead of ARIA in terms of teamwork mechanics but at the same time I still liked it. Also Leonardo plays like Triborg should have been in MKX, that is by having the other turtles doing team attacks during the match proper (instead of just in the finishing moves like Triborg was).

It’s also nice that they have gear which gives them the white eyes like the original comics, and being able to use any Turtle in competitive mode regardless of your gear setups was a good call (same with the other premiere skins like Bizarro and Vixen, etc.). Overall a good stream, I’ll be curious to see which Turtle I’m interested in the most; just because I went a little parry-crazy with Batman doesn’t mean I’ll just use Raph, now that I’ve seen how Leo and Don play (gonna be honest I don’t really care for Mikey’s mixup stuff).


donatello for the win! he seems to have a great balance of defense/offense
this is a completely absurd inclusion, but hey-

the gear loadouts they show in the stream are bland IMO

everyone has great dentures lol

I’ll look forward to trying them out


I think it might have been a bit too OP to be able to switch to any of the four turtles at the push of a button. Having assists is something which others already can do, like Harley and Cyborg.

ARIA balances it out with having her special moves locked into the form she’s in, and to have each form have short lifebars, so when a form is dead you can’t have that anymore. If NRS did this, they would have to limit each turtle significantly, and then they would feel more like 4 lesser characters than a single full character.

Doing it the way they did, they made every turtle feel like their own full character, so none of the fans would feel they got the short end of the stick.


They function exactly how I thought they would. :golfing_man:t6:


Yeah that’s true, I guess I’m used to Marvel-style tag teams where characters die super quickly regardless of who they are (tank, zoner, etc.) so it didn’t occur to me that maybe NRS wanted to avoid that situation altogether with the TMNT. Still, they do tag stuff with their throws and certain specials so animation-wise it’s still much better than Triborg, where it’s just the one cyborg the entire match.

Don’t get me wrong, It’s not a deal-breaker to me either way, but considering they fight as a team I was initially expecting some MvC craziness where you’re tagging out each turtle back and forth to do big combos and setups.


From what I understand, you can get the old-school feel by playing Leo, as you can tag in the others as assists.


Yeah that’s fine, I just didn’t want to see a repeat of Triborg where despite having 3 bodies, Triborg is always alone (which confused some people I knew into thinking he was a teamwork fighter, when he actually wasn’t).

Either way, I look forward to the release (they said Tuesday if I recall) so I can judge the Turtles myself. Worse case scenario, I’ll have more options for the AI Battle Simulator, since I always liked seeing the AI fight itself.


Speaking of Triborg, I always found it odd that he could make clones of himself as the other cyborgs. He’s a singular person who just have the others uploaded into his system… making clones are none of their powers. Could be unique to him, but still…

Ah well, he was a means to an end anyways, just an excuse to put the cyborgs into the game without having them take up several roster slots. I’d rather they were actually there as individual characters though, like with the turtles, instead of this Triborg business… it is non-canon either way.


I always just assumed Triborg was supposed to be a rebirth of Sektor in a way (mainly based on the intro dialogues where it’s made clear Sektor’s nanomachines/AI patterns are the one in charge of the body), but if NRS does decide to do anything with this we’ll probably find out in MK11.

With that said, I was re-watching the part of the Injustice 2 livestream where they talked about the patch notes, like Catwoman nerfs and Aquaman buffs, etc. Only one of the characters I currently use (Starfire) got any changes this patch but what about everyone here? Did any of your mains get affected? Are you gonna pick up or drop characters based on these latest changes?

I’m just curious since even during the livestream people were saying things like Catwoman is dead, Aquaman and Green Lantern got much needed buffs, and Supergirl barely got changed, among other things.


Dc has been having several Batman/TMNT crossovers in the comics at the moment, they work great with Batman, so they arent THAT out of place.



It’s aesthetically I’m talking about. They look toony in comparison to the rest of the roster, just like Hellboy.


postal delivery today


Titans’ Starfire is so adorable :heart_eyes:


Downloaded the TMNT before work tonight. Quite enjoyed beating the crap out of Aquaman before I went to work playing as Leonardo. lmsao.



So has anyone heard confirmation that they are NOT going to add anymore content? Just curious.

I hate when companies leave plans in the air when a game dies, causing anxious youtubers and news sites to keep comprising theories and lies