Injustice 2



500 source crystals multiverse is up
For level 20

The other 500 source crystal multiverse is ‘the real test’
Lvl 20
Blue beetle


I wish that Enchantress had a lot more non-comic source material to go off of. All of the other characters have dozens of distinct yet similar variations on the characters they play to source their performance (some are even reprising their roles) but Enchantress dose nothing like that. What really bums me out about that is that her voice actress also dose Cheetah (which she nails in my opinion). Enchantress just didn’t have a distinct sound to go off of, and she still doesn’t.


Interesting that cheetahs va is also Enchantress! Yes I felt they would have some suicide squad tie-in but I also thought they’d have a few more stages by now!

Ah well- she’s at least a lot better than I anticipated.

I’m really looking forward to the next MK overall this game has ruled my life since May


Just polling the community. What new villains would you want to see added to the game. All of the top requested characters are heroes, as far as I can see (Beast Boy, Constantine, Static, etc). What villain choices are the most popular and requested?


I’ve made a move list for penguin lol

I’d like to see Circe
Trigon lol
The riddleri really don’t know many dc villains


Killer Croc or King Shark, definitely.


Personally I would like to see Trigon added to the game, I could see him as a tank/grappler with some minor zoning aspects (not fireballs or beams, more like traps and status moves). He also wants to kill Superman just as bad as Darkseid (at least according to some Injustice 1 endings) so he at least has that for story basis.

Also if we were to include character skins for this question, I remember in the NRS Enchantress stream people in the chat were suggesting a Clayface skin for Swamp Thing which I could see working well.


Clayface is the only character that would work as a Swamp Thing skin, but he would work better as his own guy.


Well some time back I did suggest Clayface could play like Double from Skullgirls; in that game a lot of Double’s animations had her turning into the other characters in the cast when doing her moves, but at the same time she was not a clone character by any means (she actually had a unique playstyle compared to everyone else, despite her animations). Of course I forgot about Double’s playstyle when I made that post and accidentally suggested Clayface have a little of everyone else’s playstyle, which is not how Double is in Skullgirls at all. Also someone pointed out how we have too many Batman characters already so that idea was ultimately shot down.

Edit: I just went back and checked my original post on the matter, and I just remembered you were the one who pointed out the over-saturation of Batman characters. You also suggested Amazo for the “copy character” idea I mistakenly gave to Clayface. Now I feel like my memory is falling apart, sorry about that.


It’s cool. Honestly, I kind of want Clayface in the game too. I just want villains from other characters more. I say he could easily replace Poison Ivy or Scarecrow in Injustice 3.




Jeez that could still either be an assist or a tag-in move. Stop with the teases, show me gameplay!


Hey. At least we know it’s not Gear.


That could also be from a multiverse assist demo


Here’s a clash. I think we can safely say that you can switch between each Turtle.


Seeing them in-game makes me cringe… they look so out of place, even more than Hellboy…


Really? It’s that bad? What would you want them to look like?


IMO it’s basically a curse of guests characters/crossover content in general, even when they’re allowed to be redesigned to match the artstyle of the product they can still clash to some extent; a good example I feel being the Team Fortress 2 characters in the Steam version of Dungeon of the Endless, they were faithfully redrawn to match that game’s artstyle but you can still tell they are guest characters. With that said they are at least comic book characters in a game based on a comic book universe (and despite what people think about the TMNT nowadays, the original comics were actually made for older audiences) so like Hellboy they at least have that going for them.

Just be glad this isn’t Monster Hunter, I’ve seen footage of the older games’ crossover content and it gets ridiculous to say the least (like imagine Kermit the Frog being in Mortal Kombat, that kind of ridiculousness).


If it was up to me, they wouldn’t be in the game at all.