Injustice 2


Oh. Right. I forgot. Suit yourself. I’ll just be here in the sewers having fun and eating pizza with my favorite adolescent terrapins.



I think its the fact that the head looks kinda weird compared to the rest of the body. but for the most part it looks alright


Well keep in mind he hates guest characters period. I can’t completely blame him for that mentality though, I’ve seen games go too far with their guest appearances (Toro and Kuro in the PS3 and Vita versions of Street Fighter X Tekken is an example that comes to mind). I personally don’t mind the Turtles here though, I am curious how they will be written though (some versions of the Turtles were more foul-mouthed than others if I recall).


This meme again…


I’m not meme’ing.


The word “cringe” is so overused for the most inappropriate times, that it might as well be.


In this case, it describes how I feel quite well.


TMNT Watchtower 2-7-18 @ 3pm CST


■■■■. 2:30am. Gonna have to catch it after I get up in the morning.
I do hope the stream comes with news of continued support.


It won’t. They have said in the past that they don’t reveal that kind of stuff on stream. They like to wait for the “big events”



But when is the date?? I guess they will announce on today Watchtower stream.


Their gameplay looks fun… I just wish they gave it to other characters. I still think they look cringely out of place.


Shell shocked!


Damn. All the characters on their own look amazing, but I’m still disappointed that you can’t switch on the fly.


don’t say anything yet, wait for the gameplay stream.


So it seems Raph has a parry, and here I thought I would be a Batmain Forever. Now I’m actually interested in the stream later today.


The more I saw with the turtles… the more I got excited about what NRS will do with the next Mortal Kombat. I would love to have Jade spinning her staff like Donatello did, Mileena doing some of those sai combos Raphael has, etc.

As for the turtles themselves… gonna try them out next Tuesday, but I honestly don’t really care about their inclusion. Would still rather see those moves be given to other characters.

I can say this though… MK11 is going to be awesome!


What other characters could these moves go to? These play styles were custom built for the Turtles. If they were doing someone else, they probably wouldn’t have come up with this stuff. Unless they do more MK characters. Give us some ideas to work with.